How Long To Wait Before A Shower After A Versa Spray Tan?

Versa has carved a niche for its self in the self-tanning industry. Thousands of people have used the product and testified to its effectiveness. We tested the product on five different volunteers, and they all came out with a good tan. More people are getting interested in the product.

We will talk about it in this article, and we’ll also answer several other frequently asked questions about the brand of spray tan here today. It is very important to wait for a spray tan to develop fully on your body before you take a shower.

If not, water could rinse off part of the tan. This will affect the appearance of the tan and fasten its fading. If you read the article to the end, you’ll find out what will happen to your body if you wait for 24 hours after taking a spray tan before you take a shower.

In addition, we’ll talk about what to do after taking a Versa spray tan and how long a Versa spray tan lasts before it starts fading out. You’ll also find out how often to get a Versa spray tan. Let’s get down to business right away.

How Long To Wait To Shower After A Versa Spray Tan?

A good thing about a Versa spray tan is that it gives an instant tan. You’ll come out of the tanning booth with a smooth glowing tan. However, that’s not all. The tanning solution sprayed on your skin still needs some time to develop fully. You have to wait for about 4 – 8 hours for the tanner to develop completely.

While waiting, you should not engage in working out or any other sweat-drawing activities because your sweat can clean off part of the tan. You should not wear tight clothes because the clothes could also clean off part of the tanner.

Also, you should not take a shower for the same reason. Before you can begin to carry out all the activities mentioned above, you have to wait for about 4 – 8 hours. By then, the tanner would have developed fully.

What Happens If You Wait 24 Hours To Shower After A Spray Tan?

If you wait for 24 hours before you shower after a spray tan, you’ll get a great smooth tan. However, it is not a good idea to wait for as long as that except you have other reasons. According to our experience, it takes only 8 hours for a Versa spray to develop fully.

You’ll get the same results if you wait for 8 hours or 24 hours. So, it is not necessary to wait for more than 8 hours. Don’t waste your time. Nevertheless, if you prefer to wait for 24 hours for other reasons, you can go ahead. There’s no danger in the idea.

What To Do After A Versa Spray Tan?

The next thing to do after taking a spray tan is to blow your body with a blower. This will make the tan dry faster. After blowing your body, you may also want to apply a moisturizer to your body. Keeping your skin moisturized will make your tan last longer.

After an hour, you can put on loose clothes and stay somewhere for about 3 – 7 hours more. This will give the tan enough time to develop completely. As explained above, while waiting for the tan to dry and develop, you need to stay away from taking a shower, working out, and wearing tight clothes.

How Long Does The Versa Spray Tan Last?

This is one of the most asked questions about the Versa spray tan. The number of days the tan lasts depends on the following three factors.

  • Skin type – People with dry skin will see their tan fade relatively earlier.
  • How often you apply a moisturizer – If you apply a moisturizer to your tan more frequently, it will last a few days longer and its fade rate will be slower.
  • The intensity of the tan – A more intense tan usually lasts longer than a lighter one. Nevertheless, intense tan is not suitable for every skin color. If your skin does not go with an intense tan, don’t go for it.

That being said, it takes a Versa spray tan about 7 – 10 days to last before it starts fading. And fading can take additional 3- 5 days before you lose all the traces of the tan.

How Often Should You Get a Versa Spray Tan?

If you want to maintain a good tan all the time, you don’t have to wait until your tan fades out completely before you go for another tanning session. One thing is certain. When you experience the sense of fulfillment, joy, and confidence that comes with a gorgeous tan, you’ll never leave your skin untanned anymore.

If you want to retain your glowing tan, you need to take a Versa spray tan every 9 – 12 days. That is our recommendation. If you follow that tanning routine, you’ll always appear with a natural, gorgeous, glowing, and sun-kissed tan.

Will My Spray Tan Look Better After I Shower?

No, it won’t. Although there are two ways to look at the question, the answer to both is no. If you take a shower before the tan develops fully, your tan will look bad because part of it will be washed off. This will make it fade sooner.

On the other hand, if you wait to take a shower after the tan has developed, showering will have no effect on it. What makes your tan glow more and last longer is moisturization. That’s why you need to moisturize your skin before and after taking a spray tan.

Furthermore, if you go outside in the sun often, you may also need to apply sunscreen to your skin. You can apply it over a tan.

How Long To Wait Before A Shower After A Versa Spray Tan

Final Thoughts

Once again, it takes about 4 – 8 hours for a Versa spray tan to develop fully, so you need to wait for at least 4 hours before you can take a shower. And we also recommend that you go for a spray tan every 9 – 12 days to maintain your tan.

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