How Long Will A Spray Tan Last On Holiday?

Spray tanning with fake tans will only glow the skin for a short period, and it would fade away if not reapplied or maintained. But why would you want to use a fake tan with a spray tan in the first place? Answer: it’s because it’s safe and glows quickly and evenly.

Therefore, if you seek a type of tan recommended for the summer holidays, then think of fake tans. Different brands make spray tans, and the amount of DHA contents in them are different.

It’s the DHA that reproduces the fake tan on your skin without the aid of sunlight. But, it’s normal to be skeptical about the longevity of the spray tan’s effect on skins when one is on holiday.

Nevertheless, spray tans have been known to last between seven days and ten days. The longer an application takes to fade off is determined by two factors, anyway: the proper application of the spray tan on your skin and the efficient maintenance of the tan on the skin.

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How Long Will A Spray Tan Last On Holiday?

People with light and medium tan on their skin tones often get an ultimatum of seven days for spray tan to last. It doesn’t reach that extent in most cases, but a seven-day ultimatum should be borne in mind. So even if one makes a mistake in the first two attempts, one can correct them in the sequel third and fourth attempts before the holiday.

Besides, no perfect tan is achievable immediately, and the process is sequential. Travelers who look forward to embarking on a holiday should indulge in the spray tanning act for two weeks, at least before going on the holiday.

How A Spray Tan Can Last 11 Days?

Darker tan on skin tones lasts a period of eleven days. The higher the concentration of the DHA content in a product, the longer its lasting period.

Indeed, that’s why enthusiasts are impugned to check the futuristic of a product to know its prospects. Enthusiasts have to get a product that can give a dark tan if they look forward to a long-term holiday.

Meanwhile, it’s not about tanning alone; it’s about tanning the right way. It’s spray tanning the right way that would cause a streak-free application of the tan. You can check this in the next point.

How To Maintain A Tan Look On Holiday?

  • Avoid bathing with hot water. Instead, use cold water to bath and always ensure you drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • You can use moisturizer to maintain the tan on your skin. In fact, buying a moisturizing tanner of slight DHA content will ensure your skin tone is maintained.
  • Shave once a week to ensure the growing hair doesn’t cloud the glowing bronzing skin of yours at any time.
  • Ensure you take more light, non-tight clothes with you when you’re embarking on the journey.
  • Also, experts recommend that you eat good food. Eat enough fruits so that you can hydrate your skin indirectly.

How Do You Keep A Spray Tan On Holiday?

Using a gradual tan to moisturize on holiday is the best way to preserve the tan. Even when some fragments are flaking off gradually, the gradual tan will serve as the cover-up. Other preventive measures should be put in place so that one can maximize the chances of an absolute tan look on holiday.

How Do You Prolong Fake Tan On Holiday?

Inasmuch as one is using a fake tan, the use of gradual tan is very important in preserving tan look while one is on holiday. Enthusiasts should use cold water and not warm water while they are on vacation.

Does Spray Tan Go Patchy On Holiday?

Yes, it does when its potency is not maintained. The only way it could be maintained is by using a gradual tan moisturizer. It could be only effective when the application begins 3-5 days after the initial application of the fake tan on the body.

How To Apply Spray Tan Appropriately?

  1. Exfoliate your skin so that the glimmering bronze can glow on your skin flawlessly when you’re done tanning.
  2. Shave and shower hours before the commencement of your spray tanning experience.
  3. You might need to read the manual before you initiate the use of your newly purchased product.
  4. Make sure your body is free from water and put on the mitt. Spill the content of the spray tanner on the mitt and begin to apply it to your skin.
  5. Relatively apply the tan to your skin as the mitt rub the surface of the applied so that the tan can penetrate the pores of the hydrated skin.
  6. Apply a considerable measure on the skin so that you can get a tangible result at the end of the exercise. Start from the legs all through the visible part of your skin.
  7. Gently apply it on your face, and plenty of it is not well appreciated on the face compared to the body.

Why A Spray Tan Won’t Last?

There are a few rituals to perform after the application of the spray tan. First of all, you’ll have to wait for eight hours, at least, before washing off the leftover from your skin. Failure to wait for that long, you could end up having a rumpled tan look.

Also, you are to use cold water to rinse your body so that you can feel comfortable. As the days pass, you can wash your skin with soaps, including with the oil-rich content ones.

Nevertheless, you’d have to be mindful of how you scrub your skin while bathing. Clinically doing that could cause the tanning particles on the body cells to flake off. Invariably, no spray tan result will last if it’s not well maintained.

How Long Will A Spray Tan Last On Holiday

Final Thoughts

You can confidently know when a spray tan can last you on holiday. You can get a personal spray tan to apply the tan on your skin all alone, and you can visit a salon. This article has helped you know what service to inquire for among light, medium, and dark tan. The points here are facts that one can depend on anytime.

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