How Long Before Spray Tan Should I Shower?

Indeed, taking a shower to remove dead cells away from your skin before the tanning session is the leeway of getting an even tan at post-tan. There are three distinct steps of doing this actually: shaving, exfoliating, and showering.

Indeed, they are the processes to make a great prep for tanning. As a matter of fact, sloughing off of one’s skin allows the new development of the new cells quickly, which the new tanning chemical needs to glow radiantly with.

However, among the three processes, showering remains the most ultimate prepping necessity. Properly prepping the skin through showering gives supple freshness for an absolute streak-free tanning experience.

How Long Before Spray Tan Should I shower?

You can shower at least four hours before you tan. When you shower, it helps to get rid of wax or other kinds of dirt from your body, so that the tan can adhere to your skin and stay longer. At the same time, if you tan soon after taking a shower, the tan will clog your pores. That’s because taking a shower opens the pores of your skin. Leaving a period of four hours will give the pores enough time to close up.

Some even find the whole subject matter confounding as they mistake showering have to go alongside exfoliation constantly. They think the two go coherently with each other.

Although it those to some extent, yet there are factors that finite the two co-existence. All these are what you’ll be learning in this article.

The suppositions we’ll be evaluating here are what dermatologists and beauty experts have confirmed to be true. In other words, adhering to every instruction given here maximizes your chances of getting an even tan on your skin at the end of the exercise. So, you can check the points out below:

When to Shower Before Spray Tanning?

Researchers suggest hydrated skins absorb spray tan better. Meanwhile, the only way your skin can become hydrated is after bathing.

At that point, your skin’s texture is refreshed, and your hair is relaxed. You could feel the softness and tenderness of the skin after bathing.

Using a warm water rinse before a tanning appointment is the best supposition from experts. Nevertheless, showering shouldn’t be instantaneous or coincide with the application of your spray tan. Rather, you’d want to shower four hours before your tanning session.

Also, you wouldn’t want to get yourself sweating as that could mar your tanning session’s results. Instead, you want to stay in an air-conditioned area to get your skin relaxed with preparedness.

How To Prepare For Spray Tanning Session Through Showering?

Avoid using soaps made of oil when bathing before spray tanning your skin.

If possible, you might choose to scrub off the makeups and lotions on your body to advance your chances of getting a lucid tanning experience. However, this ought to be done a day before your tanning session, while the use of warm water should be done a few hours before the tanning session only.

Another thing warm water does is that it enlarges your skin pores. Therefore, exposing your skin to a ventilated region after bathing preps your skin better.

Why Showering Is So Important Before Spray Tanning?

Showering alone is not enough. You’ll need to exfoliate and shave hair from your skin so that the result of the experience can be even and evident throughout.

The body parts that should go through these two processes are the face, hands, legs together with their thighs, and probably the private part of the body.

You could use epilators and safe shaving razors to clean every part of your body. It’s after you have done that you can take a shower.

Moreover, you’re to do the shaving and exfoliation a day before your prepping time so that you can just rinse with warm water and bar soap. The three processes are essential for tan to be maintained on the skin.

What Makes Showering Great Before Spray Tanning?

Keeping your skin hydrated makes spray tanning great – it’s the ultimate reason why bathing is recommended. And you only get your skin properly hydrated if you exfoliate and shower before you spray tan on your skin.

Hydration allows apt absorption of tan into the skin. While dehydration leads to hair loss and absolute roughness of the skin, hydration refreshes the skin layers better as toxins can easily move away from the skin.

Warm water opens the pores, which could cause excess release of sebums, leading to the clogging of tan on the skin eventually if the proximity of the showering time to the tanning session is low. Meanwhile, applying cold water to finish up the bathing closes the pores a bit and could reduce your 4hr staying time before your tanning session to 2hrs or so.

In addition, leaving the tan for at least 6hrs before washing the tan off your skin is the best way of preserving the tan on your skin after application.

At the immediate point you apply the tan, you wouldn’t want to expose your skin to sweats, moisturizers, and makeups, and that’s why you’d want to stay in a cool and safe place until the 6hrs elapses. Experts suppose that you use cold water to rinse your body so as to preserve the tan after application.

Pat The Dabs Of Water Dry On Your Skin After Shower:

This is where people get it wrong after showering. Pat the dabs of water dry on your skin with a clean mitt that has a body-friendly cushion/brittle top. This will enable the water on the skin to penetrate into the pores.

Nevertheless, one would still need to check the manual to understand better how to use the brand that one bought. Products are different from one another, and adhering to the instructions as stated by the manufacturer is the surest way of getting an expected result.

Is It Bad To Shower Before A Spray Tan?

Showering is very important before spray tanning, and it helps one to get rid of sweat and clogged dirt on one’s skin. It also helps one to hydrate one’s skin before the tanning session so that the body can absorb the tan easily.

Can I Shower An Hour Before A Spray Tan?

Yea, you can. But if you’re showering an hour before your tanning session, you might need to use cold water because it tightens your skin pores up better and doesn’t enlarge them as hot water does.

What Should You Not Do Before A Spray Tan?

Don’t do exercise or use makeup. Avoid engaging in activities that would cause sweats to close up the open pores of your skin. Also, you would want to ensure you pat dry the dabs on your skin hours before you apply your spray tan for even results.

How Long Before Spray Tan Should I Shower

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve known the specific time to stay before showering while you wait for the commencement of your tanning session, you can be pretty sure that you’ll get an even tan look. This format is what beauty enthusiasts use around the globe to keep their beauty updated with spray tans. Exfoliation doesn’t need to be practiced often, but one can intuitively watch that as time proceeds.

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