How to Use Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo?

There are two major reasons why we advise people to make use of dry shampoo over regular shampoo to get rid of dirt, oil, or grease. First, applying dry shampoo to your hair takes much less time than washing your hair. It takes less than 10 minutes to spray dry shampoo on your hair, whereas washing will take at least 30 minutes. So, to save some of your time, apply shampoo to your hair.

Another reason to consider dry shampoo is that it requires no water. Washing your hair, on the other hand, will take at least 2 liters of water. Each time you wash your hair, you’ll make use of 2 liters of water. If you reduce the number of times you wash your hair in a week by one, you’ll save 104 liters (52 weeks x 2 liters) of water in a year.

First of all, you’ll be glad that it dries very fast without leaving any residue in your hair. The dry shampoo absorbs oil and eliminates odor fast. Also, it is cruelty-free because no animal was abused, maltreated, or killed in the process of manufacturing this product.

The dry shampoo works on fine, medium, curly, and straight hair. Also, it works on all colors of hair. Whether your hair is black, blond, or brunette, you can use the product. Your hairstyle does not prevent you from using the product because it works on all hairstyles.

How to use Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo – 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – You need to shake the product vigorously before you spray it on your hair.  This is because its ingredients usually settle down when you leave the product for hours.

Step 2 – If you have just finished working out or engaging in any rigorous activities, your hair will likely be sweaty. You might want to pat the hair with a towel or blow it with a hairdryer. Yes, this product works on sweaty hair, but it is better to get rid of sweat first.

Step 3 – Hold it a few inches away from your head before you start spraying it. Divide your hair into sections mentally. Spray the dry shampoo into your hair, section by section. You may start with the top of your head. When you’re done with the top of your head, you can spray it on either side of your head.

When you’re through with both sides, you can spray it on the back of your hair. Make sure you’re raising your hair and exposing the roots while spraying the dry shampoo. This helps the shampoo to penetrate faster and deeper.

Step 4 – Wait for about 2 – 3 minutes before you start massaging the product into your hair.

Step 5 – Brush out or comb your hair to remove any residue left. After that, you can style your hair if need be.

Don’t use this product on wet hair. If your hair is wet, try to dry it before you apply the product. Never apply it to dyed hair. And never dye your hair if it has dry shampoo in it.

Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo ingredients:

Remember that manufacturers of dry shampoos continually improve on their products. This may include the removal of certain ingredients and the addition of other ingredients. Hence, the lists of ingredients are subject to change.

The most accurate list of ingredients in dry shampoo lies at the body of the product. That said, here are the current ingredients of Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo at the moment. The list may change after a few years.

Key ingredients:

UV filters: The dry shampoo has an ingredient that shields your hair and scalp from the UV rays of the sun. This is why the product acts as a sunscreen.

Hibiscus: This ingredient is responsible for the shiny appearance of your hair.

Panthenol: This substance moisturizes the hair cuticle and helps the scalp retain moisture.

Other ingredients:

  • Alcohol Denat
  • Amp-Isostearoyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  • Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
  • Butane
  • Butylene Glycol
  • Butyloctanol
  • Butylphenyl Methylpropional
  • C11-15 Pareth-7
  • C12-16 Pareth-9
  • Cetrimonium Chloride
  • Citronellol
  • Diisopropyl Adipate
  • Dimethicone
  • Dimethylimidazolidinone
  • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate
  • Fragrance
  • Glycerin
  • Hexyl Cinnamal
  • Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract
  • Isobutane
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Panthenol
  • Pentylene Glycol
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Polyquaternium-59
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
  • Rice Starch
  • Silicone Quaternium-16
  • Trideceth-12
  • Trimethylsiloxyamodimethicone
  • Trisiloxane
  • Undeceth-11
  • Undeceth-5
  • Water

Is Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo sulfate-free?

If you’re sulfate intolerant, we’re glad to let you know that this dry shampoo is sulfate-free, and it is also free from other unpleasant substances. It is free of all the following:

  • Aluminum chloride
  • Chemicals
  • Formaldehyde
  • Mineral Oil
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Preservatives
  • Silicones
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Talc

We have also confirmed that no animal was used, killed, abused, or assaulted in the process of manufacturing this dry shampoo. Also, no animal was used to test the product. So, Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo is vegan-friendly.

Is Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo clean?

Yes, of course, this dry shampoo is not only clean, but it is also safe to use. Since it is free of chemicals, it is not likely to trigger any allergy issues. In addition to absorbing oil, grease, and odors, this product can also absorb dirt in your hair. This is why it is able to keep your hair clean, dry, fresh, and smooth.

Nevertheless, you should not ditch your regular shampoo permanently. You still need to wash your hair at least once or twice a week. This is because no dry shampoo really gets rid of dirt. And if you don’t wash your hair for a long time, the dirt in it will continue to pile up. So, no matter how effective your dry shampoo is, you need to still alternate its use with hair wash.

Can I use Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo after a workout?

Yes, you can use this product after working out, but there’s something you must do first. Remember that you’re likely to have wet and sweaty hair after working out.  So, you need to get rid of the sweat in your hair before you apply dry shampoo to it. You can pat your hair with a clean towel, or you can blow the sweat out with a hairdryer. And you can do both of them.

When your hair is free of sweat, you can apply dry shampoo to it. Remember, the product was formulated to absorb only oil, grease, and odors. It is not formulated to absorb sweat. So, after engaging in rigorous activities, you need to dry your hair before you spray dry shampoo on it.

Why is Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo popular?

The product is popular because it has several attractive features. Here are some of them.

  1. The dry shampoo is easy to use.
  2. It absorbs oil and grease fast and effectively.
  3. The product also eliminates odors.
  4. It dries very fast.
  5. Some of its ingredients soothe and moisturize the scalp.
  6. The product does not leave a white residue.
  7. It is free of sulfate, aluminum chloride, chemicals, formaldehyde, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, silicones, sodium chloride, and talc.
  8. Most importantly, it is cruelty-free.

Can I replace my dry shampoo with regular shampoo?

No. Although dry shampoo has numerous advantages over regular shampoo, you still need to wash your hair with regular shampoo once or twice a week. Dry shampoo cannot and will not get rid of the dirt in your hair. Don’t allow the dirt to accumulate. Wash your hair once or twice a week.

Where can I buy Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo?

The product is a popular brand of dry shampoo. Apart from dry shampoo, the brand also has other hair products. So, you should be able to get it in numerous stores all over the United States. You should get it anywhere hair products are being sold.

If you prefer to buy it only, you can get it on Amazon, Walmart and other online stores. We will advise you to buy it on Amazon for a couple of reasons. First, Amazon offers the most competitive prices around. Many sellers compete on the platform, so prices are always competitive on Amazon. Also, every product on Amazon has a lot of reviews. You may want to read some of the reviews of the product before purchasing it.

How to Use Bumble and Bumble Dry ShampooFinal Words

To wrap up this article, we’d like to remind you of the key features of Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo. It dries fast and absorbs oil, grease, and odors without leaving any residue. Most of all, it works on all kinds of hair. So, it is highly recommended.

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