Cover Face with Towel in Tanning Beds [Explained]

Tanning isn’t as difficult as it seems; all you have to do is adhere to the preliminary instructions. It is so rewarding that you can bank on the augments it’ll bring to your skin afterward.

Bronze and dark tan can’t be more at their bests without tanning. It doesn’t matter whether you tan at the beach, expose your fancy body to the sun, or use a tanning bed, just follow the instructions.

Firstly, you must cover every opening and sensitive part of your body. Cover the likes of your mouth, genital regions, and most especially, your eyes. The emissions from sun rays and solarium consist majorly of ultraviolet light.

The solarium bulbs are of 100w and 200w capacities. They are harmful to the eyes if penetrated directly into the cells. Tanners can cover their faces with a towel or glass to lessen the penetration of the rays.

Wearing glasses might be easy, but draping the face with a towel and still uniformly tanning the face may be next to impossible. However, check the sequence below to learn more about how to use a towel in the tanning bed.

Will a Towel Protect Your Face in a Tanning Bed?

It could reduce the penetration of UV rays into the eyes. People use paper towels to get their faces tanned and shielded at the same time. Salon owners frequently recommend the use of thick towels that water can’t ebb through.

Masks, at times, are worn underneath fabric towels to reinforce the protection against UV light emission. Using a complete fabric would only reduce the penetration of the UV lights by SPF 5, which is the least among sun protective factors.

Invariably, the time and the pressure at which the light is emitting determine the level that the light intensity can be reduced.  

Does a Towel Block UV Rays in a Tanning Bed?

Yes, it reduces the penetration of UV light to some extent. Covering your face with a towel could make you have an uneven tan on your face.

At least, if you’re really sure of protecting your face from anti-aging, skin burns, and all of those, apply sunscreen to your face instead of a towel.

Howbeit, some professionals urged newbies to apply SPF 30, at least, on the face before lying in the tanning bed. This would reduce the effect of the UV rays on the chins and cheeks.

However, this shouldn’t forbid anyone from putting on goggles to protect the eyes. Some specialists advise that a towel should still be used to cover the face after these protocols.

Meanwhile, this wouldn’t deter anyone from getting an incredible tan in the end, but they will protect the skin from damage.

How to Cover Face with Towel in Tanning Bed? 6 Steps

  1. Seek the counsel of your doctor. Ask your doctor to recommend a reliable salon nearby with the best customer treatments if you’re a beginner just browsing around.
  2. Ask for a tanning towel that’s designated for tanning. It’s better you buy from the salon so that it’ll be certain you’re yielding to their directions to get a splendid tan look at the end.
  3. Ensure you prep your skin before tanning. Exfoliate a day before your tanning session and moisturize your face, also. You’re to remove all makeup before your tanning session and take your bath a few hours before your tanning session.
  4. Apply sunscreen to your face to prevent burns, wrinkles, and rashes on your face. Lie inside the machine and cover your face with the towel. Put on your tanning goggles after rubbing the sunscreen cream.
  5. Make sure a supervisor validates these methods before you embark on them. You’ll need a supervisor to direct you in actualizing what you want at the end of your tan. For instance, if you’re pale, you don’t have to stay so long in the tanning bed, and the type of towel you’ll be using may likely be thicker to reduce UV light penetrations.
  6. Inform your supervisor about the situation of your skin’s reaction. Take everything simple as you get the best tanning periods in your session.

What Do You Wear Inside a Tanning Bed?

Wear your bra to cover your breast and nipples. Wear a pant also to shield your private parts. You’d need to get a thick cover for these areas. After all, they are private parts of the body, and you are obviously not showing them in the pub too often.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be derogatory feelings if those parts aren’t uniformly tanned. If you’ve got some burns on your skin already, you’d need to wear a light gown with thin fabric to avoid extended damage. In addition, wear goggles to cover your eyes while in the tanning bed or booth.

What Should You not Do in a Tanning Bed?

  1. You’re not expected to lay dormant. You’re to raise some parts of your body that aren’t exposed to the rays to get exposed. The thighs and the arms are the parts you’re to expose to the rays if hidden.
  2. Avoid covering the bulbs or the emission with your hands. Instead, adhere to the preliminary instructions before entering the tanning bed to regulate the light’s penetration into your skin.
  3. Don’t use your hands to remove grime when you’re in the tanning bed. All dirt should have been removed before you use a tanning bed to keep you safe.
  4. You’re not to chew while you’re in the tanning bed. Your mouth and other openings on your body should be closed so that you can tan safely.
  5. Avoid taking anything with you inside the tanning bed, not even your headphone. You’re to follow the instruction of your supervisor from the start of the exercise to the end.

Cover Face with Towel in Tanning BedsFinal Words

You’ve seen the formalities of covering the face with a towel while in a tanning bed. Isn’t it? Yea, embrace the logic emphasized here to have a safe tan of your face. It’s noteworthy that you’re to apply sunscreen even whether you’ll be covering your face with a towel or not. Of course, the use of goggles can’t be over-emphasized.

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