How to Use Dry Shampoo for Curly Hair? 12 Steps

The world is gradually waking up to the benefits of dry shampoo. People with oily or greasy hair do not have to wash their hair often. Dry shampoo will absorb the oil and grease in their hair. Based on its purpose, dry shampoo saves time and water. Whenever you wash your hair, you will use at least 2 liters of water. That means each time you apply dry shampoo to your hair instead of washing it, you save 2 liters of water or more.

In a year, that will amount to hundreds of liters of water saved. Apart from water, applying dry shampoo also saves your time. While washing your hair will take you more than 30 minutes, applying dry shampoo will take less than 10 minutes. For these two reasons, many women have started to use dry shampoo on their hair in-between washes.

No matter the length or color of your hair, dry shampoo will work on it. We also know that it works on virtually all hairstyles. However, the way you apply dry shampoo differs for different hairstyles.

How to Use Dry Shampoo on Curly Hair Properly? 12 Steps

Step 1 – Curly hair usually tangles up. So, the first thing to do is to tousle and untangle every part of the hair. Also, don’t forget to shake the bottle of dry shampoo to get its ingredients to mix up. When you leave dry shampoo, its ingredients usually settle down.

Step 2 – Hold the dry shampoo upright at a distance of 12 inches away from your head. Spray it on your hair section by section.  You can start with the hair at the top of your head. Then, move to the right side of your head, and to the left side. Lastly, you can spray it on the back of your head. Don’t forget your hairline. Continue to tousle your hair or raise it up as you spray it with your dry shampoo.

Step 3 – After spraying with dry shampoo, massage it into your hair with your fingers. Let it sink into the roots of your hair.

Step 4 – Leave it for 2 – 3 minutes to dry up.

Step 5 – You can now brush or comb your curly hair.

Step 6 – Make sure you read the instructions on the body of your dry shampoo and follow it.

Step 7 – Be careful as you spray your hair. Don’t allow your dry shampoo to enter your eyes, nostrils or ears. It is likely to cause irritation in any of those places.

Step 8 – All dry shampoos have alcohol and that makes them flammable. So, don’t use your dry shampoo near a naked fire, and don’t use it while smoking.

Step 9 – Never store your dry shampoo at a temperature higher than 120 degrees F. Its content is always under pressure.

Step 10 – Hair dye and dry shampoo should never meet on your head. The chemicals in hair dye may react badly with the ingredients in your dry shampoo.

Step 11 – Don’t forget to wash your hair once or twice a week. Dry shampoo cannot fully replace regular shampoo.

Step 12 – Finally, don’t apply dry shampoo on wet or sweaty hair. You should blow the hair before you use dry shampoo on it.

Is it good to use dry shampoo on curly hair?

Yes of course. Dry shampoo works well on curly hair. As long as you follow the instructions above or on the body of the product, you’ll get the best results. As explained above, high-quality dry shampoo will absorb all the oil or grease in your curly hair and leave it fresh, smooth, and dry.

We also tested dry shampoo on three different people with curly hair, and they all got great results. So, if you have curly hair, don’t hesitate to use the product on your hair. We assure you that you will get great results.

Do you put dry shampoo in your hair before or after you curl it?

You can do either of them. You can apply dry shampoo to your hair before you curl it. It’s fine. And if you prefer to curl your hair before you put dry shampoo on it, you can go ahead. The method is okay too. In fact, we made our volunteers curl their hair before applying dry shampoo to it. We wanted to see how the product will work on curly hair.

The result was great. What matters is following the right steps and taking precautionary measures.

Can I use dry shampoo while doing the Curly Girl Method?

Sure! You can apply dry shampoo to your hair while doing the curly girl method. You will still get great results. This is because dry shampoo can work on all hairstyles. It will also work on different hair colors.

How long should I leave dry shampoo in my curly hair?

Remember that dry shampoo can absorb only grease and oil. It does not really absorb dirt. If you continue to use dry shampoo on your hair every day without washing it, the dirt in it will continue to accumulate. That way, you’ll be inviting germs.

We advise you not to leave dry shampoo in your curly hair for more than two days before you wash it off your hair with regular shampoo. In fact, you should alternate hair wash with dry shampooing. After applying dry shampoo to your hair, leave it for two days before you wash it. After washing it, leave it for 24 hours before you apply dry shampoo to it again. You can follow that cycle.

How to Use Dry Shampoo for Curly HairFinal Words

To apply dry shampoo to your curly hair, make sure you shake the dry shampoo before spraying it. Hold it upright at a distance of 12 inches before you spray it on every part of your hair. Work the shampoo into your hair with your fingers. Finally, you can leave it for about 2 – 3 minutes before you brush your hair. Always remember that using dry shampoo will save your time and water.

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