Gradual Tan vs. Fake Tan – What’s The Difference?

Sunless skincare is everywhere in the marketplace, and the two popular ones are the gradual tans and the fake tans. Meanwhile, choosing between the two can be daunting.

Categorically speaking, these two are different. They are subdivisions of self-tanners. Although you can apply them by yourself to your body, yet their reactions will always be different.

Fake tan in this context is a similitude to instant tan. In other words, the result shows within a short time, unlike gradual tans that have to be reapplied again and again before a substantial result can be attained and maintained.

The two are differentiable by their viscosity and the level of their DHA contents, anyways. Fake tans are thicker than gradual tan when checked with a palm-feel method.

However, the two are safe for the right users to apply on their skins, especially if a buyer orders from the right store. The two cosmetics will end up giving users a supple, admirable skin touch.

Different brands often make gradual tans and fake tans. However, you need to learn about the two exclusively to know what’s best for you between the two.

So, let’s check more details about them below:

5 Major Differences Between Gradual Tan and Fake Tan:

1. Gradual Tan: Features

They are applicable to one’s body by using the hands. Using them and regular lotion the same way is somewhat the same, and it is not sticky like its comparison. As a matter of fact, users are not to wash off this immediately after application.

The skin pores absorb it so easily, and it’s safe. Nevertheless, it also uses the renowned DHA, which gives the tan. However, it has a low percentage of it.

Also, there is a low tendency that disgustful odors will flare from one’s body after use because they are made to replace regular lotions.

Products that serve as gradual tans last longer than the comparison because an instant result isn’t the primary goal.

2. Fake Tan: Features

This gives an instant result. The concentration of DHA in it is so high but within the range of 1% and 8%. They take a maximum of one day to reflect on one’s skin as long as proper prep has been made before the application.

This won’t flare toxic odor either, but users are expected to wash it off after application. Furthermore, it doesn’t require daily application, and users can choose to reapply between 7-day or 14-day of the first application.

The two have different methods of application. A considerable amount of it has to be used on one’s skin to be sure of getting the best tan possible.

3. Applying A Gradual Tan On The Skin

  • Reading the manual is as important as applying the gradual tan on one’s skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin very well before application so that you can get an even result.
  • You could eject the paste on your palm while you rub the substance on your skin. You can begin the application from any part of the body.
  • Cleaning the dabs of water from your skin before applying the gradual tan depends on the manufacturer’s prescription to the potential users.
  • The essential parts of the body to always watch out for is the knuckles and the elbows. Applying too much of it could give a streaky/irregular tan.
  • The essential part of your skin that needs more application is the open part of your body.

4. Applying A Fake Tan On The Skin

  • Proper materials have to be made available first. One is the applicator mitt, while the other is materials for having a great prep.
  • Exfoliating the skin before application is the surest way of having a streak-free application. It’s afterward that one can move on with the whole application.
  • Wear the applicator mitt while you paste the sticky substance on it. You aren’t to use your bare hands to rub the substance. You can paste the substance on the mitt on your skin so that you can rub it straightly on your skin.
  • Start rubbing the paste from your leg straight to your thighs, waistline, abdomen, chest, and collar neck. Make the rubbing in a sweeping form to manage the quantity of the substance and get an admirable result.
  • Make the application on every spot of your body twice so that you can get an expected result.
  • You don’t have to apply it to the palm of your hands. It absorbs the substance quickly than other parts of the body.
  • You need to put a watch on the quantity you apply on your knuckles and elbows.
  • Wait for the stipulated time the manufacturer mandated before washing the dried residue off your skin.

5. Discrepancies In Their Usage

The two are unique in their respective ways. The two self-tanners will give a lucid tan on the skin if they are used as expected. However, what you need either of the two for is what matters.

People often buy the two; they use fake tan to start their tanning experiences while they use a gradual tan to maintain their newly found skin color.

Using a fake tan is time-consuming, but a gradual tan gives a fair and splendid result depending on the potent of the product one buys.

A second party can help one out while using either of the two, especially when applying it on the backside of one’s body.

Is Gradual Tan Better Than Fake Tan?

The two types are great at giving an excellent tan result, and they can hydrate one’s skin to give a great tan. Nevertheless, the only rational difference between the two is that one gives an instant tan while the other takes time.

Meanwhile, the overall fake tan result is always proportional to the potent of the product that one buys. In a nutshell, the two types are excellent and appealing to their respective buyers.

Why Is Gradual Tan Better?

Why buyers prefer gradual tan over the former is because the tan builds up gradually. Users can regulate the use and make the evenness of the tan on their skin flawless. Also, they can be used in place of a lotion, and using it is more economical because it lasts better in the real sense than a fake tan.

Is Gradual Tan Good For Your Skin?

Yea, provided one buys from a reliable source. As long as one buys from a fantastic manufacturer, nothing could impede the skin from glowing tan. The reaction takes place between 3-5 days of application.

Gradual Tan vs. Fake Tan

Final Thoughts

You can comfortably choose which is best for your need, especially now that you’ve known the similarities and the differences between the two. Nonetheless, the two are premium ones that would sate needs of different standards. Buyers only get the best result when they buy the right product.

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