How To Apply Fake Tan Mousse To Face? 6 Steps

Do you know that you can shield eczema and psoriasis perfectly through fake tanning? Indeed, you can. However, fake tanning could sometimes be challenging. You can feel the fear, the anticipation, and the eagerness right in your nerves from the start.

Fake tanning your body is different from the face. There’s a nuance difference that distinguishes the application of the two. Using the same application format for the two could somewhat be unprofessional.

In fact, if you’re applying a fake tan mousse, then you really have to be more professional to get a flawless result.

Let’s start by stating that it’s not all fake tanning products that are usable on the face, but you can trust Bondi Sands products. Bondi Sands produces products touching the varieties of fake tan. The brand’s reputation has augmented over time because of its persistence in quality productions.

Celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner and the likes, have come public to rave about the magnificent influence the product has done on their skins. It’s pretty intriguing to know that all the varieties produced by Bondi Sands are usable for both the face and the body. Therefore, let’s now check how to apply fake tan Bondi Sands to the face below:

How to Apply Fake Tan Bondi Sands to Face?

1. Bondi Sands Mousse

It’s likewise known as the Bondi Sands self-tanning foams. It’s a fake tan with salon-quality formula. The product has its basic ingredients: dihydroxyacetone, water, Aloe Vera, propylene glycol, and Trideceth-9ts.

It’s an Australian product that’s common in the US. The foam hydrates very fast on the skin, yet it keeps the skin looking absolutely fresh because of the Aloe Vera constituent it has. It’s basically applicable to all skin tones.

However, you can still make more findings by visiting the manufacturer’s website to know the very one that’s suitable for your skin tone.

2. Preparation Of Its Use

  • Provided you’ve planned to fake tan today; your preparation should have begun two days or a day before.
  • Exfoliate first to make your skin look sparkled by treating it right. Use the necessary gadget to get it done perfectly.
  • Brush hours before you initiate the application of the fake tan to your face. While it’s a few minutes away from applying the fake tan, you can wash your face and rinse it.
  • Don’t forget to dry your face by using a clean towel to clean it. Ensure that your face is dry before applying the fake tan.
  • Get an applicator mitt to safeguard the application of the fake tan mousse to the face. If you’re a newbie, you could get another fake tan mousse with a color guide instead of the Bondi Sands mousse.
  1. Application Methods

Having washed your face with water and cleaning the water from your face, ensure that your face is thoroughly dried and free of oil. Put on your applicator mitt after that and apply the Bondi Sands on it.

Apply the fake tan in sequence. Start from the two legs, straight to the thighs, then to the abdomen and the chest. Instead of applying another set of fake tan foam on the applicator mitt before fake tanning your face, relentlessly move straight up from your chest to your face down to your hairline. No deep application is required for the face but a minute one so that it can gradually develop.

4. Application Methods Of Fake Tan With Color Guide

Ensure that the product is formulated for the face before applying it to your face. Failure to do that could make the aftermath to be unexplainable.

Therefore, make sure you do the consideration so well before the application. If you apply two doses to your body, use one dose on the face to get a congruent result.

The melanin on the face is oily and could spread the developed pigment throughout the surface quickly and evenly compare to that on the skin. A little quantity can still align with the deep tone on the skin. Also, don’t forget to use a mirror as a guide in touching every part of your face.

5. Precautions To Watch Out For

  • Avoid oily skin texture and leftover water on your face before you start applying the fake tan. If not, that could cause uneven results on your face once the tan develops.
  • Don’t apply perfume or moisturizers before and after using the fake tan mousse or Bondi Sands self-tanning foam. It could wear off the tan reflection quickly and possibly make it look uneven.
  • Use an applicator mitt to apply the fake tan to your face. Besides, it’s not what you should apply at a long interval from the time of application. Instead, make the application simultaneous to the time you’re using it on your skin.
  • Perhaps you forgot to use the applicator mitt; make sure you wash your hands instantly with soap and water when you’re done applying the fake tan to your face.
  • Wait for 6hrs before you clean your face if you ever used Bondi Sands self-tanning foam. For any other product, you can wait for 8hrs for the tan to develop before you clean off the fake tan with a color guide.

6. Washing Your Face After Application

Bondi Sands suggests that users use warm water to wash their face and pat dry it after washing. The company also indicates that users can do the cleaning in one hour after the application, which they suppose it’s better and fair for the face. However, one application is better, except one wants a deep fake tan on the face.

Is It Bad To Put A Fake Tan On Your Face?

No, it’s not. Moreover, applying fake tans and neglecting your face will make your efforts seem incomplete. Also, you wouldn’t want the tan on your face to look shabby. So, it would help if you are discreet about the whole thing.

How Do You Apply Fake Tan Mousse Evenly?

Start from the legs all through to the top before applying to the face. Using the residue fake tan mousse after applying the tan on your body will help you have a better look than a deep tan. Users should not hesitate to correct tan when necessary.

Do I Apply Anything To My Face Before I Use Fake Tan?

You’re not advised to do that. However, you might need to wash your face, brush your teeth, and exfoliate for several hours before applying a fake tan. And before using it, wipe every dab of water off your face to keep your face free of water and oil.

Can You Mix Fake Tan Mousse With Moisturizer?

Yea, anyone can do it, but the two have to be balanced. This would aid in the fast hydration of the skin and possibly help the even distribution of the result. However, the two substances have to be mixed perfectly when to get a good result.

How To Apply Fake Tan Mousse To Face Like A PRO

Final Thoughts

That’s how to apply fake tan mousse to the face like an expert. Meanwhile, using a product by Bondi Sands self-tanning foam is a leeway of getting a better fake tan on the face because it’s usable both on the entire skin and the face. Once you apply these methods, then you’ll arrive at the right end.

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