Self-Tanning Lotion VS Mousse – What’s The Difference?

Self-tanning of oneself is basically one art of renewing the brightness of one’s skin. Though there are multiple self-tanning options with exquisite features, there are some you’d really want to prefer over one another, right? Yea! And that’s if such could give you the comfort and massive ease that others can’t.

Indeed, that’s what the mousse and lotion options can provide; you use them just like any moisturizer you’ve been accustomed to ever since. Moreover, it’s not that drops, water, and the likes can’t give you the convenience of use that you desire, just that the two have remarkable similarities of defining better healthy and comfortable applications and results.

Despite these, we’re not oblivious about the ultimate prerequisite a product can possess to become and produce fake tans, and that’s what these self-tanner variants feature.

6 Major Differences between Self Tanning Lotion and Mousse:

  1. Mousse is thicker than the lotion, and it has instant effectiveness than the latter.
  2. While the lotion takes days or several hours to begin its reflection, besides, that’s its trickiest part, mousses react within 2hr to 6hrs.
  3. The two application methods are way too different from each other, likewise, their preventive methods.
  4. Mousses will give you an even tan look in no time, but the use of lotion, instead, would only attain that with time.
  5. While a mousse requires occasional use, lotion requires daily use to get a perfect tan look.
  6. Mousses hydrate one’s body than the other.

1. Self-Tanning Lotion

  • They are easy to apply on every region of the body so that there won’t be any or fewer streaks on one’s body at all.
  • It ejects a mist-like tanning substance which makes it have the same characteristic as a conventional moisturizer.
  • Aside from the water quantity that’s obvious in lotions, they have less oily content compared to any other options.
  • Although it’s easy to use, yet a first-timer will find it tricky to use. It has a distinct method of application compared to mousse.
  • Tanning development on one’s with this variant is gradual and what one can smoothly maintain. Besides, one doesn’t have to measure drops of tan in it. Everything has been prepared to give users a consistent tan look.

2. Self-Tanning Mousse

  • This self-tanning variant has a thick substance on its inside. The application of this produces an even and somewhat immediate result.
  • One can use this alongside a typical moisturizer because it’s, definitely, what one can’t use daily.
  • It’s sticky, and it needs a mitt applicator to get the best use of it. Besides, one would have to exfoliate or shave before using this to enable the precise penetration of the chemical.
  • Depending on how one uses it, though, it’s as effective as any other premium self-tanning variant.
  • The excellent feature of this is that you won’t get the whole area messy while applying it. In other words, its use can be controlled.

3. Similarities:

  • The two have an ejector, which makes the spit of the mist out of the container very much controllable.
  • They may have the same size and essential ingredients, especially if one is buying the two from the same brand.
  • They are easy to save and apply to one’s skin. Moreover, the application of either of the two is doable anywhere.
  • The two are self-tanners. In other words, they can produce fake tans on one’s skin without the aid of sun rays. Likewise, each user can use any of them by themselves.
  • The two last on users’ bodies depending on the type of product that one buys.
  • Mousse and lotions hardly have color guards. Overall, they are easy to use, and you can be sure of the great results they produce.

4. How to Use a Self-Tanning Mousse

  • Get a mitt applicator and ensure that both your feet and hands are covered so that you won’t tan them, also.
  • Beforehand, make sure that you exfoliate your skin before the application of the mousse on your skin. Check whether the skincare is excellent for your face or not.
  • Apply a bit of the self-tanning mousse on the mitt and rub it on every region of your body.
  • While rubbing it on your skin with the aid of the applicator mitt, rub it in a circular motion. That would enable the mousse to penetrate perfectly into your skin.
  • Wash your hands and feet once you’re done with the exercise so that you can prevent your feet and hands from tanning.

5. How to Apply a Self-Tanning Lotion

  • You should choose a product that is compliant with your skin tone. Read the manual to be fully aware of how to use the specific product you purchased.
  • You can wear a hand glove so that even if the product’s ingredients are highly concentrated, you won’t end up getting your hands tan.
  • If you’re hairy, then you might consider shaving before you start applying the lotion.
  • Start from your legs, then to your thighs, then to your waistline, before proceeding to your back.
  • You’ll need more application of the self-tanning lotion on your knees and elbows to get a synchronized result.
  • Constantly use a brand so that you can end up having an even tan on your body.

6. Cost

The cost of a product you buy all depends on the brand you’re buying it from. Thousands of brands out there have the same goal of brainwashing and pitching their products to you with their prices. However, it’s expedient that you carry out your assignments absolutely well before you buy a product.

That’s the best way to shop safely. And, if you’re checking for a product that’s economical to use between the two, then don’t forget to do researches still. In a nutshell, find a product that’s profitable to your requirements.

7. Ease of Use

Apparently, the two are easy to use, but the time to react is what differs. For a self-tanning lotion, one has to be systematic and be a little bit patient, while mousse’s reaction is spontaneous. Furthermore, aside from the lotion, there is nothing else to buy, but the case is different with mousse. You’ll need an applicator mitt and be diligent in the whole activity so that there won’t be streaks.

Is Tanning Lotion Or Mousse Better?

The two are great, but you’re to determine which of the two is more fantastic. And that starts by acknowledging what you want. Provided you have a phobia for tanning; then you can start with the lotion. Also, if you’ve got a self-tanning mousse that’s pretty effective, you can get a lotion to supplement it. You need to understand the discrepancies between the two and choose the one that would benefit you.

Is Gradual Tan Better Than Mousse?

Gradual tan is a lotion. Just like any other self-tanning lotion, its reaction is gradual, unlike mousse that’s speedy. Therefore, know the exact one that’ll be better for you between the two. As we’ve said earlier, it’s expedient that you opt for a product that suits your skin tone.

Indeed, you don’t want to get it wrong by changing your skin tone with a lotion for another color. Instead, it’s great you start with mousse for effective results and patch things up with gradual tan for a streak-free result.

Is St Tropez Mousse Or Lotion Better?

St. Tropez mousse is an effective product. It’s a product that several customers have attested to its authenticity. So, you can always think of St Tropez mousse each time you need a recommendable self-tanning mousse. Nonetheless, you’d have to know if what you need is either a mousse or a lotion first.

What Self-Tanner Does Kim Kardashian Use?

Kim uses St. Tropez mousse to give herself a premium-looking beauty. That’s why you could look at her gorgeous skin and find no streak on it. Besides, she’s not just using the product of recent, but it has been long. How did we know? Google it and find out for yourself.

What Self-Tanner Does Kylie Jenner Use?

Although there are quite a lot of self-tanning options that the Kardashians say they enjoy, yet Kylie had always said her favorite remains Bondi Sands Dark Self-Tanning foam.

What Self-Tanner Do Celebrities Use?

Self-tanners have been among the list of cosmetics in celebrities’ wardrobes. They’ve got a variety of them that they love. Let us know your favorite star, and we’ll get you the brand he/she uses.

Self-Tanning Lotion VS Mousse

Final Verdict

Make sure that you drink quite a lot of water when tanning with either of these two, though you’d need to drink more water for mousses than lotions. Also, know that you can use a cream to complement a mousse, but you can’t do that the other way round. It’s better one discovers what one rarely needs before one launches a purchase radar.

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