Self Tanning Water VS Mousse – Which One Is Better?

There are several types of self tanning products like mousse, lotion, cream, oil, and water. Therefore, it is normal to ask which of the product is the most effective. And we have heard similar questions like this numerous times. Our readers have been asking us to compare the products and let them know how they stack up.

We intend to let you know all the differences between tanning water and mousse. We discuss their similarities too. In the end, our readers will be able to decide which one to go for.

We don’t like to say that one product is better than the other. Instead, we’ll compare them with several yardsticks and allow the readers to decide on their own.

Also, we don’t base our reviews, descriptions, and comparative pieces on only the information on the internet. Rather, we test the products for some days, weeks, or even months before we give our readers the report.

Differences between Self Tanning Water and Mousse:

1. How To Apply Both Self Tanning Mousse And Water?

Even though both of them have different textures, colors, and ingredients, you have to apply them the same way. Mousse can be applied with bare hands, rubber gloves, tanning wipes, or mitt. On the other hand, self tanning water usually comes as a spray, so you’d have to spray it on your body before rubbing it in.

2. Is Shaving Required?

Yes, of course. Whether you want to apply tanning mousse or tanning water, it is still necessary to shave your body about 24 hours before you apply the tanner. Both products work on your body the same way, and they give the same results.

3. Is Exfoliation Required?

Sure, you need to exfoliate your skin before a session of self tanning, whether you want to apply tanning water or tanning mousse. It is necessary to remove the layer of dead skin cells away from your body. This will give the tanner better room to act with your body without any form of hindrance.

4. How Long Do They Last?

Like most self tanners, after applying tanning water, it will last for 5 to 7 days before it begins to fade. This is the same for a mousse. A well-applied mousse will last for about 5 to 7 days before it starts to fade. This confirms one thing – all self tanning products (water, lotion, cream, and mousse) have the same active ingredients. That’s why they work the same way.

5. Do They Require Regular Moisturization?

This is the biggest difference between a self tanning mousse and self tanning water. Moisturization is the process of adding moisture to your skin to prevent it from getting dry. When you apply a mousse to your skin, you also need to moisturize your skin every day.

On the other hand, tanning water is a moisturizer itself. So, if you apply tanning water, you won’t need to apply moisturizer to your skin. This is why self tanning water edges out mousse, lotion, and cream. Are we saying tanning water is a combination of a self tanner and a moisturizer? Yes!

6. What’s Their Color?

Tanning water and tanning mousse are also different in colors. Mousses come in gold and other colors, but tanning water appears like water. It is usually transparent and colorless. However, we merely added this point for our readers’ information. We don’t expect anyone to base their decision on this.

That’s because the color of a self tanner shouldn’t matter to anyone. What should matter is the effectiveness of the product and its compatibility with the user’s skin. Even though a tanning mousse and tanning water differ in color, they both do a great tanning job.

7. How Effective Are They?

After testing both types of tanners, we can categorically say they’re both winners. We can’t really say one of them works better than the other. Both of them gave great results. So, it is safe to say they are both effective.

8. Which Is Safer?

Again, this is a tie. They’re both winners in the area of safety. The use of self tanning products has been adjudged to be the safest form of tanning. Unlike sun tanning and UV tanning that expose the skin to UV rays and increase the risk of skin cancer, tanning mousse and tanning water do not involve the use of any ray.

Their tan is temporary. That’s why it is called a fake tan.

9. How Fast Do They Dry Up?

The answer to this should not come as a surprise to anyone. Remember, tanning water is much lighter than a tanning mousse, so it should dry up much faster than mousse. While a mousse takes about 20 minutes to dry up and up to 12 hours to develop completely, tanning water dries up in less than 10 minutes.

10. Does Tanning Water Rub Off On Clothes?

Yes, tanning water will rub off on your clothes like a mousse if you don’t give it enough time to dry up. It works like other tanning products.

From the comparisons discussed above, the two major advantages tanning water has over a tanning mousse are:

  • It does not require the use of a moisturizer because it is a combination of a self tanner and a moisturizer.
  • Since it is lighter than a mousse, it dries up and develops faster.

Although its color is another difference, we can’t consider that one as a benefit. Now, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about self tanners.

Do You Rub In Tanning Water?

You have to rub tanning water into your skin to aid its penetration. As explained above, you have to apply it like a mousse and other self tanning products.

Is Self Tanning Lotion Better Than A Mousse?

No, tanning lotion is not better than mousse, and the reverse isn’t true either. None of them is better than the other. As long as you follow the application instructions, you’ll get great results from both. That’s why we advise our readers to try different self tanners and stick with whichever one works best for them regardless of whether it is a mousse, lotion, cream, or water.

Is Tanologist Water Or Mousse Better?

Although they are both effective, and you’ll get a great tan from both, we’ll go with Tanologist water because tanning water dries up and develops faster than a tanning mousse. Not only that, tanning water does not require the application of a moisturizer because it is already a combination of self tanner and moisturizer. It will keep your skin moisturized.

Instead of buying a self tanning mousse and a moisturizer, isn’t it cheaper and smarter to buy only tanning water that serves both purposes? So, once again, we think Tanologist water is better.

Can You Sleep In Tanologist Mousse?

Yes of course, you can sleep after applying Tanologist mousse, but not immediately after applying it. You need to wait for at least 30 minutes for it to dry up before you sleep. If not, it will come off on your bedding.

Can You Sleep In Tanologist Tanning Water?

Yes, you can sleep after applying tanning water, but that’s after it dries up. The good news is that tanning water dries faster than other tanning products. While other self tanners dry up in 20 to 30 minutes, tanning water usually dries up in less than 10 minutes.

In addition, it will develop completely after a couple of hours. Until it develops fully, you should not wear tight clothes or engage in any activity that will draw sweat. Without full development, your sweat can wash off your tanner.

Can I Shower After Applying Tanning Water?

Yes and no. Yes, you can take a shower after waiting for about 4 hours for the tanner to develop. No, you can’t take a shower immediately after you apply the tanner to your skin. Each time you take a shower when the tanner has not developed, you’ll be washing off a bit of your tanner. You definitely don’t want that.

How Long Does It Take Tanologist Mousse To Develop?

If you apply it the right way and moisturize it regularly, the Tanologist mousse will last for about 5 to 7 days before it starts to fade out gradually. Tanologist tanning water also lasts for the same duration. However, there are conditions you must meet.

First, you must shave and exfoliate your skin a day before you apply the self tanner. Secondly, it is necessary for you to moisturize your skin every day. Finally, you have to wait for the tanner to develop fully before you take a shower. Once you fulfil the three conditions, your tan will last for about 5 to 7 days.

Self Tanning Water VS Mousse

Final Thoughts

To wrap up this piece, we’ll remind you that tanning water dries up and develops faster than a tanning mousse. Also, unlike a tanning mousse, tanning water is a combination of tanner and moisturizer. So, it does not require regular application of moisturizer.

Based on these added advantages, even though both mousse and tanning water yield the same great tanning results, we’ll choose tanning water over a tanning mousse.

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