How To Use A Norvell Spray Tan Machine? 7 Easy Steps

Due to the high demand for tanning products, there are numerous brands in the industry. Some of the brands manufacture self-tanners, while others manufacture spray tan machines and booths. One of the best and most popular tanning machines is the Norvell spray tan machine because of how effective it is.

How To Use A Norvell Spray Tan Machine? 7 Steps

The first thing to do is to pour the prepared tanning solution into the tank of the machine. Remember, you’ll spray the body of your client vertically, and not horizontally. This means you’ll spray it from the top to the bottom and in reverse. Also, you should not bring the spray gun too close to the body of your client. Leave a space of about 6 – 7 inches.

You need to wear a shower cap for your client to prevent the tanning solution from staining her hair. She won’t only wear the cap, but she will also pack her hair into the cap neatly. Now, tell her to turn her back with her arms slightly stretched out.

1. Start With The Neck And Back

Start spraying from the back of her neck. Move down to the back. Divide the back into three vertical sections mentally. Spray the left section from the top to the bottom, giving each spot two passes. After that, do the same to the middle section. Finally, spray the third section the same way. You may now spray the back of each arm, stopping at the wrists.

2. Spray The Two Sides

Tell your client to turn sideways. You can start with the left side. Tell her to raise her arm to give you access to her armpit. Divide the side into two vertical halves mentally. Spray the first half from the top to the bottom and cut off. Then start spraying the other half from the bottom to the top.

You can then spray the armpits and the raised arms. Do the same to the other side carefully. Make sure you don’t spray any spot more than twice.

3. Spray The Front

Tell the client to face you. Like how you divided the back, divide the front into three sections mentally too. While facing you, her arms should be spread out slightly. Start from any of the two sides. Spray the first section from the top to the bottom without giving each spot more than two passes. Do the same to the middle section. Finally, spray the third section. Spray the front of the two arms one after the other without going beyond the wrist.

4. Spray The Face

Tell your client to close her eyes while you spray the whole of her face. If you notice that she’s holding her breath, pause and tell her to relax. You can make her breathe in and out a couple of times before you continue. You need to ensure that she’s relaxed.

5. Spray The Legs

Now is the time to spray the legs. You may start with the front of the legs because your client would still be facing you. Start with either of the legs. Start from the waist. Spray down to the thigh. Spray the knee. Go down to the foot. Before spraying the foot, you need to double the distance of the spray machine to about 15 inches. Spray the second leg the same way.

Tell your client to turn her back so that you can spray the back of the legs. You may start with the left leg. Tell her to launch the leg forward slightly so that you’ll have access to the back of the knee. Spray the back of the leg very well. Do the same to the back of the other leg.

Now, tell her to spread her legs apart slightly to allow you to spray the inner sides of her legs. Now, you can spray the outer sides of her legs one after the other.

Finally, tell her to put a foot on a pedestal so that you can spray the back of her foot. When you’re through, let her put down the foot and raise the second one. Do the same to the second one.

6. Spray Her Hands

Spray the back of her two hands quickly. Never spray the palms.

7. Blow Her Body

Now that you are through with the spraying, give her an air hose to blow her whole body to make the tan dry faster. The entire tanning session takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

How Do You Set Up A Norvell Spray Tan Machine?

First of all, you need to read the user manual. There are specific instructions to follow. Now, prepare the tanning solution. Secondly, fill the tank of the machine with the solution. Fix the sprayer head of the gun to the tank and connect the tip.

This takes only a couple of minutes. Make sure you wash the spray tan machine at the end of every day. Don’t let the tanning solution clog the spraying tip of the machine.

How Long Does A Norvell Spray Tan Take To Develop?

This depends on the tanning solution and the intensity. And it also depends on the skin type. A spray tan develops on some types of skin faster than on others. Talking about the intensity, the more the intensity, the longer it will take to develop.

Also, some tanning solutions are thicker than others. The thicker the solution, the longer it will take to develop. Nevertheless, it takes a Norvell spray tan about 8 – 12 hours to develop fully. You need to wait for it to develop.

How Much Is A Norvell Spray Tan Machine?

The cost of the machine varies across several platforms. We also found out that there are refurbished ones in the market as well. As you already know, the cost of a new one is higher than the cost of a used one. However, a new one is better. So, we got prices of the machine on eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. Here are the prices:

  • eBay – $350
  • Walmart – $346
  • Amazon – $329

How Long Does A Norvell Spray Tan Last?

According to the manufacturer, the machine can last for more than 5 years if you take proper care of it. Follow the care instructions in its user manual and the device will last very long. Also, remember to wash the tanning solution off every day.

How To Use A Norvell Spray Tan Machine

Final Thoughts

The spray tan machine is very easy to use as long as you take the time to study its user manual. We used it for tanning up to 5 volunteers, and they all got a great tan. The machine is highly recommended.

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