How Does Fake Tan Lotion Work? You Should Know

Discover how your skin develops tans once you use a quality fake tan lotion. A fake tan lotion has some distinctions that make it so unique. So, if you’re a newbie and presently asking how fake tan lotion works, you’re in the right direction.

These days, you’re to know what you’re buying before you choose it. Besides, as an enthusiast, you want to know why fake tan lotion has become what men and women worldwide have embraced with immense passion.

It’s so mesmerizing that despite the common importance that fake tan types provide, i.e., the simulation of tan on the skin, some people put preference on fake tan lotions over others. Why? Let’s start by answering that first.

It’s so because the self-tanning lotion is more moisturizing than many other types and its results are substantial beyond doubt. Take it or leave it, fake tanning lotion is as efficient as other types in simulating tans perfectly on skins.

That’s not all. Instead, read further to learn how it works on your skin and tan you safely. Learn why it moisturizes the skin better and how it does that incredibly. The knowledge would enable you to have more insight into the subject matter and know what to expect in the long haul.

Now, check out the steps that portray the processes of the tanning reaction of a self-tanning lotion.

How Does Fake Tan Lotion Works:

1. Features of a Typical Fake Tanning Lotion

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is one of the fundamental ingredients a fake tanning lotion consists of. The percentage a product now has depends on the preference of the manufacturer. There are enough water, oils, and other organic ingredients that fake tanning lotions feature. That’s why it moisturizes your skin while it processes the tan on your skin also.

Let’s discuss the scents. The decent scent comes from the coconut flavor or whatever that’s used in it. The scent subdues the pungent DHA odor that smells yeasty and disgusting.

So, instead of feeling and periodically perceiving the harmful yeasty smell, you tend to become more comfortable with a fake tanning lotion that has been processed by standard formulas.

2. DHA Reacts With Dead Skin Cells

The DHA is a harmless chemical that reacts with the radicals on the skin caused by melanin. Melanin is a protein molecule that deepens/determines the skin tone of the skin.

DHA’s molecule reacts with the skin’s collagen by reacting on the radicals of the skin to make them more mobile to give the desired tan in hours. Typically, DHA is the additive that converts the melanin pigment of skins when fake tanners are applied.

Its catalyst is not the sun’s UV rays but its constituents, which involve vitamin D, which reacts with oxygen to oxidize the mobile radicals at a particular wavelength. That’s what it uses to convert the immobile ions on the dead cells to mix up with the mobile radicals to glow a great tan.

Consequently, the presence of the DHA in self-tanners paves the way for its excellent flexible usage method. It works indoors and outdoors without the sun’s UV rays but air only.

3. Moisturizes Your Skin

What happens when you apply a fake tanning lotion is that it hydrates your skin. DHA can’t effectively work on your skin until it dries up the cells at the upper layer of your skin. That’s its way of getting it ready so that the radicals can begin to react in converting the dead skins to tan.

When it hydrates to activate the melanin into giving a new pigment, Aloe Vera, water, oil, and other organic contents will keep your body moisturized so that you won’t end up scratching your skin to the bone.

Vitamin E replenishes the natural nutrients on the skin. Even when it dries, the lubrication will still make you feel comfortable.

4. Scents Emerging

The persistence of lotions’ oil on the skin would keep the skin moisturized. Indeed, the oil with the lotion and the fragrance aids in overwhelming the toxic smells that could possibly flare off due to the DHA influence.

So, while the dead cells are becoming tanned and your skin becomes moisturized, a decent smell is emitted. The fragrance you perceive after application depends on the content the producer used for the production.

For fake tanning lotions, you don’t need to wash off the tans, so the scent will likely flare for as long as the oil is still on your skin and hasn’t dried. Talking about the drying now, for fake tan lotions, it takes half an hour for the oil to dry and the scent to douse.

5. Skin Protection

Fake tanning lotions have SPF 3. This means they serve as better skin protection against sunburns than most other types. The SPF 3 is the base tan that will provide you with protection from skin burns. Consensus claims its impact lasts for three days after application.

