Isle Of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops VS Water

Indeed, one of the most popular brands you’ll see in the marketplace selling fake tanners is the Isle of Paradise. Still, if you lack the essential information about its popular varieties, you wouldn’t know which one to choose among them, especially between its drops and water varieties.

Moreover, that’s what this article will be providing you with. You’ll attain the visceral discrepancies and similarities about the options to know the very one that would sate your needs. No doubt, the brand has exquisite packaging originality. The ingredients used in the production of their products are organic, too.

For the Isle of Paradise generally, aside from the drop and water option, there is a mousse type, too. The three comprise three specifics. The three specifics are peach, green, and purple.

Nonetheless, you can only select any of the specifics with respect to the tan you want to achieve on your skin tone. So, why not check out the full details that would help you choose between drops and water variants? That’s, indeed, what would make you shop wisely.

6 Differences between Isle Of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops and Water:

  1. The drops are cheap, while the tanning water variants are costly.
  2. The drop variants need a moisturizer to work, while the tanning water variant can work independently.
  3. Tanning water variants produce even results throughout the body, while drop variants only work best on precise body parts, such as the face.
  4. Tanning water variants give a better definition of tan than the former.
  5. Users would exfoliate and probably shave before using the tanning water variant, while those are not compulsory when using the drop variants.
  6. Tanning water variants have a noticeable smell that flares, but the drop variants don’t.

Isle Of Paradise: Tanning Water Variant:

  • It comes in a well-packaged material. However, you can find it in three specifics, which you can use to determine your skin tone.
  • It’s obviously the best among the three categories that the brand has as you can use it on every part of the body, and it will give you an even tan.
  • The use of this requires an applicator mitt. The applicator mitt would aid one to stick the water into one’s body.
  • The smell of this water variant either smells like coconut or biscuit-like product. Nonetheless, it goes off after one wash.
  • Users are advised to apply this in the bathtub standing because it could make everywhere messy. It doesn’t have a color guard so that it won’t stain your cloth.

Isle Of Paradise: Tanning Drop Variant:

  • This is apparently the cheapest among the three variants the brand has presently. It’s frugal to buy this.
  • This is usable with serums and moisturizers. Invariably, you can’t use it singly, but you instead use it together with your moisturizer.
  • It works with absolutely all moisturizers regardless of the manufacturer. Whether the moisturizer is thick or light, that won’t impede its functionality.
  • It doesn’t flare odor of any kind. Instead, it blends with all types of moisturizers for the convenient use of different users.
  • The number of drops one dabs into moisturizers is the extent of the result or effectiveness that one should expect. Nevertheless, users are expected to put in 1-12 drops in their moisturizers.
  • Whether you need a light, medium, or dark tan, this will suit your needs likewise.


  • They are vegan and cruelty-free. Indeed, that’s because they consist of tremendous and nourishing ingredients such as vitamin c and vitamin E to give replenishments to skins after hydration.
  • Both feature three specifics that can tan a skin tone to light, medium, and dark skin.
  • The Isle of Paradise produced the two fake tanners. The packaging of the product is the integral selling point of their products.
  • The two tanning products feature tanning additives, avocado, chia seeds, and coconut oil. These organic ingredients cancel risks of any kind.
  • The variants are cost-friendly, and you can rely on them for effective use.

How To Use Isle Of Paradise: Tanning Water Variant?

  • You’ll need to buy the type that would produce the skin tone that you desire. Peach would end up giving you a light skin tone; green gives a medium skin tone, while purple gives a dark skin tone.
  • An applicator mitt will also be needed so that you can smoothen the tanning water on your skin. Therefore, once you’re done, remove your clothes if you intend to tan your entire body.
  • Using a solitary place to spray the tanning water is an excellent idea. Using your bathtub will be a great idea.
  • Apply Vaseline on your elbow and knees before you start spraying so that it could trap the spray.
  • Cover your feet and palms before you begin to spray the tanning water variant on your skin.
  • Start from the leg and use the mitt to pat the mist firmly on your skin. Stroke the mitt up and down on your skin.
  • From the legs, gently move upward. Ensure you clean your hands and feet whenever you’re done.

How To Use Isle of Paradise – Drops:

Dab from 1-12 drops from the drop variant to your moisturizer. Stir up the substance to the moisturizer until everything blends. It’s afterward that you can begin to use the entire mixture. It’s what you can use for every part of your body. Nonetheless, for effective usage, add up to 12 drops to your moisturizer so that the result can be tangible.

And just as we’ve said, the color of the container you choose is equivalent to the skin tone you’ll end up having at the end of the day. Moreover, the selection process is the same as the very ones we suggested for the upfront tanning water variant.

Removing On Tan

Users of tanning water variant remove the hydrated residue from your water, at least, that would enable you to get rid of the immediate odor. And, the best approach to doing that is by bathing hours after the application.

Typically, users are expected to wash off the residue 8hrs after the application. The tanning drop variant, on the other hand, doesn’t need removal. It just goes into your skin brilliantly.

Lasting Periods

The potent in the two variants make the effect of the fake tanners last one week, at least. Nonetheless, using the isle of paradise drops is economical compared to the latter.

Regardless, the tanning water variant will give a consistent result on your body compared to the former. Therefore, your purpose of usage matters.

It’s best one opt for the tanning water variant if one seeks a product for vacation purposes and the tanning drop variant for casual reasons.

What’s Better Between Isle Of Paradise Drops And Water?

If you want an even tan throughout the body, then the tanning water variant is better. The con is that it’s not economical. How? That’s because you’d have to be applying it once every week to maintain the tan. The tanning drop variants could be preferably applied daily or occasionally, but it’s not as effective as its comparison alternative.

Can You Mix The Isle Of Paradise Drops With Water?

Users are not urged to use it with water. Instead, they are to use it with their Vaseline, lotion, and moisturizers. Besides, a lotion is not a good idea because it consists of a large quantity of water.

Do You Rinse Off Isle Of Paradise Tanning Water?

You’ll still need to remove the hydrated tanning water from your water. At least, that would aid you in removing the smell as well. Washing it away won’t remove the fake tan. The fake tan will last a week, at least.

Does Isle Of Paradise Tanning Water Work?

It works so well. It gives an even and apparent result, and it’s applicable to every part of your body.

How Long Does It Take For The Isle Of Paradise Drops To Work?

It takes up to 4hr-6hrs to work. You can depend on its effectiveness. However, the ineffectiveness could only come if the drops are not up to 12. It’s the 12-time drop from the dropper that would determine the effectiveness.

How Long Does Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drop Last?

It takes a week for the fake tan to vanquish from one’s body. However, one can either be using tanning drops daily or once in a while. What matters is one meeting one’s needs.

Is Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops Good?

Yea, they do!

Isle Of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops VS Water

Final Verdict

Buying either of the two varieties is a matter of what an individual wants as the aftermath. Whether you end up purchasing the tanning water variant or the drop variant, you can be sure that your skin will be tanned. It’s just that you get a better even tan with the tanning water than the other. The tanning drop variant is easy to apply compared to the alternative. So, it all depends on what you basically need.

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