Does the Wind Affect Tanning? You Should Know

Yes, this could make you tan faster, but it also brings you several steps closer to sunburn or maybe skin cancer. And if you didn’t apply sunscreen to your skin before heading out, the situation may be worse.

People generally believe that the wind blows away the UV rays of the sun. So, when they’re out in the sun on a windy day, they hardly protect their skin like they would on a non-windy day. This is an erroneous belief.

No, the wind does not and cannot blow away the rays of the sun. In fact, it does the opposite. It dries up the sunscreen on the skin, exposing the skin to the sun. This means that you should apply more sunscreen and protect your skin more when you’re going out under the sun on a windy day.

Even temperature does not affect the impact of the sun on the body. In addition, cloudy weather won’t stop the sun from penetrating your skin. That’s why you need to protect your body whenever you intend to spend some time under the sun, no matter the weather condition. 

There are a few tips on how to tan in the wind below. In addition, you’ll also find the answers to some relevant questions frequently asked. So, let’s get right to business right about now. 

Can the Wind Give You a Tan?

Yes, you can tan in the wind, but you have to apply caution because the wind will not blow the UV rays away or reduce their impact on your body. Rather, it will dry up your skin and the sunscreen on it (if any), allowing the sun to penetrate your skin deeper and faster. This will increase your chances of getting sunburned.

So, if you’re going to tan in the wind, it might be a good idea to cover up every part of your body. In addition, you’ll need to apply more sunscreen to your body. Since the wind will dry your sunscreen faster, you’ll need to re-apply it more times. Of course, you could also shorten your stay under the sun.

It is also necessary to let you know that the wind will blow off the skin’s natural protection against the UV rays of the sun, leaving your skin dry and vulnerable to different skin diseases. You might as well moisturize your skin before coming out in the sun. And you should apply a moisturizer again immediately after you get back inside.

How Does Wind Affect Tanning?

When you step into the sun on a windy day, do not think the wind will reduce the effect of the sun on your skin. Instead, it will blow away the skin’s natural protection against the sun. After that, it will dry up your sunscreen before it begins to dry up your skin. This will give the sun a chance to penetrate your skin deeper than it would have ordinarily done.

Does Temperature Affect Tanning?

No. The temperature has little or no effect on tanning. Whether it is scorching hot or freezing cold, the rays will still penetrate the skin. So, don’t think cold weather will slow down your tanning process. Always protect your skin adequately when coming under the sun for tanning, no matter the weather condition. 

Does the Wind Make You Burn Quicker?

Yes. It blows off your body’s natural protection against UV rays and also dries off your sunscreen faster. We all understand that sunscreen will eventually dry up, but the wind dries it up much sooner. And this is like weakening all your defenses against the sun. When your defense is broken down, the effect of the sun on your skin will be intensified. 

This will definitely make you tan faster, but it will also make your skin burn more quickly. So, you must double your protection when going to tan under the sun on a windy day.

Can You Catch the Sun If It’s Windy?

Yes, you can always catch the sun when it’s windy. Contrary to the general belief, the wind does not blow UV rays off and neither does it reduce the effect of the sun on the body. Rather it helps to intensify the impact of the sun on the body.

How Do You Tan When It’s Cold Outside?

  1. You need to moisturize your skin more because cold winds can dry out the skin faster, and this can leave your skin irritated. You also need to go for a sunscreen with a higher SPF level. Ideally, you need sunscreen with an SPF level of at least 30.
  2. Wear clothes that cover most parts of your body. For instance, this is the time to ditch short-sleeve shirts for long-sleeve sweatshirts. You may also need to cover the whole of your legs. That means you should ditch the shorts for pants.
  3. Shorten the duration of your tanning sessions. If you usually spend about 3 hours under the sun, you should reduce it to about 90 minutes to 2 hours. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen after about an hour.

Can You Tan under a Shade?

Yes, you can tan under a shade. The shade can only reduce the effect of the sun. The disadvantage of tanning under a shade is that it will make your tanning slower. However, there are two sides to a coin. On the flip side, it also reduces your chances of getting sunburned.

Can You Tan Through a Window?

Yes, it is possible to tan through a window, but it will take a longer time before you get the desired results. However, it depends on several factors. First, it depends on the type of window. That’s because some windows are designed to block UV rays. 

Also, it depends on the orientation of the window.  If it is shielded from the sun, it might take a longer time to tan through the window. Finally, it also depends on the strength of the rays of the sun.

Does the Wind Affect TanningFinal Words

Whenever you want to go and tan under the sun on a windy day, always remember that the wind will dry out your skin and sunscreen faster, allowing the sun rays to penetrate your skin faster. You may get a faster tan, but you may also get sunburned faster. So, you need to give your skin extra protection. 

Moisturize your skin before and after tanning. Make sure you apply more sunscreen. You should also keep your tanning sessions shorter, and don’t forget to wear clothes that will cover most parts of your body.

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