How To Get Spray Tan Off Hands Quickly?

Who said spray tanning doesn’t complement skin tones so well if it’s appropriately applied? Of course, it does! It’s only awkward when you get your feet and palms tanned also.

The whole tan look would convey nothing but ignorance to the sight of beholders. People would know you’ve not really been drained in the learning processes of beauty chronicles.

Indeed, you wouldn’t want to portray yourself in such an absurd manner. You’d rather want to find the possible means of preventing your feet and palms from getting tanned (enormously).

How To Get Spray Tan Off Your Hands Quickly?

Baking soda will do the magic. There are several ways to get spray tan off your hands but using baking soda works faster than the other ways. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to half cup of water and stir the mixture until it turns paste-like. Apply the paste to your hands and leave it for at least ten minutes before rinsing it off. And the spray tan will be gone.

But there is no how hard you’d try; actually, you can’t successfully prevent these body parts from getting tanned. In fact, these body parts absorb spray tan so quickly than the epidermis layer of the body.

In other words, while you’re thinking of waiting for 6hrs to be completely tanned and get your body washed, the dermis, which includes the hands and the feet, is already glowing the magnificence of your tan quality.

So, why not learn from experts and know how they go about the whole thing? You can check out the tips for washing off spray tans from your hands below:

1. Prevent It

Peradventure you’re not using a spray tan, provided you’re using a mousse tan or whatever that you can prevent the exposure of your palms to the tan from the onset, then use a mitt applicator.

Directly applying a fake tan with a high concentration of DHA could make the palm of your hands look messy. Instead, the applicator mitt will prevent the contraction of the substance on your skin.

And if tanning the hands is your priority, it’s what you can do subtly even with the use of a gradual spray tan. Preventing the exposure of your palm to spray tans saves you the stress of removing the patchy sticky cosmetic from your skin afterward.

Nevertheless, in case you’ve got the pesky part of the body tanned already, then you can navigate through the following steps below.

2. Preparation Methods

  • Get a washcloth, oil-based soap like Dove soap, warm water, and another bowl with water at room temperature.
  • You can prepare either sugar scrub or oats to catalyze the exfoliation processes. They two can dissolve the organic constituents in the tan to make it removable from the skin.
  • Whichever one you choose between the two, you can always add lemon to mix up the solution. If you’ve added a minute quantity of water, then let it be equivalent to the amount of water you’ll add inclusively.
  • Don’t do the mixing with cold water. Use warm water instead. Make the warm water a bit steamy so that you can get the optimum result.
  • You could make the preparation minutes before finishing your tanning session so that the next process can be fast and productive as expected.

3. Soaking And Immersion

This is not a polite manner of removing the flaky tan patches from the body, and this is only recommended to enthusiasts who want to prevent their hands and probably their feet from glowing tan.

Immediately after the preparation, the next thing you’re to do is to immerse your hands in the steamy solution while you watch the total breakdown of the carbon components in the tanning solution flaking off from your skin in their accords.

Use either your fingers or your washcloth to remove the wastes from your skin so that you can get your skin back. This exercise should take you 9min or thereabout.

Once you’re through with the exercise, you can haul the contaminated water away so that you can move over to finally rinsing your hands in the other bowl filled with cold, clean water.

4. Using An Alternative Option

Bathing in a pool with chlorine infused in it could make removing the absorbed tan so easy from the pesky parts of the body, including the feet. Meanwhile, this is best done when one is preparing for another tanning session.

Chlorine will ease the stickiness of the tan from your body so that the patches can flake off by merely scrubbing the skin with a washcloth. The scrubbing shouldn’t be vehement but gently and awesomely.

Don’t forget to shower afterward. Use steamy water to shower after dipping yourself in the pool so that the result can be lucid and sharp.

Nevertheless, beauty experts advise that if one is actually preparing for another spray tanning session, the use of cold water using warm water is very necessary.

5. Treating The Knuckles After Washing Off The Tan From The Hands

There are ways you can maintain a decent tan look at the backend of your hands. Meanwhile, the greatest you can use remains the gradual tan. It will enable you to sustain your tan look 100%.

The absolute fact is that since your total concentration doesn’t lie in removing the an on your backhand, there would still be some tan left. Gradual tan would only do a nice job upgrading the look over time.

How Do I Get Spray Tan Off My Hands?

By soaking it in warm water that has enough lemon juice concentration. Use a washcloth to scrub off the coated peels from the hands. This 10min activity can splendidly prevent your hands from glowing tan. Meanwhile, it has to be done immediately after completing a tanning session.

How Do I Get The Orange Off My Hands From A Spray Tan?

Using an exfoliating cream gives a whole lot of convenience. You could use it alongside a sponge and soaking of your hands in a lemon juice solution. Even if you intend to use a foamy soap to remove the residue of the tanning substances, you’ll still have to soak the hands in lemon juice solution first to make the removal of the tans easier.

How To Get Spray Tan Off Hands Quickly

Final Thoughts

This is how you can remove tan from your hands effortlessly. The processes are practical to carry out anywhere around the world. There are no cons to using these five methods. In fact, it will make the whole application of the tan on your skin look so brilliant. In other words, you can’t go wrong using the formats we’ve provided. So, don’t be reluctant to use them ultimately.

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