Colab Dry Shampoo VS Batiste: What’s The Difference?

With dry shampoo, you don’t have to wash your hair every day. This saves some water because the application of dry shampoo does not require water. At the end of the month, your water bill will reduce slightly. Also, washing your hair will take about 45 minutes of your time. The application of dry shampoo takes only 5 minutes or less.

So, dry shampoo saves time as well. These are the reasons why the demand for the product keeps increasing. And in response to the demand, many brands of dry shampoos keep springing up. To guide people towards making the right dry shampoo choices, we have been reviewing popular brands of dry shampoo.

5 major differences between Colab dry shampoo and Batiste?

1. Volume

Both of them come in a 200 ml pressurized container. So, you should never spray either of them near a naked fire. They are flammable. In addition, don’t store them wherever the atmospheric temperature is higher than 120 degrees F. They can explode.

The fact that both of them have the same volume does not mean it will take you the same duration to use up both of them. A particular quantity of Batiste will give you better results than the same quantity of Colab. To achieve the same results, you need to use more Colab dry shampoo.

The implication is that you will use up your Colab dry shampoo long before you use up your Batiste dry shampoo, even though they come in the same volume.

2. Form

Colab sprays out an invisible aerosol while Batiste spills a white powder. The reason why this is an issue is that the latter leaves white residue. So, you will have to massage it thoroughly into your hair to blend the residue. With Colab, you don’t have to worry about white residue because it is invisible. As such, it does not require much massage. That’s probably why you need to spray more of it to get the same results that a little of Batiste dry shampoo will give.

3. Performance

After using both products, we noticed that Batiste gave instant refreshing results. Your oily hair will turn dry, fresh, and smooth within only 3 minutes after applying this dry shampoo. Unfortunately, Colab dry shampoo takes about 25 – 30 minutes to yield the desired results.

Those that want quick results can go with Batiste, while others that prefer to apply dry shampoo to their hair before bedtime can choose Colab. By the time they wake up in the morning, their hair will be fresh and dry.

We also noticed that Batiste rolls up hair into tiny balls after about 2 hours of application. While some users may not like the balling up of their hair, others may be indifferent about it. Either way, we still need to mention it.

4. Ingredients

While they have certain ingredients in common, each of them has unique ingredients as well. We have given you the lists of their ingredients below.


  • Alcohol Denat.
  • Benzyl Salicylate
  • Butane
  • Butylphenyl
  • Cetrimonium Chloride
  • Citronellol
  • Distearyldimonium Chloride
  • Hexyl Cinnamal
  • Isobutane
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Methylpropional
  • Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch
  • Parfum
  • Propane


  • Alcohol Denat
  • Aluminum starch octenyl succinate
  • Butane
  • Citronellol
  • Geraniol
  • Hexyl Cinnamal
  • Hydroxycitronellal
  • Isobutane
  • Limonene
  • Parfum (fragrance)
  • Propane

5. Selling points:

According to its official website, Colab is said to be perfect for all hair types, and it comes with a great veil of fashion fragrance. Furthermore, it will keep your hair clean for a long time. The manufacturers said the product will revitalize your hair after absorbing all the oil, grease, dirt, and odor in it. Finally, it also refreshes your roots.

On the other hand, Batiste dry shampoo will make your hair look clean and fresh, with added volume and texture. If you’re looking to extend your blowout, this is the best deal. While it leaves a little white residue, you can easily blend the residue into your hair.

Our choice:

Five members of our team voted to choose a better product between the two. Three people went with Colab, while the remaining two chose Batiste. So, in our opinion, Colab is better. However, neither of them is really better than the other. It all depends on your preference and suitability. So, you’re free to choose which one you like more.

Is Colab a good dry shampoo?

Yes, it is a good brand of dry shampoo. Colab dry shampoo is invisible, so it doesn’t leave any white residue on your hair. Although it does not give instant results, you’ll eventually get the desired results after about 30 minutes. The product will absorb the oil or grease in your hair. Most importantly, it is quite easy to apply.

Is Colab or Batiste better?

Neither of them is better than the other. They both have their high points and low points. Colab leaves no residue like Batiste, but it does not also give instant results like Batiste. Also, you need to apply more of it to achieve great results.

Batiste, on the other hand, gives instant results, but it does leave a white residue. So, we can’t say Colab is better than Batiste or Batiste is better than Colab. What we can tell you is that both products are great.

What does Colab dry shampoo originally smell like?

We noticed that Colab dry shampoo has a nice veil of fashion fragrance. All our team members like the smell, and we think you’ll also like the smell. Once you spray it on your hair, it will transfer the fragrance to your hair. And having Colab’s fragrance on your hair is cool.

How do I use Colab dry shampoo?

First of all, you need to shake it vigorously for about 30 seconds to mix its ingredients up. One challenge with dry shampoos is that their ingredients often settle down. So, each time you want to use your dry shampoo, you must shake it. This rule is for all brands of dry shampoo and not for Colab alone.

Hold it upright at about 10 -12 inches away from your head. Then, you can start spraying it on your hair. Keep raising your hair to expose your roots as you spray your hair. The product needs to get to your roots where the oil comes from. Spray your hair section by section. Don’t forget to spray your hairline too.

Then, massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and wait for about 3 minutes to allow the product to sink in properly. Then, you can brush or comb your hair before you style it. Styling isn’t mandatory in terms of dry shampoo application. It is optional.

Where can I buy Colab dry shampoo?

You can buy it in online and offline stores all over the United States. You can get it from either Walmart or Amazon. We will advise you to buy it from Amazon for three reasons stated below:

  • Amazon offers highly competitive prices because numerous suppliers compete on the platform.
  • Every product advertised on Amazon comes with a lot of reviews. The reviews will help you make smart buying decisions.
  • Amazon does not sell imitations. You’ll get only original products on Amazon.


These precautions apply to both Colab and Batiste dry shampoos, and it applies to all other brands of dry shampoos.

  1. Dry shampoos are extremely flammable aerosols in pressurized containers. Keep them away from heat, sparks, embers, open flame, and hot surfaces. Don’t smoke while applying the product, and don’t apply it near someone who’s smoking.
  2. Being locked in pressurized containers means dry shampoos can burst when heated. Protect it from a temperature higher than 120 degrees F.
  3. Inhaling it can be harmful, so you should keep it away from children.
  4. If your scalp is broken or irritated, don’t use dry shampoo on it. Things may get worse.
  5. Don’t let it enter your eyes, mouth, or nostrils. It may cause irritation.
  6. If a particular brand of dry shampoo causes scalp irritation, discontinue it. Your scalp isn’t compatible with a particular ingredient in the shampoo.
  7. Your dry shampoo cannot fully replace your regular hair wash. You need to wash your hair once or twice a week.
  8. Don’t use dry shampoo after dying your hair. The chemicals in hair dyes can react badly with the ingredients in your dry shampoo.

Colab Dry Shampoo VS BatisteFinal Words

Colab dry shampoo does not give instant results, but it will not leave white residue on your hair. On the other hand, Batiste leaves a residue, but it will give immediate results. So, we will conclude by saying neither of them is better than the other. Choose the one that suits you.

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