How Long Does Fake Tan Take To Dry On The Skin?

Fake tanning is apparently a proven beauty skillet that works. The result is mesmerizing and provides a safe, lasting compliment on the skin. If it’s not a fake tanner, also known as a self-tanner, it can’t be tanning. The glows, brightening, and classic match on skin tones throughout the entire skin are incomparable.

It’s so exhilarating to know that fake tanners are easy to apply on one’s skin by oneself. They can dry both indoor and outdoor. Therefore, you really don’t have to travel far and wide to get tanned. You can just fake it with a quality self-tanner until you make it.

Unlike suntans, which can only react with your skin after hours of exposure to the sun’s UV rays, self-tanners could be a bit trickier. Notwithstanding, the whole process is accessible regardless of one’s level of knowledge.

Nevertheless, we’ll provide you with the types of fake tans and distinguish when each of them dries. This would help you shop appropriately and probably aid you in opting for the one that would benefit you.

Therefore, let’s check out the types of fake tanners and know how long it takes for each to dry after application on the skin.

How Long Does Fake Tan Takes To Dry:

1. How Long Does It Take Gradual Fake Tan To Dry?

Gradual fake tans could be seen in diverse shapes from different brands, but their inscription is what matters. As long as you could see a description reading gradual tan, you can be pretty sure that the content should dry between 20 to 25min of application.

For a product to be a gradual fake tan, it ought to consist of notable ingredients such as alcohol and oil, which serve as skin preservatives. Indeed, that’s why you don’t have to moisturize your skin after applying a gradual tan.

All you need is to ensure that you pat dry your skin before you begin applying your gradual tan, and you’ll have a splendid time tanning. Furthermore, it’s expedient to know that a gradual tan is a hybrid of fake tan foam and fake tan lotion. Invariably, it will definitely hydrate your skin pretty fast.

The development reaction after drying, however, takes a longer time than most other types. After seeing the gradual fake tan dry within 25min of application, the glow would likely be seen 4hr to 8hrs after application.

2. How Long Does Fake Tan Foam Take To Dry?

Just as it sounds, fake tan foams dry very fast. It dries within two minutes of application. Using a mitt will make the fake tan dry in seconds. Moreover, using an applicator mitt would not reduce its efficiency. Rather, it will augment its performance on your skin and probably make the result more even.

Well, it depends on the product you’re using, though. Fake tan foam works on dry skins best. But most people become so uncomfortable applying artificial tan foams on a moisturized skin, so you probably should not try it to get an even result.

It’s incredible to use fake tan foam because its aerosol leaves its container quickly but is bound to be as effective as other types, depending on the brand one buys. It aerates from skins pretty fast, but a mitt dries the oil content residues very quickly.

3. How Long Does Fake Tanning Water Take To Dry?

This probably takes a longer time than other types. This takes up to 30-35min before it completely dries on one’s skin. However, its influence is better in terms of its life on the skin compared to the formers that give a patchy feel afterward. Fake tanning water could be sticky and thick, but it’s very reactive on the skin.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t work perfectly on wet skins. Make sure you dry your skin before self-tanning your skin with fake tanning water. Tanning water moisturizes skins perfectly and better than any other type. Users tend to be super comfortable applying tanning water because the act is the same as satisfying one’s skin with moisture. It has lighter content compared to lotions and could last pretty long as other types.

4. How Long Does Fake Tanning Lotion Take To Dry?

Fake tanning lotions have variable drying periods. However, it’s expedient that prospective users note the features of the product they are buying. In a case a product has a lot of oil contents, there is a possibility the drying time elongates.

The time of reaction is what the water content of a tanning lotion would affect. That’s why lotions react a longer time than other typical fake tanning types. Nonetheless, tanning lotions have good moisturizing capacities. So, regardless of its drying time, lotion replenishes skins better with nutrients than others. And for most products, the use of another lotion is not reasonably necessary.

