Dry Shampoo Foam Vs Spray: What’s The Difference?

One challenge women face is their time-consuming hair wash. The process takes at least 30 minutes of their hardly-enough time every day. And it does not only take their time, but it also consumes water.

About 2 liters of water is used for a single hair wash. Two solutions to the problem are dry shampoo spray and cleansing foam. Both products will absorb the oil or grease in your hair, leaving it fresh, clean, and smooth. In fact, they will give your hair the same after-wash feeling.

Both of them take on 5 minutes to apply, and they don’t require water. So, they are great products for people with oily or greasy hair. Ever since we recommended both dry shampoo spray and foam, people have been asking to know which of them is better.

7 Major differences between dry shampoo foam and spray:

1. Turnaround time

With dry shampoo spray, the result is almost instant as it goes into your roots immediately. On the other hand, when you rub cleansing foam in your hair, it takes about 30 seconds – 1 minute to sink into your roots and scalp.

2. Application method

Dry shampoo spray is usually in a pressurized spray can and it is sprayed directly on your hair at a certain distance to prevent residue. For cleansing foam, you have to dispense a dollop or a golf ball size on your palms before rubbing it into your hair.

3. Residue

Dry shampoo spray sometimes leaves a white residue on your hair if you apply too much of it. This is another edge that foam has over dry shampoo spray. It does not leave any white residue. The product goes straight into the roots of your hair and your scalp.

4. Hair volumizing

Although both products will add volume to your hair, foam will give your hair more volume because it is formulated to do that. This implies that if volume increase is a top priority for you, it might be a better idea to go for cleansing foam.

5. Alcohol content

Yes, we told you earlier that both products contain a certain amount of alcohol. That’s why they dry off fast. However, foam contains much more alcohol than dry shampoo spray.

6. Flammability

Both ingredients have slightly different ingredients, and dry shampoo foam isn’t in a pressurized container. So, dry shampoo spray is highly flammable, while foam isn’t so flammable.

7. White residue

Although we can’t say that all brands of dry shampoo sprays leave a white residue on your body, some of them do. On the other hand, dry shampoo foam never leaves a white residue on your hair, even if you apply too much of it to your hair.

Now that you have seen the differences and similarities, which one do you prefer? Some of our team members prefer cleansing foam, while others swore to stay with dry shampoo spray. In the end, it all boils down to personal preferences.


  • It takes less than 5 minutes to apply both products to your hair. So, they will save your time.
  • They don’t require the use of water.
  • Neither of them can replace your regular shampoo because they don’t really get rid of dirt. So, they are meant to be used in-between hair washes.
  • They both contain alcohol, so they shouldn’t be overused. They could cause hair loss and stunted hair growth by clogging your hair follicles.
  • Both dry shampoo foam and spray will replace the odor in your hair with their fragrances.
  • Both products will absorb oil and grease from your hair, making your hair look fresh and clean. In addition, they both volumize your hair, but the cleansing foam does that more.

Is dry shampoo foam better than spray?

No. As explained above, none of them is better than the other. Each of them has its benefits and disadvantages. They have an edge over each other in different ways, but both of them are way better than the regular shampoo because they save time and they don’t require the use of water.

So, it is not correct to say that dry shampoo foam is better than spray and neither is it correct to conclude that dry shampoo spray is better than foam. Instead, you should try both products and choose the one that you prefer.

Is dry shampoo foam bad for your hair?

No. Dry shampoo foam is not bad for your hair. In fact, it works for all hair types, colors, lengths, and hairstyles. Once you use it the right way, it will absorb the excess oil or grease in your hair. In addition, it will also hide the dirt and eliminate odors from your hair. Most importantly, you’ll notice that the product will add volume to your hair.

You may not notice the increase in the volume of your hair the first time, but after a couple of applications, the difference will be super clear. Remember, several members of our team used both products and they all got great results. So, you can count on our account on both products. On that note, we are saying the dry shampoo foam is not bad for your hair. We recommend the product.

How do you use dry shampoo foam? – 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Read the instructions on the product.

Step 2 – Shake it vigorously.

Step 3 – Dispense it on your palms. It should be up to the size of a golf ball.

Step 4 – Rub it on your hair with both palms, aiming at the roots of your hair where the oil or grease comes from.

Step 5 – Make sure to massage it into your scalp and wait for about 2 minutes to allow it to sink in properly.

Step 6 – You can then blow your hair because foam contains some water.

Step 7 – When your hair is dry, you can comb and style it.

Another advantage that dry shampoo foam has over dry shampoo spray is that it works well on wet hair because it also contains water. You’ll only have to wait for some time for your hair to dry.

How do you use dry shampoo spray? – 7 Steps

Step 1 – Study the instructions on the body of the product and follow it to the letter.

Step 2 – Shake it vigorously to get the ingredients to mix up before you spray it.

Step 3 – Hold it uprightly at a distance of about 10 – 12 inches from your hair. This will prevent it from leaving a white residue.

Step 4 – Begin to spray it on your hair. Use your fingers to raise your hair and expose the roots as you spray it. The oil or grease actually comes from the roots, and you’ll find most oil around that area. So, you need to aim at the roots. Spray your hair section by section until you spray every part. Don’t leave out the hairline too.

Step 5 – Wait for 3 minutes before you massage the product into your scalp. And if there’s a white residue left, the massage will blend it with your hair.

Step 6 – You can comb or brush your hair.

Step 7 – Styling can begin now.

While dry shampoo foam works well on wet hair, dry shampoo spray does not work too well on wet hair. So, if your hair is wet, you may need to blow it dry before you apply the spray to it. Also, remember that your hair dye and dry shampoo spray should never meet. The chemicals in hair dyes don’t react well with the ingredients in dry shampoos. That’s why you should never dye your hair when there’s dry shampoo in it. Also, don’t apply dry shampoo to dyed hair.

Dry Shampoo Foam Vs. SprayFinal Words

Before we conclude this article, let’s quickly remind you of some salient points. Dry shampoo spray absorbs oil, grease, dirt, and odor in your hair. The product also adds volume to your hair. In the end, it will leave your hair fresh, smooth, clean, and dry.

In the same way, dry shampoo foam or cleanser foam will absorb oil, grease, dirt, and odor in your hair. It will even add volume to your hair more than spray. Hence, both products are great, and we recommend them. None is better than the other. Use both products one after the other and stick with the one you prefer.

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