How To Get Spray Tan Off Bottom Of Feet? 5 Steps

Getting your feet tanned is not good at all, and it makes your overall tan look seem weird. But when things go haywire, and you eventually get your feet tanned mistakenly, there is always something to do to correct the error.

How To Get Spray Tan Off Bottom Of Feet?

These three methods are the best formalities to remove spray tan off the bottom of feet anytime: Chlorination Method, Using Lemon With Sugar and Using A Baking Soda With Lemon.

You see, the feet and the hands are vulnerable to the accumulation of spray tans during tanning sessions. However, their potency in glowing bronzy looks faster than other body parts makes spray tanning them directly unnecessary.

Indeed, that’s why enthusiasts are impugned to ensure that the spray tans are removed instantly after a splendid spraying session. Nevertheless, although removing spray tans from the hands can be easier, it’s not always easy with the feet.

It’s going to be hectic if you’ve not gotten the best style that works for you.

Howbeit, that’s what this article would do anyways. We’ll be providing you with different approaches to removing tans from the feet. You check out for more information below:

1. Chlorination Method

Chlorine will fasten the easy removal of hydrocarbon in spray tan since you’re concerned with your feet only. All you need is to get a bowl and fill it with water halfway.

What we’ll be doing is substituting a swimming pool for a portable bowl of water. Dip your feet in it after pouring a considerable amount of chlorine in it with unripe lemon juice. Citric acid and chlorine are good exfoliating agents, after all.

Therefore, adding the mixture of the two to the water and soaking your feet in it for 30min, at least, will get the feet ready for the subsequent treatments.

After that, you can pour away the mixture and fill the same container with soapy warm water – make it ample hot. Prepare your feet this time around by adding baby oil to the surface before soaking it in the warm water. Get your sponge and scrub the fragments off the walls of your feet. It’s afterward you can rinse your feet.

2. Using Lemon With Sugar

Sugar is a good exfoliating agent, and lemon, on the other hand, is also a good bleaching agent. Conjure the two and apply the mixture on the surface of your feet. Immersing your feet in the mix will be better, actually.

Wait for a while before dripping warm water on the surface of the feet. Once that’s done, you can get your bathing sponge and scrub down the fragments of the tan from the surface.

Wipe down the patches on every side of your feet. You can use cold water to do the final rinsing, but you must use warm water first before wiping down the fragments.

What the warm water actually does is that it opens the pores of your skin so that stuck substances can become melt to hence its mobility. Ensure that you’ve done that on the first feet before moving over to the other feet.

3. Using A Baking Soda With Lemon

If you’ve not got lemon juice available but have bleaching products at your reach, then get it in replacement of that. Baking soda will not only exfoliate but will remove the smell of the tan altogether.

Therefore, start by soaking the lemon baking soda and mashing it until the solute and the solution resort to a paste. Scoop the paste and apply it to the surface of the feet.

Leave it on the surface of the feet for 15min or 20min each, depending on the thickness of the tan. Thereafter, remove it and try soaking the feet in warm water (make the soaking be in a form that you’re running warm water from the top of the toes to the end of the feet).

Wait a while afterward before grabbing your soap with oily content. Use it to run foams on the feet while using the sponge to scrub down the fragments gently. Then, you can use your cold water to clean everything properly.

4. Preventing It From Onset

The act of avoiding the spray tan from the start is the best way to get the whole exercise done. Apply nail polish on the nails before you go to a spray tan session. That would serve as a barrier against messing up the nails.

You can prevent the feet by wearing footwear as you’re about to enter the spray tan tent or booth. Once you enter the tent, you might need to remove your footwear and step on it. You can endeavor to contort you anyhow like but ensure an excellent tan look without messing the feet.

5. Safety Measures

  • The removal of the spray tan should be done immediately or some minutes after a successful spray tan session if the instructor allows it.
  • Using a hand glove to carry out the whole process keeps you on a safer side. Nevertheless, you’re to wash your hand after setting the spray tan off your feet.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals; it could have a repercussive effect on your skin. If you’re going to be using any, make sure that your instructor is aware of it.
  • Don’t use teeth-whitening toothpaste to remove spray tan from your feet – it is not so effective to use.
  • Make sure you don’t inhale the DHA at any point in time.

What Removes Spray Tan From Feet?

Steam does an effective job alongside alkaline in the removal of fake tan from the feet. The steam opens the pores and causes the displacement of the chemicals the spray tan constituents to dissolve. The two ingredients make scrubbing the fragments from the surface so easy afterward. You can use the tips we’ve got here to navigate their methods of use.

How Do You Get Rid Of Orange Feet From A Spray Tan?

Orange feet need exfoliation to regain their natural look. Therefore, using ingredients with natural exfoliation capacity is a big plus. Using lemon juice together with lemon is the premium approach you can use to remove orange streaks from your feet.

All you need is to mash the two and make its mixture resort to a paste. Take the paste and plaster it on the surface of the feet. Allow it to stay there for 14min before removing it. Then, use warm water that’s foamy with soap to run water from the tip of the toes to the end of the feet, and use your sponge to scrub down the orange streaks from your skin gently.

How To Get Spray Tan Off Bottom Of Feet

Final Thoughts

Once you can adhere to the instructions that are stated, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you’ve got any of the essential oils, such as lavender, then you might apply it on any of the junctures. They are homemade tips and practical ones that will save you time. Take a step today and try any of them out.

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