Can I Use Deodorant as Dry Shampoo? You Should Know

Dry shampoos are a real savior when your hair gets all greasy and sticky. But sometimes, we might not have it around us. That is when we start looking for alternatives to dry shampoos.

There are quite a lot of alternatives to dry shampoos around us. Some might really do the job, and some could bring the exact opposite result.

You might be surprised to hear this, but some people use deodorant as a dry shampoo. Yes, it does sound a little crazy. You might have questioned whether you could use it or how you may use it.

Can You Use Spray Deodorant as Dry Shampoo?

Yes, spray deodorants can be used as a dry shampoo. These are the most common and hassle-free dry shampoos. The alcohol in spray deodorants works the same way as Dry shampoo. The alcohol does not soak the oil. Instead, it breaks down the oil to make your hair smoother and less sticky and gives your hair a beautiful smell.

That is why spray deodorant naturally seems like an easy alternative for dry shampoo.

Every dry shampoos have elements that help soak up the oil or sebum from your scalp. This makes your hair look less oily and fresher than before.

But there’s another element that allows dry shampoo to do its magic. And that is alcohol. Alcohol helps break your scalp’s oil and gives you smoother, silkier hair. Spray deodorant bears this same element.

It does give you a similar result to aerosol dry shampoo. But the outcome won’t be exactly the same., Dry shampoos soak up your oil from the scalp; there’s visibly less oil in your hair.

But the outcome of deodorant isn’t as great as an actual dry shampoo. Some dry shampoos can make you feel like you just washed your hair. With deodorant, you might not have that great of a result.

Also, deodorant does not give you the same volume to your hair as a dry shampoo can.

So if you ask us whether you can use spray deodorant as dry shampoo or not, the answer is, yes! But we wouldn’t ask you to keep your hopes high for the result.

What is Spray Deodorant?

A spray deodorant has a formula that helps get rid of the foul odor from sweat. You can directly spray the deodorant on your skin.

Spray deodorants are widely used as a solution to the bad odor of sweat. But it has faced criticism for having chlorofluorocarbons, which are known to be harmful to the ozone layer.

However, spray deodorants have stopped using such harmful chemicals now. Instead of chlorofluorocarbons, propellants such as hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide are used in spray deodorants.

This makes the usage of spray deodorant safer for everyone.

Spray deodorant dries rapidly, so you don’t have to wait long before putting on your clothes. Since it is easy to apply, you can apply and reapply with much ease.

Is It Bad to Spray Deodorant in Your Hair?

Spraying deodorant in your hair does sound a little odd. Many people have recommended using spray deodorant in hair as dry shampoo. Some have tried it out even. But spraying deodorant might not be the wisest decision.

Beauty products should be used wisely, keeping all pros and cons in mind. The body’s skin and scalp are different. It is best if you use only hair products on hair and scalp.

Now, spray deodorants are meant to use on your body, specifically, armpits. Spraying deodorant on hair can do more damage than good.

Deodorant has alcohol in it. This alcohol gives you a similar result as a dry shampoo. But the very same element is what damages your hair and scalp. Overusing spray deodorant makes your hair dry.

Using spray deodorant in your hair can also result in dandruff. So overall, spray shampoos is not all that good for your hair.

How  Do Spray Deodorants Work?

Spray deodorants are actually a really good product for you to use on your skin. You might be wondering how exactly it gets rid of the odor. There are actually two glands in our armpits that create sweat.

One of the glands lets out fat and protein onto your skin. Bacterias on the skin digest the fats and proteins of the sweats. Thus we get smelly and itchy armpits.

But spray deodorants works on the bacterias. So bacterias cannot digest fats and proteins. That is how deodorants get rid of the odor. And as a bonus, it makes you smell fresh and pleasant.

Does Deodorant Help with Hair Growth?

If you think deodorant might help you with hair growth, you are wrong!  Deodorant is a formula that helps get rid of smelly armpits. And it may make your greasy hair look less oily and smell better.

But the results stop there. It does not help your hair growth. Interestingly, there has been talk about a new deodorant which slows down the growth of armpit hair.

What Do You Do When You Put Deodorant in Your Hair?

If you really need to get rid of the greasiness of your hair but all you have is a spray deodorant around. Here’s what you can do to get rid of the oiliness.

Step 1:

Part your hair into small sections.

Step 2:

Hold the spray deodorant 8 to 12 inches apart from your scalp and spray it on the scalp. Spray in every area that seems greasy.

Step 3:

Rub your scalp with your fingers gently so that it distributes evenly.

This will help your hair and scalp to be less oily and smoother.

Can I Use Deodorant as Dry ShampooFinal Words:

Spray deodorants can help you if you are running out of deodorants. But if you are expecting some incredible results then its going to disappoint you.

It is not truly the best product to use as a dry shampoo. Overdoing it might even result in serious hair damage.

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