Spray Tan VS Tanning Bed Before Vacation

Are you delighted to tan your skin before going on your next vacation? Perhaps, you might have even thought of visiting a resort close to a beach and supposed tanning before the vacation would be worthwhile. After all, they often say if you can’t tone it, tan it!

In this case, there are two tanning options that people are familiar with which you’d want to check out, especially if this is the first time you’re embarking on such a trip. Spray tans and tanning beds are two options that people popularly choose before going on a holiday.

Why? That’s because they cleave longer on one’s skin than most other options. Despite they are popular, yet there’s this contemplation on which to choose between the two. And that’s because people’s wishes are different.

While some want a type that would be evenly distributed on their skin, others think of their safeties first. Although many had crafted out balances between the two, yet these are the truths that many are deprived of – they will be highlighted below. Therefore, check out the points below for better evaluations.

6 Differences between Spray Tan and Tanning Bed Before Vacation:

  1. A tanning bed requires the availability of electricity before one can use it, and it uses 220V only, while a spray tanner only uses a spray gun.
  2. Users have to bury themselves inside a tanning bed to get tanned, while the second party has to move the spray gun up and down to tan the first party.
  3. After the use of a tanning bed, users don’t have to adhere to any instant protocol, while one needs to wash off the tan from the hands and feet after using a spray tan.
  4. A tanning bed uses ultraviolet light to tan, while a spray tan uses a liquid substance.
  5. Spray tan primarily uses dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is constituted in the liquid substance, to tan, while tanning bed only uses UV rays.
  6. Streaks and uneven balances of spray tan are bound to occur, except if a specialist applies it week in week out. Tanning bed, on the contrary, gives a distinct result.
  7. While tanning beds’ can last a month, a spray tan can last a week or ten days.

Spray Tanner: Pros

  • A spray tan is not a self-tanner in this case. Invariably, it’s safe to use on one’s body.
  • The application of spray tans is doable, at least, between two people.
  • Depending on the product you’re using, though, but most times, spray tanners cause no skin irritation or streaks on one’s skin except the user is a newbie.
  • Spray tanners are handy and very effective if one maintains orderliness in maintaining it.
  • You can lug a spray tanner around in your pocket. Its use is easy to control.
  • This type is usable on obviously all the parts of the body. However, users have to read the inscriptions before using the product.

Spray Tanner: Cons

  • Spray tanners don’t survive hot water. Once you use it on your skin, it’ll remove all the leftover tan from your body.
  • Though it can tolerate sweats a bit, it doesn’t permit long-term outdoor stay – remember, it’s not great with hot water.
  • Many users find difficulties getting it evenly distributed on their skins. Meanwhile, that’s why users are often advised to apply it before embarking on a vacation.
  • The effectiveness depends on the brand that one chooses to use. In other words, choose a product that suits your tastes and wants.
  • It’s often used by a second party to make the perfect application because it’s used with a spray gun.

Tanning Bed: Pros

  • The effect of tanning beds lasts longer than any other type of tanning option.
  • It provides a little bit of sun protection because of the base tan it possesses.
  • It’s used for medical treatments for skin conditions to provide an absolute skin blend.
  • This provides a complete tan to one’s body. It kills the dead cells on the body and replaces them with a tan color.
  • Users can have complete reliance on the aftermath of this for a long time, such as a month, at least.
  • It’s basically great to use for a vacation that would last long. Why? That’s because one-term use can cover up for the long-term. However, your consistency in use is a huge determinant of its lasting period.

Tanning Bed: Cons

  • It’s very dangerous in all ramifications. It can cause skin cancer, skin rashes, and skin diseases.
  • A tanning bed is not allowed in countries such as Australia and Canada.
  • Failure to use eye-cover could cause eye cancer.
  • It’s costly. The bed alone costs more than $2000. Its maintenance, on the other hand, is expensive.
  • It uses UVA, which is believed is safer than UVB and consists of vitamin D.
  • You can’t be lugging it around like any other tanning option.


  1. You have to get a second party to tan with either of the two options, or use a salon, spa, or gym.
  2. Both are usable for a vacation trip and usable by two or more individuals.
  3. You can either own or opt for commercial services of any of the two before vacation.
  4. One has to be unclad before any of the two tanning options can be applied.
  5. None of the two is safe with sun bites.
  6. Consistency matters with the use of the two to maintain regular tanned skin tone.
  7. The two will definitely provide a glowing tan.


It’s a necessity to consider a tanner that you can save when traveling. At the flip look of things, you wouldn’t want to opt for a tanner that flakes off easily either, so you’d really want to count your costs before you leap. Provided you want to spend a few days, then a spray tanner is a viable option.

However, if the trip takes a very long time, you can consider some other self-tanners. A tanning bed is never an option at all – it’s dangerous. Besides, tanning beds consume a lot of space compared to any spray tanner together with spraying guns.


As we’ve said, the two are effective. Though many could erroneously suppose spray tanners are less effective, the truth is that the product one buys determines how the whole exercise will go. A tanning bed is effective 100%, and it takes a longer time to flake off, but cautions have to be taken in all directions while using it.

What Lasts Longer, Spray Tan Or Tanning Bed?

Tanning with a tanning bed is very beautiful when it comes to long-lasting capability. Its tan lasts longer than that of a spray tan. It provides better protection to users against sun rays than spray tans.

Overall, you can rely on tanning beds for a lasting effect and safety than any other tanning option. There is seemingly no other tanning option that can last longer than a tanning bed. In addition, there is no specialty in the use of any tanning bed. There is no formality in using a typical tanning bed as long as one adheres to the entire instruction.

Should I Tan In A Tanning Bed Before Vacation?

Probably. You can’t start tanning when it’s a day to the vacation and expect perfect tanning. Moreover, your desire is a determinant factor in this case. To get a precise result before a break from a normal schedule, then you must have used your tanning bed at least twice.

This will help you to have a good tanning result. Nonetheless, that’s if you’re hesitant to use a tanning bed. In our purview, we don’t recommend using a tanning bed before vacation because tanning generally requires you to tan often to maintain your skin tone. And that could lead to cancer in the long haul if you continually use it.

Is It Worth Getting A Spray Tan Before a Holiday?

Yea, but it’s not mandatory as long as you’ve been conversant with its use. Furthermore, we advise you to stick to a product and never to swaddle through several brands. It could have a side effect on your skin. What if you don’t feel right with the product you’re presently using?

Then, do researches before buying any so that you won’t end up causing catastrophe to your skin. Also, check if a product hasn’t exceeded its expiring date.

How Many Times Should I Tan Before Vacation?

That’s left for you to decide because the effectiveness of your spray tan matters. Some spray tanners last for seven days, while some last for 12 days. Your skin tone, too, has to be put into consideration. In short, visit a dermatologist or a local expert who you can consult/

How Many Days Before Vacation Should I Get A Spray Tan?

Probably two days before vacation. This would enable you to prepare absolutely well in doing some other tasks. Nonetheless, don’t forget that neither of the two likes warm water. Warm water could get the tanning coats all washed off or become streaked.

Spray Tan VS Tanning Bed Before Vacation 3

Final Verdict

Tanning with a tanning bed is effective and impressive but is not safe for anyone’s health. It exposes users to carcinogenic effects. Unlike spray tan, which health risk only comes when one inhales the liquid substance. It’s prudent that one choose a spray tan over tanning bed for one’s genuine safety.

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