Do Tanning Beds Have A Weight Limit? [Answered]

Yes, they have weight limits. The average bodyweights that use tanning beds are between 300lb and 400lb. These ranges won’t cause subsidence to the tanning bed afterward.

Whether one moves in a 360-degree direction or 180 degrees, it won’t cause disrupt the ergonomic structure of the tanning bed in any form. Nevertheless, make proper inquiries before buying a tanning bed.

Fortunately, tanning beds are made of acrylic materials. They are transparent plastics well bonded and thermoformed. The thickness of acrylic plastic varies, and that’s why each product features different weight limits.

Of course, you’d need to check this out before buying or using a tanning bed. The tanning bed’s lamps emit ultraviolet light through this transparent plastic, and you wouldn’t want to come in contact with them during tanning – not for any reason.

Besides, the weight capacity of the tanning beds will determine whether the bed is commodious for you or not. In other words, while you check the weight capacity of a tanning bed, endeavor to check the dimension of the tanning bed also.

Making assumptions isn’t allowed when it comes to this. In fact, if you think tanning can make you lose weight, you can check out the points below.

Does Tanning Help You Lose Weight?

No, it doesn’t. A tanning bed has nothing to do with the burning of calories. It will rather burn your skin if it’s not well used than burn the calories in your body.

Engage in exercises instead of tanning your skin if you want to watch your fitness. A tanning bed would only ionize the immobile electrons on your outer skin and make them glow.

You should expect skin dehydration during tanning compared to exercises that would cause you to sweat healthily.  In a nutshell, tanning won’t reduce your body weight, but exercises will do.

What is the Average Weight of a Tanning Bed?

250lb has been the average weight limit of tanning beds designated for subsistence needs for years now. However, an expert will urge an individual to opt for tanning beds with an average weight capacity ranging from 300lb to 400lb for commercial purposes.

Whether it’s a single or double tanning bed, it doesn’t matter. An essential part is to buy one that will fit the available size on your patio.

Nevertheless, proper maintenance of the tanning bed is required to avoid an unprecedented accident. You’re to stay in contact with your engineer and discuss faults that may come up as you’re using it.

Planet Fitness Tanning Bed Weight Limit

Planet fitness tanning beds are in their variance. Despite this, the maximum weight limit of a planet fitness tanning bed is 300lb.

The company has got tanning beds and tanning booths of different dimensions. The beds suit global standards and are built to last. However, the prospect of more than 300 pounds can’t use planet fitness tanning beds.

Ergoline Tanning Bed Weight Limit

What would intrigue you about Ergoline is the diversity of options they’ve got. This company has booths and beds with different features. They’ve got models called PRESTIGE & SUNSHINE.

These varieties are in different dimensions, so you’d need to check them out. These models’ weight limits range between 300lb and 400lb. You can also use Ergoline tanning beds for commercial purposes, and they’ll really fit.

Stand-Up Tanning Bed Weight Limit

Stand-up tanning beds have a maximum weight limit between 250lb and 400lb. Users are urged to avoid misusing the tanning bed for the best result.

Indeed, that’s why users aren’t to stand upright in the tanning bed or kneel down. They are to lie down against the acrylic bed so that the plastic won’t crack by any means and the weight capacity can be maintained.

Velocity Tanning Bed Weight Limit

there are varieties like the 2008 Velocity HP1000 Ultra-pressure tanning bed, ETS tanning beds, etc. these have unique features capable of giving lasting darker and fairer skin tans.

Suspended acrylic bed, LED accent lighting, total body cooling, facial vents for neck cooling, and all sorts are what the products feature. The maximum weight limit is between 300lb and 400lb.

Matrix Tanning Bed Weight Limit

A company that assures you of no burns is Matrix. Their tanning beds are sure bets in terms of their revolutionized design and features. Even for the fact that Matrix L33 features 33 high pressures and L18 models feature 18 high pressures, the weight limit for matrix tanning beds ranges between 250lb and 400lb. You’re to check the manual of the model you buy to have a profound idea.

Solar Storm Tanning Bed Weight Limit

Nevertheless, the weight limit for most of their varieties is 250 pounds for home use and 300 pounds for commercial use. When you seek a brand to buy for subsistence needs and commercial purposes, we guess Solar storm is worth vying for. They’ve got several options that you might want to check out.

Sunfire Tanning Bed Weight Limit

Sunfire’s luxuries range from 12, 16, and 24 Deluxe to 32x platinum commercial tanning beds. You can choose from these ranges and still have a fantastic tanning session.

They are less costly, and you’ll undoubtedly have the best ultimate experience using them. The weight limit is strictly 250lb, as stated by the manufacturer precisely.

Luxura Tanning Bed Weight Limit

Endowed with white color and tainted with acrylic plastic for your enormous safety. The varieties Luxura features are from X1 serially to X5 and, hopefully, more. They are available in most American salons. 

You’ve really got to make your findings to learn about the weight capacity of the product. However, an individual between 300lb and 400lb can use Luxura tanning beds impeccably.

Do Tanning Beds Have A Weight LimitFinal Words

That’s all you’re to know about the weight limit of tanning beds. Check your weight before you go into the tanning bed. Notwithstanding, you’re not to default the rules simply because you’re below the estimations. You’re to imbibe with the rules and regulations of the supervisor so that you can get the best result.

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