Does Planet Fitness Offer Tanning? Tips and Guides

Planet Fitness (PF) is a brand known for having gyms all over the United States, but only a few people are aware that it also offers tanning beds and massage chairs. Here are some of the reasons why Planet Fitness has become a household name.

As mentioned above, the brand has numerous locations. So, the chances are high that there’s a Planet Fitness location near you. If you’re a member, you should be able to walk into any PF location and use their facilities.

That means if you have to travel out to another city or state for some days or weeks, it won’t affect your workout or tanning routine. You’ll just make use of the facilities in the nearest PF location to your temporary base in the other city or state.

Also, PF locations are open to members 24/7. So, you can go in for exercise or tanning any time of the day. You’re free to choose the time that suits your routine the most. Having access to gym facilities, tanning beds, and massage chairs in the same location is awesome. This is an amazing 3-in-1 package.

Yes, they offer to tan. The tanning beds in Planet Fitness are always manned by employees who are ready to assist when necessary. More importantly, the tanning bed sessions can be timed. So, if you mistakenly sleep off or get carried away while tanning, the bed will go off when the time lapses. As a member, you can also bring in a guest to work out or tan with you. Of course, working out is more interesting with a workout partner.

Should You Tan or Work Out First at Planet Fitness?

The choice is up to you. You can either tan before working out or opt for the opposite. Planet Fitness allows both choices. However, many people prefer to work out first before they go into a tanning bed because tanning helps them to relax.

As they say, it’s different strokes for different folks. You can try both routines and choose the one that suits you more. Tan up before working out today, and try the reverse the next time. Then, you can stick with the one you prefer.

Planet Fitness Tanning Costs

Planet Fitness offers three membership plans. The No Commitment plan has a startup fee of $15. After that, you can either pay $15 monthly or $39 annually. Unfortunately, if you choose this plan, you won’t have access to tanning beds and massage chairs. You’ll only have access to gym equipment.

The Classic plan has a startup fee of $10. After that, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $10 or an annual fee of $39. This plan will not also give you access to the tanning beds and massage chairs. 

The best membership plan is the PF Black Card plan. It has a startup fee of $1. After that, you either pay a monthly fee of $22.99 or an annual fee of $39. This membership plan gives you access to all the massage chairs and tanning beds in any Planet Fitness location in addition to the gym equipment.

It also allows you to come in with a guest once a day. However, you must be around before your guest can come in. And you can’t leave your guest in the facility. Once you leave, your guest’s entry pass expires. The card also gives you 50% discounts on all the drinks in Planet Fitness coolers. This is the ideal membership plan for people who want to use the tanning beds in Planet Fitness.

Does planet fitness sell tanning lotion?

Planet Fitness is a prominent gym franchise that provides its customers with various fitness equipment and services. While Planet Fitness locations may have tanning beds or booths as part of their facilities, they do not always sell tanning lotions or other tanning items.

Some Planet Fitness facilities, however, may feature a vending machine or shop section where tanning lotions or other things, such as gym clothes, vitamins, and personal care items, are sold. It is essential to verify with your local Planet Fitness facility or call their customer care to see whether tanning lotions or other goods are available at their location.

Australian Gold Rapid Tanning Intensifier LotionBest Tanning Lotion at Planet Fitness

Australian Gold, a well-known manufacturer of tanning lotions, has a selection of products made specifically for indoor tanning. Another choice is Designer Skin, which provides a selection of tan-enhancing lotions with various formulae for various skin tones and tanning objectives.

Additionally, it’s worth asking a staff member or checking the vending machine or shop area since certain Planet Fitness locations could sell their own branded tanning lotions or other tanning items.

You won’t find any tanning lotion in PF online store or in any of its physical locations. If you want to get the best tanning lotions, you can head over to Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. You’ll get a list of several tanning lotions. Also, you’ll get several user reviews on Amazon. The reviews will inform your choice.

Some tested and trusted tanning lotions are Designer Skin Tan Lotion, Tanovations, Veraspa Tanning Lotion, Devoted Creations Tanning lotion, and many more.

