How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Work Out?

It’s cool and lovely to have a tan, and due to the health risk attached to suntanning, people generally prefer sunless tanning. That’s what we advise too. One popular way to get a sunless tan is spray tanning, and the major advantage of spray tan is an instant result.

It is done in a salon or a spa. All it takes is a single session and you’ll get a great result. However, there’s a big caveat about it. You have to wait until the tan dries up completely before you wear tight clothes or work out. This is because if the tan is not fully dried, tight clothing can clean it off.

Also, your sweat can clean it off too. This is why you must wait until your tan dries up fully before you start working out.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Work Out?

You need to wait for at least 8 hours after a spray tan before you can work out or engage in any sweat-drawing activities. That’s because it takes about 8 hours for a spray tan to dry up. If you don’t wait that long and you begin to work out, your sweat could wash off some of your tan. And your time, effort, and money will be wasted.

First of all, after taking a spray tan, you must wait until the tan dries up. Here are the reasons:

  1. If you wear your clothes when the tan is still wet, the clothes will clean off some of the tan. The clothes will get stained, while you’ll end up with streaks of uneven patches of tanner all over your body.
  2. If you take a shower, the water will wash the tan off your body, and you will end up with uneven patches of spray tan. You already know what that looks like.
  3. If you jump on your bed immediately without waiting for the tan to dry up, your bedding will rub off some of the tan. Apart from coping with stained bedding, you may need to take another spray tan session.
  4. Finally, you need to avoid workouts and other activities that could make you sweat until the tan dries up. When you sweat, the sweat could rinse off some of the tan too.

Can I Exercise And Sweat After A Spray Tan?

No, you cannot exercise immediately after a spray tan. As explained above, you must wait for at least 8 hours for the tan to dry up. If not, your sweat will clean off the tan, and you’ll be left with uneven patches of tan. So, you must wait until the tan is dry before you engage in any rigorous activity.

How Soon Will I See The Results Of A Spray Tan?

The result of a spray tan is instant. You will get a great tan immediately after taking a spray tan. However, you must wait for it to dry up. This is the advantage a spray tan has over a fake tan. A fake tan could take several days before it gives you the desired tone. This is because a fake tan requires a gradual build-up.

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

A spray tan lasts for about 8 – 10 days before it begins to fade out gradually. However, it usually fades gracefully and uniformly. So, you have nothing to worry about. You can extend it by only a couple of days.  A spray tan lasts longer than a fake tan.

How Can I Make My Spray Tan Last Longer?

This is simple. To make your tan last longer, you need to apply a moisturizing lotion or cream to your body every day. That way, your spray tan will last a few days longer. If you don’t hydrate your skin regularly, the tan may not even last up to 10 days.

Can A Spray Tan Protect My Skin From The UV Rays Of The Sun?

No, a spray tan is not a sunscreen, and it does not have the ability to protect the skin from the sun. So, if you want something that will protect your skin from the rays of the sun, apply sunscreen on the tan. Yes, it is possible to apply sunscreen over your spray tan. Sunscreen will not only protect your skin, but it will also protect your tan.

Can You Work Out 8 Hours After A Spray Tan?

Yes, of course, you must wait for 8 hours or more after a spray tan before you start working out. The reason for the wait has been explained above, but we will explain it here again. It takes at least 8 hours for a spray tan to dry up on your body and will remain permanent only if it dries up. If you don’t allow it to dry up, there will be a couple of issues.

One, whatever comes in contact with your body will get stained. And two, some tan will be cleaned off your body. What will be left will no longer be even. Uneven tan can be embarrassing. And when people see it, they might conclude that your tan is fake.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Work OutFinal Thoughts

So it takes about 8 – 10 hours for a spray tan to dry up completely. You could make it dry a little faster by staying where you’ll enjoy some breeze. In the alternative, you could sit under a ceiling fan for hours. To confirm if the tan is dry, rub a piece of cloth on your body. If the tan runs off on the cloth, it means the tan has not fully dried. On the other hand, if it doesn’t run off, you’ll know that the tan is fully dried.

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