Top 10 Best Self Tanners For Men’s Legs in 2023

With a good self-tanner, you can glow your leg’s skin impeccably. Thus, a good self-tanner will serve you right and cause you no harm or whatsoever. Moreover, the use of a self-tanner is fantastic, economical, and somewhat better than other tanning options. How?

Self-tanners, on their own, prevent you from exposing your skin to UV rays, which may/could ‘definitely’ have a side-effect in the long haul. But, of course, self-tanning is even faster with this, too.

With our review, you’re on the right track. We’re selecting from the top brands for this review. In addition, we ensured that the list of products that are here is non-comedogenic. In other words, they don’t tend to block your skin’s pores at any time.

Instead, they (contents) are either easy to wash off or absorb safely to the skin, depending on the specific product that you’re opting for here.

With our products, one thing is sure: adequate results. Besides, they have been reliably used by millions around the world. So all you just need is to identify the one that will suit your skin’s complexion and budget.

Top 10 Best Self Tanners For Men’s Legs:

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Lightweight
Beauty By Earth Self Tanner For Redheads Beauty by Earth Self Tanner Tanning Lotion
St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse
b.tan Ultra Long Lasting Self Tanner b.tan Ultra Dark Self Tanner – 100% Natural
MineTan Body Skin Self Tanner MineTan Self Tanner – Ultra Premium
Coco & Eve Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Mousse
Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Body Mousse  Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Body Mousse
Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops
L'Oreal Paris Self-Tanning Water Mousse L’Oreal Paris Self-Tanning Water Mousse
Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner

1. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Tan with this premium product that can provide you with 24-hour hydration, quick-drying potent, and non-sticky features. Highly infused with hydrating Jojoba to keep the tan-feel perpetual for at least ten days.

This is a no-sticky one that you can wash off after 4-6hrs of application. Its casing is very light to grip but well packaged to serve you your money. No difficulties in using it all.

This is what a newbie and a nominal tanner can use explicitly. There is a user guide that directs users to apply it on their skins effortlessly. In fact, applying this self-tanner to seamless mitt is not a bad idea at all.

Just like any other quality self-tanner; it’s streak-free, zero tolerant of stains, and a dependable one to give your skin a natural golden tan look that could last for ten days.


  • It gives natural tanning to the skin with no smell after use.
  • Very light to hand and easy to apply.
  • Hydrating Jojoba and Skincare will give your body a lasting treatment.
  • It’s a Vegan-friendly product that’s approved for usage by experts.
  • Its case is light, handy material that users can save easily.
  • This is a golden-tinted tanner that adapts so well to the skin.
  • Very easy to wash after 4-6hrs and leaves no smell behind but the result.
  • This is a medium size.

2. Beauty By Earth Self Tanner For Men’s Legs

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner for Men's Legs

How splendid would a self-tanner embedded with organic Aloe Vera and shea butter be on your skin? That, indeed, will be magnificent, right? Of course! And those are what this product has got.

This is a sunless self-tanner: a feature that’ll keep the tanner 100% streak-free. Meanwhile, this has zero-chemical constituent in it, too.

Invariably, you can be pretty sure that there won’t be sunburns nor rashes on your skin. Instead, the aftermath of this will leave your skin radiant and smooth after use. Whether you tan indoors or outdoor, your skin will still glow 100 percent.

The ingredients in our tanner will keep your skin glowing regardless of its hue. In addition, the overall formulation of the self-tanner makes the product acts fast and effectively.

Be assured that no blotches nor streaks after the application of the moisturizer is found with this. Unlike some, this has no orange but builds naturally. It’s one of the best-selling self-tanners in the marketplace right now.


  • This constitutes shea butter, Aloe Vera, and other healthy ingredients.
  • A moisturizer that’s easy to wash off and save in an open area.
  • No harmful chemical included; already tested and trusted by many.
  • This is a naturally made product that will work for anyone regardless of one’s complexion or health challenges.
  • This needs no UV ray nor sunlight to work; it pretty reacts so fast, safely, and actively.
  • It comes fully packaged and not pricy at all.

3. Clarins Self-Tanning Milky Lotion

Clarins Self-Tanning Milky Lotion

Enjoy a 24-hour hydration experience with this Clarins Self-Tanning Milky Lotion. Features fig extract to provide your skin with golden, natural, and non-streak tan.

