Designer Skin Tanning Lotion Expiration Date [Explained]

Generally, some Designer skin tanning lotions have their expiry dates written on them. You can check around your tanning lotion for its expiry date. However, not all lotions have their expiry dates written on them. So, you may have to resort to other methods. Tanning lotions generally have a shelf life of about 3 years if they remain sealed. 

When it comes to tanning lotion, Designer is the brand to beat. It is one of the leading manufacturers of tanning lotions. Designer has several types of tanning lotions, like Bronzer, Intensifier, Tingle, Cooling, Facial Lotion, Sunless, and Tan Extender.

Designer skin tanning lotions have bronzing abilities too. In addition, they give cooling effects as well. You’ll definitely be glad to find out that the products are free of soy, parabens, and gluten.

Vegans will love the products because they are free of animal cruelty. Different Designer skin tanning lotions have different fragrances. That will give you wider options. Whether it is Vanilla, Tonka, Coconut, Hibiscus, or Citrus Spritz, you can choose the lotion with your most preferred fragrance. 

You’ll eventually find out that the products are rich in vitamins and amino acids. And it will not only tan your skin, but it will also moisturize your skin. The most amazing feature of Designer tanning lotions is that they protect tattoos from fading. 

Where to Buy Designer Skin Tanning Lotion?

Due to the popularity of the brand, its products can be found in several online stores. You can get it on Amazon, eBay, Tanning Lotion Depot, Tanning Lotion Outlet, Tanning Salon Lotion, and Tan2day. The good thing is that all the stores sell tanning lotions at varying prices. So, it will be a great idea to check the prices on all the platforms before you settle for the platform with the best price.

Oftentimes, Amazon offers the most competitive prices because there are several sellers on the platform and they always compete with prices among themselves to the benefit of the buyers. So, you might want to take advantage of the competition.

How Do I Know If My Designer Skin Tanning Lotion is Expired?

So, you can buy them in bulk. However, after opening your lotion, it will be most active in the first 12 months. After that, its ingredients will start getting weaker. As such, its effectiveness will also reduce. If you’re a regular user, you should not bother much about the expiry of your tanning lotion because you’ll definitely use it up in a few weeks.

The reason why opened tanning lotions expire faster is that once they are opened, air will go into them. Air and heat facilitate the expiry of tanning lotions. Although you can’t prevent air from getting inside the product, you can still ward heat off it. 

If the expiry date of your tanning lotion isn’t written on it, there are several other ways to know if it has expired

Change in color

Tanning lotions that contain bronzing abilities often develop a touch of green. When your lotion turns green, it is a telltale sign that it has expired. Some other tanning lotions often get darker. So, anytime you notice a change in the color of your Designer tanning lotion, what should come to your mind is that it may have expired. 

Change in its form

While some tanning lotions become thicker when they expire, others become lighter. This is because the ingredients in the lotions break down on expiry and they might react in several ways. So, when the form of your tanning lotion changes, you should suspect expiry.

Change in smell

Another sign of the expiry of a tanning lotion is a change in smell. That’s why you need to be very observant when using a tanning lotion.

Patch Test

If you suspect that your tanning lotion may have expired, you can conduct a patch test to find out. Apply it to a little part of your body and watch if the part gets tanned. If this does not happen, it’s probably because your tanning lotion has expired.

How to Make Your Lotion Last Longer?

To make your Designer skin tanning lotion last much longer, apply the following tips.

  1. Tanning lotions are best stored at room temperature. So, you should store the product between 65 and 70O F. 
  2. Heat and UV rays can destroy the ingredients of tanning lotions. So, you must store your lotion away from heat and the sun. This is why it is not a good practice to leave your tanning lotion in your car.
  3. As explained above, air can react with the ingredients and hasten the expiry of the product. So, make sure you quickly cover it after taking some of it.
  4. Don’t store it in humid places because its chemical compounds can react with the water in the air. And this will likely reduce the efficacy of the product.

Designer Skin Tanning Lotion Expiry Date

Check the body of your Designer tanning lotion, and you’re likely to see its expiry date written on the bottle, its pack, or the little pamphlet that comes with it. If you don’t find the expiry date written on it, you can find out from the brand. Go to, click on the “Contact” link at the bottom of the site, and fill out the online contact form. 

How Long Does Designer Skin Tanning Lotion Last Before it Expires?

Generally, the shelf life of tanning lotions is 3 years. After that, they may not be as active as before. After opening it, the most active days of the lotion will reduce to about 12 months because of exposure to air.

What Happens When Tanning Lotion Expires?

Apart from the possibility of having skin irritation because some ingredients of the lotion may have become toxic, using an expired tanning lotion does not have any harmful effect on the skin. However, it is not advisable to apply it because expired tanning lotions don’t work. No tanning will happen, and it will lead to a waste of time and effort. 

If you accidentally apply an expired tanning lotion on your body and notice mild irritation, wash off the lotion immediately and discard the lotion immediately.

Can I Store a Tanning Lotion in the Refrigerator?

No. You can’t store your tanning lotion in a refrigerator. It will shorten the lifespan of the tanning lotion. The best temperature for the lotion is between 65 and 70O F. 

Does Designer Skin Tanning Lotion Work After It Expires?

Although you may notice a little tan when you use an expired Designer tanning lotion, this is not likely because all the ingredients in the expired lotion would have become inert. So, you should not waste your time applying an expired tanning lotion to your body. You’re merely gambling.

Designer Skin Tanning Lotion Expiration DateFinal Words

Always remember that the shelf life of an unopened tanning lotion is about 3 years, and after opening it, the product will be most active within 12 months. After that, its efficacy will begin to decline tremendously. If you tan regularly, you don’t need to bother about expiry since it will only take you a few weeks to finish a bottle of tanning lotion.

When you notice any change in the color, form, or smell of your lotion, it probably has expired. Don’t use it without conducting a patch test on a small part of your body. Most importantly, keep your tanning lotion always sealed and it should be away from moisture, air, heat, and UV rays.

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