Arrowroot Powder vs Cornstarch Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the typical cleanser of dry, greasy hair. It’s fast to apply, and its inference is as lucid as what you get with regular shampoo most times. It’s the recommended alternative for regular shampoo on dry hair.

However, not everyone gets the same result in most cases, though. The aftermath of the inference after applying the dry shampoo to your hair is a result of your choice.

Consequently, the components your dry shampoo is made up of will determine what to expect at the end of the day. So, while considering the constituents of your dry shampoo features, it’s expedient that you find out the nature of its aerosol. Mostly, it’s between powdery and others.

Meanwhile, the numerous powdery types that make up most dry shampoo products are arrowroot powder and cornstarch. People have been wondering which one between the two should be considered the best.

5 Major Differences between Arrowroot Powder and Cornstarch Dry Shampoo:

1. Arrowroot Powder & Cornstarch Dry Shampoo

The two have the same qualities to some extent. Besides, they don’t flare scents. However, one is natural, while the other must pass through several processes before its final result.

Notwithstanding, the two soak up grease from the hair so well and add healing residue to the skin afterward. DIYers use the two basic ingredients to treat dry hair alongside baking soda and the rest.

However, arrowroot powder is used in place of cornstarch in most cases because it leaves the hair easily compared to cornstarch powder.

2. Ingredients

These absorbent powders are made by extracting starch from the arrowroot tuber. This is made from cassava roots.

On the other hand, cornstarch is made from corn. It all starts with removing protein and fiber from the corn so that a redefined starch can be left to make cornstarch.

Its starchy flour is safe for the hair. It’s a sure volumizer that condenses the grease in hair strands. It does quick reactions and an explicit transformation of the scalp.

Arrowroot powder does the same thing with cornstarch, just that it thickens the hair better while the other only serves as the volumizer better.

3. Importance

Arrowroot powder makes the hair softer as it thickens the hair simultaneously. It could absorb excess oil compared to many dry shampoos.

Cornstarch dry shampoo could replace arrowroot at any point in time likewise. The two can be bought in shops, and they could be produced in homes.

These two have become so popular among beauty care enthusiasts that they claim their efficiency has been consistent over the years despite being low-cost.

Meanwhile, one of the cons of using a cornstarch DIY is that it dries the luster of the hair, but cornstarch is designed to nourish it.

4. Price and Production Cost

If you can’t extract arrowroot powder, then you can buy it. It costs between $10 and $15.  However, the price of cornstarch varies.

Nonetheless, the price of the former varies. It’s sold in weight measurements. You can find the two in all supermarkets across the country.

Online buying platforms across the states do have them in their types. In fact, you could find some products that listed cornstarch in their ingredients list.

Such products often cost between $5 and $35. However, that depends on the size of the container that one purchase.

5. Application

How you prepare for the making of the two will determine how you’ll apply either of them to your hair. If you’re buying from a beauty store, you might probably read the manual before you begin using the purchased product.

Firstly, peradventure, you’re preparing arrowroot powder, then what you’re to start with is get the powder available with cocoa powder of minute quantity, though.

Secondary ingredients to get alongside those are baking soda and bergamot essential oil for dark hair.

For the making of cornstarch, use the same formula. Mix the three substances and apply them to your hair. Only replace arrowroot powder with cornstarch, and you’d get what you desire.

Which is Better for Dry Shampoo, Arrowroot, or Cornstarch?

What matters is what an individual wants and the kind of hair that an individual has. Arrowroot powder goes actively down to the scalp from the hair roots and typically covers 95% of each part of the hair. On the other hand, cornstarch is an incredible option for hairs with shallow grease on the scalp. Nonetheless, the two are bound to clean the hair optimally as it should.

Can I Use Arrowroot Starch as Dry Shampoo?

Yea, that’s what it is. The perfect DIY hair care that you can use in place of dry shampoo is arrowroot powder. After all, dry shampoo is entirely made of aerosol, often found in powder.

Arrowroot powder is even a better option because it adds texture to the hair and also revitalizes the scalp being that it’s more of an organic nutrient than the typical dry shampoo that has gone through processes. It could lighten your hair and thicken the hair strands right from the hair roots.

Is Arrowroot a Good Dry Shampoo?

Yea! You see, arrowroot starch is an incredible option for removing grease from the scalp, especially on dyed hair. The organic hair cleaner soaks up a good amount of oil from the scalp so well.

However, a minute cocoa powder is added will yield an appreciable result. It catalyzes the reaction by making the hair silk and healing the zits on the skin. It makes the influence of the organic arrowroot so medicinal on the skin.

Is Arrowroot Powder Bad for Your Scalp?

Not really; the inappropriate application of the powder could lead to the ineffectiveness or the side effect of the use of arrowroot. It could affect the scalp by either leading to hair loss or blocking the skin pores on the scalps. Use arrowroot with essential oil. Also, an addition of cocoa powder to the arrowroot would make it to be more effective. In addition, ensure that you don’t apply it to your hair daily.

Will Cornstarch Work as Dry Shampoo?

Yea, it will serve as a dry shampoo because it’s smooth and nutritious. Use it with baking soda, and you’ll have an inimitable cleaning experience. Apply it to the most accumulated spots on your scalp and leave it for a while as it soaks it up in a jiffy.

If you’ve got light hair, medium blonde hair, or grey hair, then this would still work impeccably. Soda will remove the odor from your hair while the cornstarch eradicates every dab of grease from your hair.

Can You Use Cornstarch as a Dry Shampoo?

Yea, here is how to make cornstarch dry shampoo at home. The fundamental ingredients that you’d need are cornstarch, cocoa powder, and baking soda. You can begin by mixing one-quarter of cornstarch together with one-quarter of baking soda.

Mix them as deep as you can before adding one pinch of cocoa powder to them. Apply the mixture on the greasy part of the hair and wait for a few seconds to allow the mixture to soak up the dry shampoo. Use your brush with soft bristles to remove the mixture from your hair.

Is Cornstarch Good for Your Hair?

Yea, it is. Cornstarch is as safe as using either activated charcoal or whatever to treat the hair. It’s in powdery form, and removing the powder from the hair should be done diligently to keep the hair free from it. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be used more than thrice on the hair. Its usage should be compliant with the precautionary measures for all dry shampoo.

Arrowroot Powder vs Cornstarch Dry ShampooFinal Words

Now, you’ve understood that there is not so much difference between arrowroot and cornstarch. The only difference between the two is replacing one for the other. It’s what you can always do at any time. Yes, we’ve been able to provide you with the DIYer’s tips. You can now buy and make dry shampoo all by yourself in a distinct manner.

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