How Much Is A VersaSpa Spray Tan Machine?

What is a VersaSpa spray tan?

Do you want to get a spray tan regularly? Or you want to start a business of spray tanning people? One great machine that could give you what you want is a VersaSpa spray tan machine. This machine provides a wonderful spray tan experience. The spray tan booth offers a comfortable heated environment.

More than 1,000 salons use it in the United States alone. The machine coats your body in only 10 -15 minutes. You can choose from three different spray tan options. You can spray only your legs or your entire body. You can also decide to spray all your body, excluding your face.

The fact that it requires no human intervention to operate makes it a great choice for spas and salons. You don’t need to pay anyone to operate it. With its spraying nozzles, it will cover your body. To take a spray tan in the machine, you need to wear a plastic hat to protect your hair, and you also need to wear goggles to protect your eyes.

Go into the booth without a tan and walk out after 15 minutes, fully tanned.  There’s a high demand for the machine. Now, we will answer the question and also answer a few other frequently asked questions about a spray tan booth.

How Much Is A VersaSpa Spray Tan Machine?

Depending on the size and functions of your preferred VersaSpa spray tan booth, you can get it for about $3,999 to $16,000. If you can’t afford a new one, you can opt for a refurbished one.

We have also noticed that there are many refurbished VersaSpa spray tan booths out there. This machine comes in different models and sizes. The bigger the size, the more expensive it will be. The additional functions of the booth also matter. Of course, used ones are cheaper than new ones. If you can’t afford a new one, you can go for a used one.

To get the price, we checked the market to scout for prices. Here are the prices that we found out.

On eBay:

We found the following prices.

  • $12,999 – This is the price of a new VersaSpa spray tan machine and booth with full package.
  • $7,999 – This is a price of a refurbished VersaSpa spray tan machine. However, it looks new and all its function are complete.
  • $3,999 – We found this price for refurbished machine, but the model is very old. That’s why its price is low. However, it’s a good product and will get the job done.

On Walmart:

  • $16,000 – We were surprised to find out that Walmart sells the same machine at this price and we found it on eBay at $12,999. The difference is that this one comes with the following add-ons:

The VersaSpa spray tan comes with a 90-day warranty on most online stores. That’s if you’re buying a new one. The package comes with the following:

  1. User Manual
  2. T-Max in-room Controller
  3. Free training
  4. Free shipping
  5. Free installation
  6. Employee Training Manual
  7. DVD
  8. Calibration Scale
  9. 90 Day Parts & 30 Days Labor Warranty
  10. 50 Client Waiver Forms
  11. 50 Brochures
  12. 1-1.4 Gallon Prep/Primer Solution
  13. 1-1.4 Gallon Dark Solution
  14. 100 Pair Sticky Feet
  15. 100 Pack of Nose Plugs
  16. 100 Hair Caps
  17. 4 Gallon Moisturizer Solution or Clear Bronze
  18. 1 Position Poster
  19. 1 Marketing Poster
  20. 1 34 oz Bottle of Barrier Cream
  • $13,999 – This is the price of another machine but this one does not come with the items listed above.
  • $7750 – We found a used one at this price. We assessed it and we can assure that it’s a good one.

On Amazon:

  • $11,500 – Amazon is known for offering the most competitive prices, so we aren’t surprised to find a new VersaSpa spray tan machine for this price.
  • $8,999 – We found a refurbished machine on Amazon for this price.
  • $6,500- We also found another used machine for this price, but it has a broken component, so we don’t recommend it.

Based on its package, you’ll agree that it is meant to be used for business. No matter how much you buy it, you’ll eventually recoup your money if you use it for business.

How Do You Use A VersaSpa Spray Tan Booth?

There are several models of VersaSpa spray tan booths, and they all come with different functions. So, if you have just bought one for yourself, you need to study the instruction manual first. In there, you’ll find the procedure to use it. However, if you’re going to get a spray tan in a spa or salon, you’ll be briefed on how to use it.

Before you visit a spray tan booth, you need to shave and exfoliate your skin. Before you go into the booth, you have to wear a plastic hat to protect your hair and a pair of goggles to protect your eyes.  Also, you have to choose your tanning option.

  • The whole body
  • Only the legs
  • The torso and the limbs (The whole body excluding the face).

In addition, you have to choose your tan intensity too. Choose from light, medium, dark, and very dark. After that, you can go inside the booth and get tanned. Come out and wait for up to 12 hours for the tan to develop fully. Before it develops, don’t take a shower, don’t wear tight clothes, don’t work out, or engage in rigorous activities.

How Long Does A VersaSpa Tan Take To Develop?

After taking a tan, you’ll have to wait for about 8 -12 hours for the tan to develop. However, you’ll already have a beautiful tan before then, but it could clean off if you wear tight clothes. If you take a shower, water or soap could also wash it off. During this period, if you work out or engage in any rigorous activities, your sweat could wash it off.

You have to wait for about 8 -12 hours before you’re able to engage in all the activities listed above. You don’t want to wash off your tan.

How Long Does VersaSpa Spray Tan Last?

Your spray tan will last for about 6 to 7 days. However, it also depends on your chosen formulation and the condition of your skin. Nevertheless, it will take about 7 – 9 days for the tan to last. This is why we usually advise those that want to maintain their tan to go for a spray tan every 9 -12 days. You can extend it slightly by applying a moisturizer to your body every day.

How To Take Care Of Spray Tan Equipment

Like other kinds of machines, your spray tan booth and other equipment need proper maintenance to make them last longer. Here are some important tips.

1. Read The Manual

It is important to study the manual of your booth before you start using it. The manual will give you all the necessary information. It also helps you avoid common mistakes.

2. Clean The Glass

While spraying the tanner, some of them will splash on the surface of the glass. Gradually, the glass will get covered with tanner, and it can be unsightly. So, you have to clean the glass every day after the last spray tan session.

3. Clean The Spray Guns Or Nozzles

Try to clean your spray guns (if you use them) or the nozzles of your spray tan booth regularly. Over time, they will get clogged with tanning solutions, and this can affect their performance. So, it is necessary to clean them every day too.

How Much Is A VersaSpa Spray Tan Machine

Final Thoughts

Depending on the size and functions of your preferred VersaSpa spray tan booth, you can get it for about $3,999 to $16,000. If you can’t afford a new one, you can opt for a refurbished one. One thing is certain. You’ll recoup your investment within a short time.

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