How To Fold A Norvell Spray Tan Tent? 6 Easy Steps

It’s wonderful to have a smooth, glowing tan all the time, and if you must do that, you need to tan yourself regularly. There are people who self-tan every 9 – 12 days. Applying a fake tan is safer than suntanning because the latter exposes the skin to cancer.

As self-tanning is getting more popular, different tanning products are being manufactured. Before now, we have written about different brands of self tanners, tan removers, and spray tan booths. Now, we want to talk about a Norvell Spray Tan Tent.

How To Fold A Norvell Spray Tan Tent?

You may think it is difficult to fold a Norvell spray tan tent, but it is not. Once you get the concept, it will be a breeze. You can follow the steps below to fold a Norvell spray tan tent.

Step 1 – Raise the tent with both hands, with each hand holding each side frame of the tent.

Step 2 – Use your leg to push it in at the middle. This will make the tent fold into two equal halves along its vertical line of symmetry.

Step 3 – Now, you have to lay it flat on the ground with one side facing the ground.

Step 4 – Fold it into another half by bending the head towards you.

Step 5 – Twist it round with both hands until it forms three concentric rings. Now, it will be small enough to enter its carry bag.

Step 6 – Gently put it inside its carry bag, and that’s all. It’s done.

How To Set Up A Norvell Spray Tan Tent?

We have already taught you how to fold the tent, and we think you should also learn how to set it up.

Step 1 – Remove it from its carry bag.

Step 2 – Open it like you’re opening a book.

Step 3 – Stand it open and open it sideways. Go inside and push the walls outwards.

Step 4- Stand it properly, and it’s ready to use.

It is as simple as that.

What Is A Tanning Tent?

A tanning tent is simply a small, portable, and mobile tent in which you can self-tan yourself. It takes less than 5 minutes to set it up and to fold it. Spray tan service providers use the tent in their shops and they also use it in the homes of their clients during home service. And some people have it at home for personal use.

The best part is that you can take it along with you whenever you’re traveling. And whenever you want to self-tan, you can just set it up anywhere, go into it and tan yourself. When folded, it becomes so small that it will fit into any small space. In fact, it comes with a small bag with which you can carry it around.

Now that you have a better idea about a tanning tent let’s go into deeper issues.

How Big Is A Spray Tan Tent?

There are numerous sizes and brands of spray tents, and they come in various sizes. However, the differences are usually a few inches here and there. A spray tent is about 6 feet tall. It is usually tall enough for you to stand up and get yourself tanned. And it is not so wide. It just gives enough space for you to turn around easily.

Of course, it has a space for only one person at the same time. So, if two or more people want to use it, they have to take turns at it. When packed in a package, most spray tan tents will have a dimension of 27 inches by 27 inches by 27 inches.

This makes them portable enough to move them around. You can tan yourself up even while on vacation with the portable tent.

How To Take Care Of Your Tent

Here are some important spray tent care tips

1. Clean It Every Day

There’s no how you’ll use the spray tent for tanning without staining the interior walls of the tent with tanner. You should not let the stain remain on the walls till the following day. It will become an eyesore by the following day.

So, you should clean the walls before folding the tent. You can soak a piece of cloth into mild soapy water and use it to wipe down the walls. First, you need to do spot cleaning. Clean each stain with the piece of cloth. When you’re done with spot cleaning, you can now wipe down the entire walls.

2. Don’t Store It Wet

After cleaning the tent, you have to wait for it to dry up. Don’t store it wet in a rush. If you do that, you’ll be setting the foundation for mold. You don’t want to cope with that. So, you should always wait for the tent to dry before you fold it.

3. Zip It Slowly

Many spray tents come with zippers. You need to go slowly with the zippers when zipping the tent open and when zipping it close. The zipper can be fragile, and you may damage it if you don’t take it slowly with the zipper.

4. Don’t Leave It Under The Sun For Long

No matter how strong your tent maybe, the UV rays of the sun can damage it gradually. The sun will weaken the material of the tent gradually until it begins to tear. So, we won’t advise you to leave it under the sun for too long. If you have to self-tan outdoors, place the tent under a shade.

How To Fold A Norvell Spray Tan Tent

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have learned how to fold a spray tent. We assure you that it is very easy. It may be a little difficult initially, but after a few attempts, you should get the hang of it. And when you do, it will become as easy as ABC.

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