Clarins VS St Tropez Self Tanner: What’s The Difference?

There are numerous brands of self tanning products, with many established as industry leaders. Now, it is normal for prospective buyers to compare a particular brand with another in order to make their choice as to which of them is the most suitable.

No doubt, they are both popular brands because they have been in the industry for years. They are both tried and trusted.

Notwithstanding, many prospective buyers may want to know which brand is superior to the other. Instead of just making our judgment, we’ll rather discuss the comparison yardsticks with you. In the end, we will make our recommendations, and you will make your decision. So, let’s do this.

5 Major Differences Between Clarins and St Tropez Self Tanner:

1. Do The Brands Offer Variety?

One of the reasons why both Clarins and St Tropez are popular is that they offer a variety of tanning products. Both of them have lotions, oils, and sprays. So, buyers can pick the form that suits them the most. However, St Tropez has more tanning products than Clarins under its belt.

It is also important to mention that both of them offer other skincare products apart from tanners. Furthermore, you can get skin moisturizers, skin rejuvenators, and skin tonners from both brands. So, when it comes to a variety of tanning products, both brands should top the list even though St Tropez has a little edge over Clarins.

2. Do The Brands Have Self Tanner Sprays?

As mentioned above, both Clarins and St Tropez have self tanning sprays in addition to self tanning cream and lotion. In fact, every brand that produces skincare products should have self tanning sprays. A lot of people prefer sprays to lotions, creams, and oils because sprays are easier to apply. You can easily spray your body without getting your hands stained.

3. Do They Also Have Lotion?

Clarins offers two self tanning lotions. We tried the two of them and can confirm that they are effective. On the other hand, St Tropez has more than four different self tanning lotions. We selected two of the products for trial, and we’re impressed with the results.

At this junction, it is important that we remind you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter if you must get the best results from your self tanner. Also, after applying it, give it some hours to dry up completely, otherwise, it will rub off on your clothes.

4. Do Their Self-Tanners Have An Offensive Smell?

One big challenge with many self tanners is an offensive smell. Since you will have to leave your tanner on your skin for days, it may be difficult to bear the smell for long. That’s why users now look for self tanners that do not have any offensive smell.

The good news is that the self tanners of Clarins and St Tropez do not have any smell. At least for all the ones we tested, there was no smell. So, if the offensive smell is your major concern, you can select any of the two brands.

5. Do They Rub Off On Clothes?

The honest answer to this question is yes and no! How? We’ll explain in a moment. Yes, all self tanners will rub off on clothes if you don’t allow them to dry up completely. And no, if they’re dried, they won’t rub off on your clothes. The number of hours it takes to dry up is what makes the difference.

So, as a rule of thumb, give your self tanner at least four hours to dry up after applying it to your skin. If you take a shower too early, the tanner will wash off.

5. Are The Tanners Of The Two Brands Vegan Friendly?

Vegans don’t use products whose manufacturing processes involve the use of animals. It could be the use of animal parts as raw materials or the use of animals to test the products. We’re glad to let you know that Clarins and St Tropez have a strong anti-animal cruelty policy.

So, if you’re a vegan, you can use the product of both brands because they are vegan friendly.

Is St Tropez A Good Self Tanner?

We keep getting this question every time, and we have decided to address it here. First off, St Tropez has several self tanning products. In fact, the brand has tanning sprays, tanning lotions, and tanning oils. We tested some of the products, and we also checked user reviews on the products.

Overall, we can say that the brand has great products. Why? The answer is simple – the tanning products work. When you apply St Tropez tanner to your skin according to the instructions, you’ll get the desired results in a few hours. And the tanner will last for about 7 to 10 days before it starts fading.

For people who prefer tanning sprays, St Tropez offers that. And if you prefer using tanning lotions, the brand offers that as well.

Which Product Line Is Easier To Use?

Based on our experience, we can tell you that Clarins’ tanners are easier to use than St Tropez tanners. On our first attempt to use St. Tropez, we made a mess of the place. The lotion was hard to press, and we had to apply a lot of force. Hence, it came out with a big pop. It soiled the countertop. Aside from that, we can say that both of them have good products.

Clarins VS St Tropez Self Tanner

Final Verdict

Based on the comparisons above, it is not possible to say one brand is the winner. This is because they have more similarities than differences. They are both leaders in the industry. So, we hereby recommend both Clarins and St Tropez. You can go for either of them.

Nevertheless, ensure you follow the application instructions to the letter. And after applying it, leave for at least four hours to dry up. According to some of the users of self tanners, you’ll get better results if you exfoliate your skin before you apply a self tanner.

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