How To Fix A Peeling Spray Tan? A Fast and Easy Guide

Spray tanning is excellent when you understand its essence! And it’s really a worthwhile experience for all beauty enthusiasts. You can ask your babe and let her unveil her magic to you – you can be sure that addition to spray tans will definitely be among her favorites.

As beautiful as it sounds, it comes with its own challenges. Meanwhile, one of the possible challenges anyone could face is a peeling spray tan. A notable number of reasons can warrant this.

However, correcting the patches is what makes one retain a premium tan look always. The peeling could start immediately after a tanning session, and it could be as the days go by. It could really be a devastating challenge, honestly.

One could even be tempted to patch up the roughness by spray tanning on the faded part all over again, whereas that’s a really bad idea for anyone to execute, though. That sole mistake could mar the overall aesthetic glow emanating from your skin, you know?

The tips you’ll find here are what you need to elongate the stickiness of the tan on your skin for a longer time. Furthermore, in cases where you just completed a tanning session and there are streaks, the execution of the tips stated here are profound enough to give one a better look.

These tips below to correct a peeling fake tan on your skin are what you need. Check them out now.

How To Fix A Peeling Spray Tan: 5 Things To Consider

1. Peeling vs. Streaks

Peeling of spray tans and streaks are two different things. The former may occur immediately after a tanning session or become obvious many days after, and it often requires fixing. Meanwhile, the latter is a resultant of an incorrect application of fake tans from the onset. The two have their respective causes, which have to be avoided to get a splendid tan look.

However, experts use the corrective methods for the two interchangeably. Peeling of fake tans could result from the weather, illness, use of moisturizers with high alcohol quantity, and many more. Nonetheless, the basic reason why peeling occurs is the dryness of the skin.

Eating good food and using cold water to bath often is an excellent way of keeping the body hydrated. On the other hand, Streaks are caused as a result of improper applying of spray tan on the skin. Spraying the skin at a close range, the inability to distinctly differentiate between the use of watery and viscous spray tanning solution could lead to streaks. Knowing these fundamentals is a palpable way of preventing unwanted results.

2. Correcting Peeling Spray Tan with Baking Soda & Lemon

In cases you’ve got a few patches available on your skin, then considering the use of this is not a bad idea at all. You can use the points below to draw out the steps to do it:

  • Get the elementary resources needed to make the goals achievable: lemon and baking soda.
  • Blend/mash lemon and baking soda together until the mixture becomes a paste. A morsel of it is better to plaster on the spots that had streaks or unevenness.
  • Meanwhile, intuitively soak enough pounds of soda to dissolve in the lemon solution to make it sticky after mashing the two ingredients together.
  • Do the plastering on those spots while you wait for minutes to fix the errors, both streaks and peeling spray tans. Waiting 10 minutes for each of the areas is a practical approach that can yield a great result.
  • The concept is to allow the citric acid to absorb the natural soda exfoliant capacity clean up the messes.

3. Exfoliation

Remember, you’re only focusing on the flaking side and not the even places. Therefore, ensure that you keep your focus on target always.

Take out your exfoliating tool to get the work started. Using an exfoliating tool such as the exfoliating mitt will blend the awkward part of the skin to the other.

The ability to concentrate on the peeling spots is what will project the evenness that’s expected. Unlike other approaches, you shouldn’t bathe before exfoliating your skin with the tool, except there’s a sunburn scar on that spot.

Although that doesn’t mean you can’t take a bath with cold water after tanning or the correction, it’s not so necessary or expedient. You can ask someone to help you exfoliate those hard-to-reach places, and adequately doing it will help you fix the peeling spray tans on your skin.

4. Using A Gradual Self Tanner

No two ways about it; preventing this ordeal beforehand is by using a gradual tan as a moisturizer. Gradual tan will keep your body glowing before the next tanning session.

Nevertheless, you’d need to inquire from a professional to know the exact product that’s best for your tan. This preventive measure is excellent for anyone to practice always, especially when the weather is becoming so harsh.

However, if one uses it and finds out that the spray tan still peels along the way, then consider this next point remarkably.

5. How To Avoid Peeling Spray Tans

  • Buy a safe self-tan cleaner to even out the awkward places on your body by blending it to the right places.
  • Appropriately tanning from the onset will go a long way in avoiding quick peeling spray tan on the skin.
  • Experts have always advised that using a hair removal cream can correct spray tans on the skin easily.
  • The constant use of baby oil on the skin can fix light messy spots on skin. The reaction may not be so fast, but it will definitely blend the looks together because it’s a natural exfoliant.
  • Even if you’re lured to taking the spray tanning session all over again, you’d need to exfoliate your skin and ensure that the old tan has been removed so that you can pave room for a new development of skin cells.
  • Always avoid getting your skin dehydrated. Bath with cold water and eat vitamin food to have great body features to keep your tan secured.

Do Spray Tans Make You Peel?

Spray tan doesn’t easily peel as it sounds. It’s only seen in people that have sunburns on their skin. If the tanning session goes well in the hands of an expert, but the peeling occurs instantly, then the fellow has skin sunburn, which must be corrected before another eventful spray tanning session.

And that’s best done by hydrating the skin before a tanning session and going through proper exfoliation. Using treatments such as creams to heal the scar and always protecting the spots from sun exposure will do a lot better in helping you maintain and recuperate from the damage sunburns subjects you to with spray tans.

Once you go through those processes, you can try another spray tanning session to get the optimal result.

Why Is My Skin Peeling After A Spray Tan?

If the problem is not emerging from skin sunburns, then it could be an inappropriate application of spray tan. If that’s not the case, then it could either be dryness of the skin or illness-related reasons. If you’re self-tanning yourself, then your expertise may be in question about handling the spray tan you’re using appropriately.

Carrying out proper assessments before and after the tanning session and adhering to the preliminary precautions can guarantee perfect tanning sessions. However, if all those requirements are met, your skin shouldn’t peel, to cut a long story short.

Can You Fake Tan Over Peeling Skin?

That could be a great mistake. Fake tanning on your peeling skin will exacerbate the whole tan look, and there will be multiple colors on you. The most appropriate way to correct a peeling spray tan is to exfoliate – using the likes of gradual tan worsens it, especially when applying that after the peeling begins.

On the other hand, the gradual tan only works best for skins that are not vulnerable to peels due to the absence of sunburns and dry skins. It could be an incredible development to enhance the maintenance of your tan look. However, you’d need to make proper inquiries from your instructor before you purchase any product.

Can I Get A Spray Tan If My Skin Is Peeling?

Answer: No, you can’t and shouldn’t. Allow the tan on the layer to slough off before you get another tan on your skin. If you are going through another tanning session, then you’d need to exfoliate your entire skin to avoid inconveniences during tanning sessions. Contrary to that could lead to a severe disruption of the whole tan look.

How To Fix A Peeling Spray Tan

Final Thoughts

That’s how you can fix a peeling spray to an adequate measure. You won’t get it wrong, complying with the approaches we’ve stated here. Understanding that dryness on skins causes peeling spray tan to occur will help you always keep yourself hydrated. As long as the sunburns haven’t reached the second or third layer, there is nothing to worry about – it’s correctable. All you need is to follow the processes so that you can get the best of everything.

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