Planet fitness tanning bed levels:

Level 1: Tanning beds are often the gentlest and provide the least amount of UV exposure. They are advised for those who are new to tanning or have fair skin that is prone to scorching.

Level 2: Tanning beds are usually more powerful than Level 1 beds and provide somewhat greater UV exposure. They are indicated for those who have some tanning experience and can handle more UV energy.

Level 3: Tanning beds are the most powerful and provide the greatest UV exposure. They are advised for those who have more tanning expertise and want to attain a deeper, darker tan.

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Good?

Yes, the tanning beds at Planet Fitness are some of the best tanning beds around. Since most of the Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day, you can access their tanning beds any time of the day. You can even use it several times a day. Their employees are always around to help you with the tanning bed if necessary. 

The tanning beds have timers. So, you can set the timer according to your preferred length of tanning session. It is advisable that your tanning session should be around 10 – 20 minutes. And when the time elapses, the tanning bed will go off. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can’t mistakenly exceed the length of your tanning session.

What Level are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

The tanning beds in Planet Fitness are of several levels. You can get tanning beds on levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. However, most of the tanning beds in Planet Fitness locations are Level-2 tanning beds. The level of a tanning bed is the measure of the strength of its UV lights. Level-1 tanning beds have the weakest lights, while Level-6 tanning beds have the strongest.

You also need to understand that regardless of the level of a tanning bed, you’ll still get a tan from it. The only difference is that tanning beds of higher levels will tan your body faster because of the strength of their UV lights.

In other words, Level-6 tanning beds will offer the fastest tanning, while Level-1 tanning beds will give you the slowest tanning. Regardless of the level of your chosen tanning bed, you’ll get tanned in less than 30 minutes.

Planet Fitness Tanning Hours

Planet Fitness locations are usually open 24 hours a day, and whenever the centers are open, you can access their tanning beds. So, it is correct to say that Planet Fitness’ tanning service is available 24 hours a day. It’s up to you to choose to visit the fitness center at the most suitable time for you.

What Does the Planet Fitness Black Card Include?

If you have the Planet Fitness black card, you’ll enjoy the following privileges.

  1. You can walk into any Planet Fitness location and make use of all their facilities, including tanning beds and massage chairs.
  2. You can bring a guest along with you. However, it has to be a guest per day. You can’t bring a guest in the morning and another one in the evening. You’re free to visit the center with your guest multiple times a day as long as you’re bringing the same guest. Also, remember that you have to be at the center before your guest is allowed in. Your guest can’t come on their own.
  3. The card allows you to get a 50% discount on the drinks in the coolers at Planet Fitness.
  4. You’ll also get a 20% discount on any Reebok products.

The card costs $22.99 monthly or $39 annually, and it is worth every dime of its cost. Paying $22.99 monthly for all the privileges is a fair deal.

What Kind of Tanning Does Planet Fitness Offer?

Planet Fitness has tanning beds. So, the only tanning method that you’ll get in Planet Fitness is bed tanning. All it takes is a 20-minute tanning session in any of the Planet Fitness tanning beds, and you’ll get a great result. Spending 10-20 minutes in a tanning bed is like spending about 2 – 4 hours under the sun.

Does Planet Fitness Have Bronzing Beds?

No, Planet Fitness does not have bronzing beds. In fact, there’s nothing like bronzing beds. What you’ll get in Planet Fitness centers are tanning beds, and not bronzing beds.

Does Planet Fitness Have Fake Tanning?

No, you won’t find fake tanning oil or lotion in the PF store or in the physical centers because they don’t sell fake tans. Rather, the only tanning method offered by Planet Fitness is tanning in a tanning bed. 

Does Planet Fitness Offer TanningFinal Words

Here is a quick summary of what was discussed. Planet Fitness offers great tanning beds 24 hours a day. You have to get a Planet Fitness black card to gain access to the tanning beds in all Planet Fitness locations. The card will cost you either $22.99 monthly or $39 annually.

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