How To Fake Tan Your Hands Properly? 8 Steps

Thousands of people fake tan the whole part of their body except their hands. Unfortunately, things turn out this way because beauty instructors don’t talk about it.

Perhaps they do but never presented it comprehensively, so people hardly fake tan their hands perfectly as they do to their entire skin. Possibly you should try to get it (fake tanning your hands) done anytime soon. The proper application would synchronize the tan look on every part of your body.

But firstly, you want to be pretty sure that your hands are not too exposed to fake tan when applying it to your body (but that’s if you eventually chose to apply it on your body first before the hands). Although people are fond of using an applicator mitt only, you can have an advanced approach by using nitrile gloves underneath the applicator mitt.

Despite using hand protectors, users would still need to wash their hands after applying the fake tans on their skins.

How to Fake Tan Your Hands Properly? 8 Easy Steps

1. Prep Your Hands

Your hands are one of the most used parts of the body. Wash it properly with soap and water. Make sure you wash your knuckles, palms, cuticles, the entire fingernails. Wash both the front and back parts, including the wrist of your hand.

Also, you might need to do some manicures before you start fake tanning your hands thoroughly. Get a well-treated fingernail cutter and filer to do the job for you with distinctions. You can do the cutting in a confine bowl to don’t mess up the whole area. Afterward, you can use a clean hand towel to rub off the dabs of water from your hand. It’s later you can proceed to the next point.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is the ultimate step in prepping your hands for fake tanning.  It’s a prevalent necessity if you’re hairy. Doing it would make the whole tan even on your skin. Nonetheless, it’s expedient you buy a great epilator that would make the entire exercise flowery.

But you’ll need to shave your skin before you exfoliate your skin with an epilator. It could hurt, and if you notice it’s not convenient for you, then you can seek the assistance of someone else. You could do it in the bathroom after bathing so that you can clean off the skin with ease without getting it messy.

3. Moisturize

Firstly, what a moisturizer would do after epilating is to soothe your nerves to a palatable tune. Also, it would reduce the pulp of blood to the surface of the skin. It’s probably the most straightforward step among the processes.

All you need is to dip the tip of your finger inside the cream or lotion you’re using and scoop out some, then apply it at the back of your hand. It doesn’t have to be much since you’ll still be applying a fake tan on your skin. Some experts advise that prospective users should apply moisturizer to their feet also. However, that approach is not so compulsory except if one plans to tan the feet, too.

4. Application of a Fake Tan

The mistake people are fond of making is sprinkling a lot of fake tan on their hands. But when it comes to applying a fake tan to the hand, it has to be a minute amount. Do it when the moisturizer is still fresh on it. Regardless of the type of fake tanner, you’re using; you’ll still need to rub the fake tan on your skin so that its substance can penetrate the surface of your skin for effective and safe reactions.

The essential parts that need consideration are the dermis and the epidermis part of the hand. Each finger, including their crevices, also has to be put into evaluations so that the result can be even.

5. Making it Even

The only part that disrupts the alignment of tanning on hands is the knuckles. It’s found on each hand. At least, you can see the part of your backhand that has a darker lining. It’s the bending point of each of the fingers. So, applying fake tans on these spots like other parts could cause uneven results.

Instead, what you’ll do is bend your hand to a claw-like form so that the grooves can come up. Thereafter, apply the fake tan so that the substance can touch everywhere. Apply the fake tan after you’ve made the general application to make everything become even at the end.

6. Precautions

While you’re rubbing the sprinkled fake tan on your knuckles while it’s at a claw-like shape, reflex it back to the straight form to see how lucid your work has been. Keep doing it in the reflex-straighten form intermittently until you’re sure the rubbing has become blended to the skin.

Rub the fake tan on the knuckles with a brush, which has a soft bristle. The use of a brush would make the work so smooth. With fake tans, you don’t need to expose your skin to the sun’s UV rays. Finally, avoid tanning your fingernails. Once you’re through with all these, then you’re good to go to wash off the tan from your hand.

7. Wait for the Result

The time your skin is to tan is determined by the product you’re using at a point in time. All you can do after exhibiting the instructions we’ve stated here is to wait. Wait to see what happens to your hand afterward.

However, make sure that you don’t apply so much tan on your palm because it could displease you in the end. If it’s the first time, then making mistakes shouldn’t be a punishable penalty. Instead, consider doing the processes again in a better way this time. Besides, you should know that fake tans ought to be reapplied within a few intervals of days so that the look can perpetually glow.

8. Do It Again

Use cold water to wash off the hydrated self-tanning substance from your skin. And if you made an error while applying the substance to your skin, you can remove the fake tan by using a hand towel that’s soaked inside soapy water to scrub the spot away, then use the dry part to clean the spot while you reapply. Indeed, that’s how you’re to do that again and again until you get the best suit.

How Do You Take Tan Your Hands With A Brush?

It’s basically for the knuckles that it works best. While you contract your fingers on one hand to claw-like, you’ll use one hand to use a brush’s bristle to rub the sprinkled tanning substance on your skin, and later reflex the claw-like hand back to its former shape to ensure the tanning substances had penetrated the grooves in your knuckles.

How Do You Apply Self-Tanner Without Staining Your Hands?

You can use it by putting on an applicator mitt. That’s the conventional way of preventing the tan from touching your hand. However, to ensure maximum safety, you can put on nitrile gloves on your hand before putting on an applicator mitt.

How Long Leave The Fake Tan On Your Hands?

It all depends on what the manufacturer instructed. However, the time range shouldn’t exceed 5-10min after the application of the fake tan. And once you’re to wash the tan off, make sure that you use water at room temperature or cold water. Washing off the tan with these options won’t impede the fake tans from glowing except if you didn’t apply the tan appropriately.

Should You Fake Tan Your Armpits?

That’s personal. After all, it’s a secret part of your body, so its application won’t be noticed. Nonetheless, if you’re applying a fake tan to your armpit, ensure that you’re not familiar with the use of deodorants such as perfumes with staunch smells. It could affect the presence of tan in that region of the body.

Where Should You Not Put A Fake Tan On?

Probably inside your eyes. Not all products work for the face, so you need to get it straight if the fake tanner you’re using is applicable to the face or not. However, experts often advise that applying fake tans on the elbow, knees, and heels could worsen the pigment of one’s skin in those regions.

Can You Put Fake Tan Over Patchy Tan?

That could make the tan on your skin patchy even more. However, it’s best to start all over again but at a slight frequency this time. You can give it a break for one or two days before you repeatedly reapply to enhance apt correlation.

How To Fake Tan Your Hands Properly

Final Thoughts

The steps we’ve provided you are the best ways to fake tan. That’s, indeed, how to fake tan your hands properly. You can depend on the information to make a long-lasting impact even as a newbie. The questions & answers we’ve provided you will further help you combat some future challenges that may come your way during the exercise. That’s just the best!

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