Can Tanning Hide Stretch Marks? Tips and Guides

No, not perfectly well, even though the tan was applied professionally. You could tan with the sun or spray a fake tan, though the fake tan will shield the mark better, but not completely.

Enthusiasts are asked to use makeup to cover the stretch marks if the stretch mark isn’t unluckily wholly tanned at the end of the session.

Invariably, fake tanning is more rational because one wouldn’t have to stay outdoor continually waiting for the stretch marks to be completely hidden. All you’re to do is get makeup that has the same color as the tan on your skin. It’s what you can execute.

Apply a body makeup of a long stroke and buff the whole substance to cover the stretch mark and uneven tanned skin parts. You should do this after tanning to get the perfect blend of makeup on the skin with the tan.

Do you know that tanning makes much sense on nourished and healthy skin? In fact, if you want to get everything right about tanning, even on skin with stretch marks, be well-nourished and stay hydrated.

You see, the skin is an embodiment of vitals, such as the glands, pores, and nerves. These have to be healthy to appear brilliantly, as good food is an incredible enhancer and reparative contributor to these vitals on the skin. Of course, the skin is better off for beauty treatments when it looks smooth and sweet.

Vitamins, proteins, and fat & oil are diets that contribute to the healthiness of the skin. So you’ve better take enough of them routinely to nourish your skin.

Inasmuch as the body is healthy, tan will look admirable, except you’ve got a cutaneous infection or a stretch mark, which may demand extra diligence during tanning.  

Of course, you can treat these two and restore the vibrancy in the pigmentation of your skin. However, you want to tan and get the lines shielded in the meantime, right? Yea, that’s why you’re here in the first place. Check out what stretch mark is all about below.

What is a Stretch Mark?

The visible marks in the form of strained lines that surface when there is an expansion on the skin are known as stretch marks.

They are visible because the elastin and the collagen of the skin have been shrunk due to abrupt expansion of the body weight and have reached their yielding or breaking points.

Usually, the collagen and the tropoelastin enable the skin to stretch and return to its former shape. They are skin proteins that support the skin as it indulges in various activities.

However, the microfibrils of these skin hypodermis can break down and weaken. It’s during their decompositions that stretch marks appear on the skin.

Stretch marks are common among tanners because the sunlight, UVA, and UVB rays from tanning machines are the elementary needs to tan. They are among what weakens the collagen and the elastin of the skin.

Can Fake Tan Hide Stretch Marks?

Although it’s the safest tanning means of hiding stretch marks, yet it can’t just give you the perfect result. Tanning doesn’t have an absolute application format to get a flawless tan to begin within the first place.

Instead, it requires extra diligence and consistency for a stipulated time before one begins to get an absolute uniform tan. Therefore, it’s inevitable that you can’t be so sure that your fake tan will completely cover your stretch marks.

Fake tanning your stretch marks with your body is guesswork with futile possibilities. Certainly, it’s mandatory you apply body makeup to cover up the yet-to-be-covered stretch marks.

What Removes Stretch Marks Fast?

Peradventure, your intentions don’t go along with makeup; you can try out some other options. You could use recommended and sophisticated gels and creams. Meet your dermatologist to discuss what to buy and what to avoid.

Also, massaging is part of the enormous options to hasten the disappearance of stretch marks. Enroll in an aerobic workout class. It’s another way of burning fats in the body. You can start rubbing your skin with natural treatments such as coconut oil and shea butter.

Finally, you can go for a mini surgery if you’ve got the bucks that could make this possible. This will help you treat the outer part of the skin. No matter the idea you embrace, your patience is still very much needed to have a lasting inference.

How Do You Hide Stretch Marks when Tanning?

  1. An effective way to remove stretch marks from visibility is through tanning. Use a sunless tanning option since it’s a time-proven means of hiding stretch marks. Moreover, it doesn’t require exposing one’s body to the sun, so it’s safer.
  2. Buy a quality product of a fake tan lotion. Carry out your research before you buy any, and ensure that the product can give your skin the premium bronze glow you’ve always admired.
  3. Exfoliate your skin to get your skin underway. Those parts with stretch marks shouldn’t be excluded at this point. Remove the hair to get your bare skin accessible.  You can do this some hours before bathing.
  4. Take a shower and scrub your body parts greatly, including the spots you can find stretch marks. It’s left for you to determine the temperature of the water you bathe with.
  5. Slather the sunless tanner on a plate, and don’t forget to read the instructions on the product you’ve got to hide your stretch mark. You don’t need to pat your skin for the dabs of water to remove before you do this. You can do it after bathing.
  6. Begin the application of the sunless tanner on your skin. Ensure it covers every part of your body evenly to get a uniform result. Stroke the pastes until they are exhausted on the part of your body you’re tanning.
  7. Take a shower after 30min to remove the dregs from your skin.  You can watch out for the result after this.

How Long Does it Take for Stretch Marks to Fade?

There’s no specific time that stretch marks fade. The body type and the amount of collagens affected will predicate the recovery time. Nevertheless, the recuperation won’t exceed a year, provided the victim doesn’t indulge in drinking alcohol, smoking, and exposing the skin to sunlight often. The recovery may even be before six months if treatments are implemented early.

Can Tanning Hide Stretch MarksFinal Words

You can now emphatically decipher whether or not the stretch marks can be hidden by various tanning means. You’ve known the different techniques and treatments that can make your stretch marks go away within a short time. You can be so sure that nothing is stopping you from having a smooth tanning application at this point. Follow the instructions and have the best tanning experience.

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