Two Person Tanning Bed – How To Use and Benefits

Claustrophobia is now a thing of the past with the innovative advancements in the tanning world. Tanning beds are now constructed to accommodate two persons at a time.

Through tanning, people can attain their desired skin tone, and a tanning bed is one of the top-notch options. You neither get less nor more when opting to use a dual-person tanning bed rather than the former.

Definitely, tanning beds are just like lightning beds, regardless of the structure and bedding style. They are applicable indoors, which is far safer than exposing the skin to sunlight.

 Indoor tanning sessions could be carried out at home and in pubs, such as the salon. Notwithstanding, tanning beds improve moods and a definite admirable skin tone with no negative aftermaths, and this tanning style can offer you this as well.

Apparently, you even stand the chance of getting an even tan look compared to others. Check out more about it below.

What Does 2 Person Tanning Bed Mean?

Provided you’ve ever used a tanning bed before; then you shouldn’t have difficulties acknowledging how the technology works. The tanning beds are shaped like a bed with their lids emitting UV lights.

Meanwhile, two-person tanning beds only edge traditional tanning beds because they are spacious for two fellows. You could find some products for teens, and some are for adults. 

Their quintessential is to give the user the primary skin tone as desired. This deadens the skin’s outer cells while transforming them to desired skin tone on every phase in the bed.

Unlike the booths, the two folks have to lie down flat and straight in the tan bed until each tanning cycle elapses. As the cycle reads, UVA rays carry out the transformation on the outer part of the skin.

What Type of Tanning Bed is the Safest?

In short, this technology is safe to use. A tanning bed is safer than mere exposing bear skins to sunlight for hours before getting a desirable tan look.

The tanning process of tanning beds is faster than the inference you’ll get visiting the beach. Tanning beds are made of UV bulbs. The bulbs are in their numbers and have different wattages.

The pressure level at which the tanning bed operates determines the product’s supremacy among its competitors. Now, choosing products wrongly and using it inadequately could be hazardous. Furthermore, staying extensively in tanning beds could be dangerous to the skin.

What is a Hybrid Tanning Bed?

A hybrid tanning bed is a tanning podium or technology in the form of a tanning bed that uses the combination of red light and UV light technique to brighten the skin tone as presumed.

Red light doesn’t pose any slight danger to the skin as UV lights, so it combines the characteristics of the two to give a perfect skin treatment. The blend of the two somewhat makes a hybrid tanning bed recommendable for getting a moderate tan look on the skin. 

It removes wrinkles from the skin and smoothens the tan on the skin. The red light and the UV bulbs are visible on the hybrid tanning beds.

How to Use 2 Person Tanning Bed?

  1. Find the best service provider around you. Take out time to make your findings. Learn about the caliber of persons going to the tanning shop for a tanning session. Read about their reviews online and ask necessary questions. You might even go to the shop and see the condition of the machines available in the shop.
  2. Ensure you’re booked for a tanning session. Buy a tanning lotion to get your body underway for the tanning session. Booking a week away from your tanning session will enable you to prepare adequately.
  3. Buy a sunscreen also to aid you to prevent your skin from sunburns or scars while you tan your skin with the lotion. At this point, you might visit the beach to expose your body to sunlight in order to get perfect tanned skin.
  4. Take a bath if you’re hours away from your tanning session. Put on bikinis to avoid exposing the genital and the breasts to the machine. Put on lipstick on your lips because the lips are susceptible to quick dryness.
  5. Ask one of the salon’s attendants to accompany you to the tanning bed. In fact, you’d need their suggestions in choosing the best bedding style that will give you the best tan. Inspect the tanning bed and ensure it isn’t dirty. You might need to check out another salon if it’s messy.
  6. Provided you’re tanning for the first time, choose between the low and medium tanning pressures to get a natural tan. These two tend to protract UVB light in the spectrum. They are the same as getting sunlight rays on the skin but safer. Also, the medium pressure tans faster than the low pressure.
  7. High tanning pressure is for the nominal ones. Allow the supervisor to set the timer so that the tanning can begin. At first, you might need to lie down flat with the face sighting upward until the tanning time elapses. The stomach should be lain against the UV bed this time for the second phase, while you can also try for the two sides of your body to get the tan even.
  8. Shower after 30min of the tanning session to make the tan glow.

What are 20 Minutes in a Tanning Bed Equivalent to?

This is the stipulated time often scheduled for those with dark skin tones. This is similar to having a 2hr exposure of the skin to the sun outdoor. This is set on timers, so the time is bound to elapse exactly after 20min if there’s no distortion in its readings. However, an additional time has to be set during the session to enable the widespread of the tan for absolute evenness.

What are 10 Minutes in a Tanning Bed Equivalent to?

This is equivalent to an hour of exposing the body to sunlight. This time-set is advised to maintain the tan look of the skin. Those who have their forms filled in the skin analysis space to have sensitive skin could also preset the timer by 10min. This would enable them to predicate the inference and gradually grow with it.


  1. This maximizes the chances of getting a smooth, flawless tan look. The body could turn easily to permeate the UV light’s penetration on the skin’s outer layer.
  2. The fact that it can accommodate two, it makes the work so lucrative and saves time for the customers.
  3. The tanning level could be regulated, and its preciseness can be maintained throughout the body. Some buttons and functions make this visibly possible.
  4. The tanning results of tanning beds are faster. They are faster than what the sun gives in every way.
  5. They are safer and recommendable by health practitioners. This doesn’t cause sunburn regardless of the pressure level one chooses to treat the skin.
  6. Although they cost a few bucks and are feasibly costlier than other tanning mediums, they are worth the expenses because the result will always be perfect.
  7. Renewing the distinction of the tanned skin after some time is achievable with this technology.

Two Person Tanning BedFinal Words

We hope you’ve learned all the needful after checking out all the points stated here. We guess you’ve been able to know how this technology works. Nonetheless, we impugn you to adhere to the safety instructions indicated here for your immense benefit.

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