How Much Does Spray Tan Equipment Cost? All You Should Know

Are you keen on starting your beauty business pretty soon? If yes, then why not add a spray tanning business to your skill. It’s so lucrative that it could fetch you some cash and propagate your versatility.

Before starting a spray tanning business, think of the equipment you’ll need to buy. Hence, you’ll be exposed to the pieces of equipment you need to make ready before you launch out for the new challenge by reading this article.

How Much Does Spray Tan Equipment Cost?

Your budget’s criterion ultimately depends on the type of business you want to set up and the venue you plan to use. The asking costs go beyond mere budgeting on a spray gun, hose, and compressors. You can be budgeting about $300 for your spray tan equipment.

It’s these factors that will predetermine the size and the features of the spray tan you’ll need to consider for purchase.

Like many beauty experts would always say, offer a business that provides light, medium, and dark tans services. Not all spray tan can efficiently cover these tasks. So, it’s mandatory that one plans so well before leaping.

Nevertheless, what spray tans offer that many apparatuses, such as airbrushes, don’t is that they give an even tan better and make your job top-notch. So, bearing it in mind to get a spray tan is not a bad idea at all.

Indeed, that’s why we’ll be helping you out here to make a rational fiscal budget so that you can make an appreciable buying effort. Check out for more information below:

1. Spray Tan Equipment For Personal Use

Spray tan machines can be made of metal or plastic, and meanwhile, the plastic spray is far better in giving maximum convenience than the former. So, if one wants to buy a product, this has to be put into consideration.

A metal spray gun gives a satisfactory and better result than plastic. The result from a metal spray gun is lucid and better than those from plastic because the latter has a small aperture, which could easily miss spots on the skins.

Furthermore, some compressors determine the pressure level of the tanning substances from the spray gun tank. There are those of high pressure and some of the low pressure.

The very ones with high pressure dispense too much of the tanning substances on the skin, leading to waste. On the other hand, those with low compressors take a longer time to complete a tanning session. Nonetheless, metal spray guns are always costlier than plastic spray guns.

2. Spray Tan Equipment For Mobile Business

For mobile businesses, you’d need to decide between the two types of spray guns. Buying a gallon of spray tan is around $128, and you’re to use $2 on one client. You could need towels, an electronic towel dryer, and so on.

You can decide to start with half a gallon for the spray tan substance and envision how you proceed thereafter. Invariably, you can be budgeting about $300 for the equipment of your spray tan for mobile businesses.

However, in a case you need a proficient one that would give optimum results, then budget $550 for mobile businesses. You wouldn’t want to buy a spray tan that constitutes so many nuisances as a mobile artist. And, that could make you want one that works efficiently without making noises.

Indeed, that’s why you’d want to save up to $550 before launching out for the business.

3. Spray Tan Equipment For Salons

Buying a spray tan that can render the same services as airbrushes is great, and a heavy-duty spray tan could give you the optimal results that you desire. Indeed, budgeting between $400 and $1,500 is a great idea, especially when you think of starting with one product at a time in a salon.

Those that don’t constitute nuisances and are of great pressure could be costlier. However, they are good choices if they are of quality for salon businesses.

The maintenance of a product is essential also. You’ll need to wash the spray guns occasionally to prevent the substances from clogging the regions on the interior part of the hose and nozzles. The intriguing part of this business is that you can grow in the purchase of accessories per time.

4. Variety Of Spray Tans

Aside from the spray gun machines, other essentials that you’d need to get enough of them are the hose, filters, compressors, conversion kits, and so forth.

Nevertheless, the fundamental accessories are the hoses, compressors, and spray tan gun. Some brands sell in pieces, while some sell the full package.

The estimation we stated upfront would be enough to get whatsoever one wanted in the marketplace. Accessories only provide skillful artists more advantages in carrying out their expertise awesomely than anyone.

In a nutshell, know what you want before launching out to purchase a product so that you shop discreetly.

Is A Spray Tan Business Profitable?

Yes, it is. You can be scooping a sum of $330 per day depending on the location of the business and how good you’re at spray tanning. It’s the best that one craves to be versatile at what one does to get the ultimate result in terms of finances that one craves for at the end.

How Much Does Spray Tanning Cost?

It’s not specific. Everything boils down to the desire of the prospective buyer. A buyer should know what would enhance their expertise and conveniences. Also, aside from the finite factors, buyers can always choose from the multiple options available in the marketplace. Nonetheless, the estimated price falls between $300 and $1000.

Are Spray Tan Machines Good?

They are good with people that know how it works and how to use them. Spray tan machines have been great at giving light, medium, and dark tan. The way in which one understands the use of a machine, the better the advantage one gets at the end of every exercise.

How Much Does Spray Tan Equipment Cost

Final Thoughts

You can now invade the market and buy the necessary materials to start a spray tan business. You won’t get it wrong with the use of this article. Everything you need to know is already stated for your immense benefit. As long as you’ve done your research, there is nothing to worry about afterward – you’re good to go.

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