How To Clean Fake Bake Tanning Mitt? 5 Steps

Just as tanning is easy, likewise the washing of a fake bake tanning mitt, you only need the right guide. See, you can’t attain a streak-free tan absolutely without a good and stain-free fake tan mitt – every professional can attest to that.

However, your fake tan mitt can lose its potent quickly if it’s not maintained correctly. And, maintaining a fake tan glove is best done by washing. Some self-tanners even come with their specified mitt.

Although it looks like a glove, yet you can tell that it gives a splendid result better than a typical glove because it cushions your palm by serving as the barricade between your palm and the tanning substance when applying it.

A well-washed fake tan mitt does a great job in burying fake tan into the skin’s uppermost layer while it keeps your hand at bay so that your hands won’t become messy with the tan after use. It works better than nitrile gloves.

Besides, you can condemn a nitrile glove after using it but not a tanning mitt. It’s reusable for six months, at least. It could develop fungi or look like a horrible fake bake tanning mitt if you fail to wash it.

How To Clean Fake Bake Tanning Mitt:

1. Proper Evaluation

There is a necessity to wash one’s handwear after use, especially after tanning. Most applicator mitts are indeed washable.

Notwithstanding, you’d still want to inquire by checking the manual to know its use and wash prescription. Check the seam on the mitt to read through the lines.

You can use thick brush bristle to clean, while some are good with soft bristle. If the fake tanner you’re using has no color guide, then there is a slight possibility that you may need a brush in the first place.

Find out the density of the stickiness of the color guide of the fake tan. If peradventure it’s very sticky, then you’d need to get warm water available first.

2. Preparation

  • You don’t need soap or detergent if the self-tanner you’ve chosen has no color guide, except it has a staunch odor flaring from its surface.
  • Get a bowl of water around your side so that you wash the fake tan off before it becomes dry on the mesh of the tanning mitt.
  • You would want to get water that would be enough for the washing and rinsing of the tanning mitt.
  • Avoid washing it with a chemical so that you won’t get the tanning mitt rip off quickly.
  • Washing it in daylight is excellent so that you can dry the baking mitt when you’re done cleaning it.

3. Washing

The washing of tanning mitt is doable even without soap and detergent. Start by unbuckling the mitt from your hand after use. You can use the tip of your fingers to grip it as you soak it inside the water.

You can swirl it in the water while you scrub the fake bake tanning mitt with both hands. Once you see that the first round of water has become contaminated, you can wring off the contaminated water from the mitt while you transfer it into another round of water pool.

Indeed, you may want to do this until you’re sure that the chemical has totally left the mitt. Washing it with bare hands won’t cause your hands to become tanned since water has diluted the concentration of the chemical.

4. Washing A Mitt Used For Fake Tan With Color Guide

You’ll need a brush, soap, or detergent to do this impressively. Why? That’s because there would definitely be particles that will be clogged underneath the mesh.

Therefore, you’d need to get a brush. The type of brush you get is an inference of the stickiness of the clogged stains on it. Moreover, that’s why it’s expedient that one to wash the mitt immediately after using it.

Begin by pouring the detergent inside the water and squash the water to make the solute foamy. You can immerse the applicator mitt and the brush inside warm water before you begin.

Scrub the mesh, i.e., the palm-hand side, to remove the dirt while you can be gentle with the cleaning of the backhand side.

5. Rinsing And Wringing

Use the separated clean water to rinse the soapiness out of the applicator mitt. You’ll need to do the rinsing with both hands.

If the water becomes soapy, then you could get another clean water to continue the rinsing of the mitt. Use both hands to squeeze water out of the glove so that it can ample be clean.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to reshape the squeezed parts of the glove before drying it. Once you’re through doing that, you can dry the applicator mitt and make it great for reuse.

Should I Clean My Fake Tan Mitt?

Yea, you’d need to wash immediately after using it so that you can get an even tan the next time you’ll be using it. Failure to clean it could make the mitt lose its authenticity and could even make it look messy. You’d really need to clean it to stretch the shape back to its original form.

How Often Should You Wash Your Fake Tan Mitt?

Each time you finish using your fake tan mitt. You’ll need to do that in order to avoid the mitt from becoming engrossed with the residues. Once the remnants stay a longer time, the glove may likely lose its shape. Using it again maybe so uneasy.

Why Has My Fake Tan Mitt Gone Green?

This is the indication that you never washed your fake tan mitt properly. Unfailing to clean it is allowing the reaction of oxygen on it. And once that happens, it will definitely turn green because oxygen will break down the DHA component laying on its surface.

The resultant is what makes the fake tan mitt green. Therefore, ensure that you effectively wash the fake tan mitt and don’t expose it to sunlight immediately after use. While saving it, save it in a cool and dry place also.

How To Clean Fake Bake Tanning Mitt

Final Thoughts

That’s how to clean fake bake tanning mitts so that they could become reusable and free from fungi buildups. Cleaning it properly would also save you from vulnerabilities to infections. It’s hygienic you maintain these principles so that you can always keep your skin radiant.

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