5. How Long Does Fake Tanning Mousse Take To Dry?

Some believe that fake tanning mousse is the quickest that dry. That’s true to a very vast extent. Not only does it dry within 1-2min, but its reaction is more immediate also. It’s ample thick and sticks very solidly on the skin.

In fact, getting uneven lining is rare with the use of mousses. You can wash the tan off when the estimated time elapsed. Nonetheless, two tanning mousses are extremely popular. One is express mousse tanner, and the second is normal.

You can wash the two types off within two hours. Their respective drying time on skins is still quicker than any other type. However, for express mousses, you’ll get a lighter and medium tan if you wash off the mousse’s residues from your body before 2hr.

6. How Long Does Fake Tanning Drops Take To Dry?

Unlike tanning water, fake tanning drops should be added inside a lotion and mixed up before becoming effective. The lotion is not mandatory to be a fake tanner; however, you can apply it to an everyday lotion. The larger the quantity of the drops in your lotion, the more the reflection of the tanner will be on your skin.

Therefore, the drying time shouldn’t exceed between 13min and 24min. However, the primary determinant remains the lotion you’re using together with the drops. Even though it dries, your skin would still look refreshed and good for the day.

We advise you to apply 12 drops of your fake tanner inside your lotion to get an effective result. You might need to read the instructions on the manual to make a lasting impact.

7. How Long Does Fake Tanning Moisturizer Take To Dry?

A fake tan moisturizer takes up to 2-3 days before it develops. Nonetheless, the drying of the fake tanning moisturizer shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes. Just like the lotion, it’ll definitely lubricate your skin perpetually.

Because of the notable water content in a lotion, we advise that you apply it on dry skin. This would make it more effective as expected. Howbeit, you’d also need to check the manual to see other peculiarities the product you’ve bought have so that you can have a splendid use of the product.

8. What To Do after A Fake Tan Dries?

  • Don’t put on tight clothes while applying the tan, and once you’re done, you can put on a loose cloth, probably a gown.
  • Even after the tan dries, wait for enough periods to ensure the tan’s chemical has perfectly reacted with your skin to give you the real pigment.
  • Avoid bathing with warm water. Don’t use makeup after the application of the fake tan on your face.
  • Make sure that you use the fake tan you ought to do.

How Do I Dry My Fake Tan?

Fake tan dries very fast, especially if you’re choosing the foam, mousse types. But things may not be so fast with lotions and the rest because of the oily content. However, you can use a hairdryer to hasten up the drying process on your skin. Using an applicator mitt will also help in reducing the viscous content of the fake tan so that the drying can be so fast.

How Do You Make Fake Tan Dry Faster?

You can use a hairdryer; stay under an open space to get enough ventilation, or fan yourself until your skin perfectly absorbs the self-tan. Reducing the application quantity of a self-tanner would only cause streaks on your skin afterward. Those are the helpful ways to dry a fake tan faster.

How Long After Fake Tanning Can I Put Clothes On?

It depends on the hydrating power of the self-tanner you’re using. Mousses dry pretty faster than most types, and you may need to put on your cloth 10-20min after application. However, wear loose cloth so that you can be on a safer side with the overall result.

Should I Fake Tan My Face?

Yes, but provided the product you’re using allows it. It’s not all fake tanners that work for the skin, but if yours does allow it, then great! Make sure you clean your face properly before applying a fake tan to your face.

Can You Fake Tan Straight After Showering?

That’s when you should fake tan – after showering! Make sure that your face is free of water and oil before application so that there won’t be unwanted complications. Apply the fake tanner according to prescriptions.

What Happens If You Put A Fake Tan On Dry Skin?

Disallowing the existence of any dab of water droplet could give you an even tan. Skins must become dry before the application of self-tanners.

How Long Does Fake Tan Take To Dry On The SkinFinal Thoughts

That’s how long it takes for fake tan to dry on skins of different types. The moment one realizes this, the better one pays attention to making even tans on one’s skin. Nonetheless, the information we’ve provided are quality ones that you can depend on to make a lasting self-tanning impact.

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