This, however, makes fake tanning lotion very sensible to use. Instead of using a sunscreen cream after bathing, a fake tanning lotion can give you minimum protection for three days after application.

Furthermore, the DHA percentage in lotions is up to 5%. That makes its reaction take long hours. Anything more than 5% could lead to streaks on your skin after application.

6. What Happens After Application

Fake tans often fade away quickly when moisturizers are applied on tanned skins. However, that’s where self-tanning lotions have an edge. You don’t need the application of moisturizers after tanning yourself with fake tanning lotions.

The lotion comprises notable contents that would keep your skin alive throughout the day. A tanning lotion will ultimately fade away from your skin after ten days. However, the continual application of the lotion in replacement to your regular lotion would keep your skin tanned perpetually.

With a fake tanning lotion, you can steadfastly keep your skin glowing evenly with no streaks. Meanwhile, its first reaction is after several hours after the application of the self-tanning lotion.

7. How To Prevent Streaks

Fake tanning lotions seldom have streaks because of the 5% DHA content they consist. Now, since fake tanning lotions have low vulnerabilities to causing uneven linings on your skin, then your frivolousness is what could cause streaks.

To prevent streaks, make sure that you exfoliate correctly and dry your skin before application. Do not apply perfume or deodorants after tanning your armpits and so on your secret parts that could be messy.

Also, waiting for a few minutes before one puts on clothes is another way of preventing streaks. As long as one adheres to these instructions, there can’t be streaks.

Does Lotion Take Off Fake Tan?

Lotion takes off fake tans because of the ingredients that it’s made of. It could cause the fake tan to seem it’s peeling at the sight of the beholder. In other words, it will make the tan look displeasing after application. Aside from that, we’ve stated earlier that cosmetics will remove the fake tan away from your skin pretty fast.

Does Fake Tan Age Your Skin?

Yes, it does! The DHA content reacts with the elastic fiber on the skin alongside the collagens while using the fake tan, and the additive oxidative stresses the fiber twice to make the tan reflective.

That’s why the quantity of the expected DHA chemical in fake tanners has been reduced within the range of 1% and 15%. Moreover, dermatologists prevent buyers from using suntans because the sun’s UV rays DHA are hard to quantify and lead to skin aging. Unlike fake tanners’ DHA side-effects, they are regulated before their final production.

How Long Does It Take A Tan Lotion To Work?

Though the drying of a fake tan lotion can be in minutes. But the reaction of the lotions on the skin takes hours. The reaction is not instant. It takes hours before the reactions begin. It could start between 3-5hrs after application, depending on the futuristic of the tanning lotion that one uses.

What Happens If You Leave The Take Tan On Too Long?

Nothing disastrous will happen per se. In fact, a typical self-tanning lotion will last for ten days before it sheds off the skin top layer. So, whether you’re reapplying the self-tanner often or occasionally, you can be sure that there won’t be bad occurrences at the end of the day.

However, prospective buyers must check the features of the product they are about to buy so that they won’t opt for a product that features toxins and harmful chemicals. You can inquire by carrying out researches.

How Long Does Fake Tan Lotion Last?

Fake tan lasts seven to ten days. Nonetheless, it works best within the four days after application. So, if you want to have a quality tan look at a specific time, you should apply it two days ahead to become so radiant from the third day to the fourth day.

Is Fake Tan Lotion Terrible For Your Skin?

No fake tanning lotion will harm your skin. It consists of DHA, making the skin glow to be as premium as suntans but safer. There is no aftermath with using a fake tan lotion because you’re not exposing your skin to sun rays in any form.

How Does Fake Tan Lotion WorkFinal Thoughts

That’s how fake tan lotions work. We’ve explained how the chemical reactions prompt the changes that occur on the skin’s uppermost layer. The reactions have nothing to do with the body’s internal anatomy, which makes fake tan lotions quite preferable to the use of pills, which could cause liver damage. The information here is genuine and one that you can rely upon for a great result.

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