Can You Mix Olaplex 3 with Deep Conditioner?

Olaplex 3 is a perfectionist. It has no restraint – it works for all hair types. In fact, it’s safe to assume its essence is non-negotiable, especially in this era in which most hair care products are chemical-based.

Olaplex 3 could help renew the disulfide and essential nutrients of the hair, repair the damages in the hair, and re-orchestrate the pigment of the hair.

In a nutshell, Olaplex 3 is highly recommended for those keen on dying their hair often. It sustains the hair protein and elongates the hair color more than usual.

Indeed, these tempting qualities could prompt anyone to assume that mixing it with conditioner or shampoo is quite safe.

Well, you might have even tried this before, but here are the helpful tips that would enhance your logic better. First off, it’s not commendable mixing Olaplex 3 with deep conditioner, at least for the first time; it’s not ideal, but you may try it out as time goes on. However, you can mix it with your dye or bleach but not your deep conditioner, except you seek professional aid. See the reasons below:

Can You Mix Olaplex 3 with Deep Conditioner?

The response is YES and NO. You can use the points below to evaluate if you’re to mix your Olaplex 3 with deep conditioner or not. Now, check out the helpful points that can enable you determine what’s best for your need personally.

1. Why You Shouldn’t Mix Deep Conditioner with Olaplex 3 (Without Professional Aid)

Even though the two substances may look the same and have their polarity and density at different degrees, they are not to be mixed because they function differently. Combining them isn’t common, though some people still mix them! In other words, since mixing it won’t threaten your health, you can mix it.

Moreover, neither deep conditioner nor Olaplex 3 is leave-in hair care. As a matter of fact, you’re to vigorously wash off Olaplex 3 and your conditioner when you use them.

Deep conditioners could stay for 25min in your hair shaft, depending on the directions stated by the manufacturer, while Olaplex 3 could last 10min and more for as long as you want.

Only that the Olaplex 3 has a 15% concentration, which makes it usable at home, and mixing it with a deep conditioner could dilute the concentration level. It works better when it’s used separately.

On the other hand, they have different application methods. Olaplex 3 has to be shampooed out immediately after the stipulated time elapses.

Deep conditioner, on the other hand, has to be rinsed only. Invariably, they have contradictory user guidelines which ought to be strictly evaluated on both sides to get the best result.

2. Why Bleach Works with Olaplex 3

Olaplex 3 works as the reparative additive to the hair when bleached and dyed. It re-amends the fiber and strands of the hair as you apply the chemical to your hair. Unlike conditioners, it doesn’t moisturize the hair, but it prevents the chemicals from damaging the hair.

Olaplex 3 doesn’t feature oily ingredients or silicone. Nonetheless, full discretion must be in place though. If you’re using a bleach of 0.5-ounce, then add Olaplex of 0.13-ounce.

The same goes for containers with 1-ounce bleach; Olaplex 3 of 0.25-ounce is the corresponding measurement. Shake the container vehemently to ensure that the mixture is ready for use. You can implement this tactic whenever you choose to mix Olaplex 3 with your deep conditioner.

How to Use Olaplex 3 – 5 Steps

  1. Olaplex 3 can’t replace your regular shampoo and your conditioner. You’ll need them along the way as you’re on the move in repairing your hair follicle.
  2. However, there is a need to get rid of oil and dirt from your hair before applying Olaplex 3 to your hair. In fact, use a dry towel to pat dry the foamy shampoo from your hair.
  3. Comb through the shafts gently to enjoy maximum results. Do this with full discretion to ensure you get all the nooks and crannies of the hair ready for the application of the Olaplex 3.
  4. Apply Olaplex 3 after all these, and leave it on your hair for 10min or thereabout. The longer it stays, the more it rebuilds the hair.
  5. You can rinse, shampoo, or condition your hair after doing these.

Safety Use of Olaplex 3:

Those in die-hard need of the efficacy of the hair care product are to prolong the stay in their hair. The occasional use of the hair rebuilder makes the application ideal and safer. This is recommended for use once a week.

You can use Olaplex 3 before dying your hair, and you can use it in the subsequent weeks to prolong the hair color. Unlike Olaplex 1 & 2, Olaplex 3 are usable at home and provide you with the same professional results that 1 & 2 offer in the salons.

What is Olaplex No. 3 Used For?

It’s a reparative hair care product as powerful as the Olaplex 1 & 2 used in the salon. It works inside and outside parts of the hair.

Keratin and Brazilian blowout are intriguing when this is in place before and after these hair treatments. It brings extra freshness to the hair. It preserves, rebuilds, and elongates the lifespan of the hair color and texture.

Is Olaplex 3 a Deep Conditioner?

No, it’s not, and it can’t be used instead of a deep conditioner. Olaplex 3 can work with Aloe Vera, silicone, honey, emollients, and other components that make up a deep conditioner, but it isn’t a deep conditioner. It consists of no oily substance and won’t moisturize your hair. Nevertheless, it can repair your frizzing hair, amend your hair loss, and so on.

Can Olaplex 3 Damage Your Hair?

No, it can’t. You can leave it in your hair for as long as possible, but it should be washed out. You can leave it in your hair between 10min to 1hr30min. The longer time you leave the substance in your hair will determine the result eventually. The fantastic thing is that washing your hair daily after an application won’t deter you from experiencing the best result.

How to Use Olaplex 3 with Deep Conditioner?

Use Olaplex 3 separately if you’re a newbie in the game. This would boost your confidence and promote your attitudes toward using the deep conditioner. Use Olaplex 3 first for your hair before you apply your deep conditioner.

However, you might choose to shampoo upfront before applying your deep conditioner after rinsing Olaplex 3 out of your hair shafts. Anyways, washing it with shampoo is not necessary; some go on with deep conditioning instead.

Can You Mix Olaplex 3 with Deep ConditionerFinal Words

Olaplex 3 is a popular hair care product that does reparation to the hair. It could be mixed with a deep conditioner inasmuch as it can be combined with bleach. However, it’s expedient for one to gain mastery by using it singly because there are different application methods for different hairdos.

Nonetheless, the points we’ve highlighted are to be checked out before one embarks on mixing Olaplex 3 with a deep conditioner.

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