It’s undoubtedly a premium skincare product that’s applicable on the leg and the face without causing scars. However, this is best applied to your face when mixed with an ordinary cream. The results on the skin are even. This softens your skin and makes it glow. Absolutely!

The milky lotion is safe and leaves a fig scent on your skin for a relishing splendor. In fact, with light pressure on the tanner’s container, a smooth lotion will be ebbed automatically. The system of its use is premium and a pretty fascinating one.

Probably, you’re looking for a present; then this might be the best option for you. The exquisite looks on it are dynamic, and the descriptions on it are simple to comprehend. In addition, there is a lid cover on it that makes the content well embedded on its inside.


  • Perfect with a lasting effect and leaves no devastating smell.
  • Consistency in the ebbs of the milky cream.
  • A zero-sticky substance will perfect the placement of the lotion on your skin.
  • This is lightweight and a space-friendly product.
  • Usable in all weather conditions.
  • There is no fake orange stain that will be left on your skin after using this.
  • Very much applicable on both the face and the leg.

4. Sally Hansen Airbush Sun Self-Tanner For Legs


 Sally Hansen Airbrush LegsBuy two pieces at a time at an affordable price. Sally Hansen Airbush Sun Self-Tanner for Legs is an affordable self-tanner that immediately gives your skin a fresh-looking and glowing tan.

The pantyhose it constitutes will maximize your freedom in its use. Whichever one you use, they both are lightweight and are bottled up in a water-resistant container for long-term effectiveness. You use this preferably with the sun for quick results. Also, the product features fade freckles veins for splendid moisturizing. Bushy, brawny, and clean & smooth legs are good to go with this one.

The easy-to-handle design with an ergonomic structure provides you with a wide range of placement options. Finally, this is renowned and one of those made by a top brand in the industry.


  • Delivered in two pieces and weighs a total of 4.4 ounces.
  • This has an ergonomic structure with fascinating designs on it.
  • A natural self-tanner that’ll soften your legs and makes them smooth all day long.
  • A waterproof container keeps the product’s effectiveness preserved, and a fitted seal makes it more attractive.
  • Highly dependable to use for legs of all types.
  • Easy to save.

5. Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray

Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray

Are you seeking a hand-free self-tanning product with a quality design? If yes, then here is one for you that’s easy to use. With one touch, the substance ebbs and gets absorbed by the skin all by itself without rubbing.

This leg makeup would keep your skin fresh and glowing. And, it’s perfect for skin with its streak-free quality. The use of this doesn’t invite color buildups on skins, and neither would you need the aid of the sun to get its best service. Why?

That’s because the witch hazel is made of is quite a quality one. In addition, there won’t be complications on your skin; it’s oil-free and alcohol-free.

This is such a premium one that features non-comedogenic. In other words, this is safe for your skin and produces a 2-shade darker effect than what your skin primarily serves. All you need is to spray it 6” away from your skin, and you get the job done.


  • This is of a medium size that requires a no-rub application.
  • Dries within 5 minutes after spraying.
  • There is no toxic odor nor comedogenic substance in it.
  • Portable and superbly easy to use anywhere.
  • Best used with lotion, and there won’t be issues; instead, it would provide a natural and safe reaction.
  • This has an ergonomic structure that makes it usable anywhere.

6. Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self-Tanner

Here is a product mainly for dark shade, and it’s competent to lighten up your skin. Achieving a tan with this premium product that’s made of natural ingredients is optimum.

The purchase of this comes in three pieces. That enables you to get better evens than the conventional ones. The pieces make the longevity use of the self-tanner optimal.

This is a lotion type and would give you a natural-looking tan. The usage, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. In addition, there are prescriptions on it that make it recommendable to newbies.

You can use this pretty well to darken both your face and legs. The anti-oxidant features make it so compelling and project the tan so natural on your dark skin.

Highly formulated with cocoa butter, crisped with other natural ingredients to making basking in and off the sun fabulous and your goals achievable. This is a US product that works perfectly with other lotions:


  • This is a dark shade lotion that fits those with dark complexions.
  • The moisturizer is applicable on the legs and the face.
  • You can bask with this in the sun and your bedroom.
  • This is usable by both males and females.
  • User-guide on it makes it easy to use.
  • One application of this can cause the tan to last for hours.
  • The distribution of the tan on your skin will be even.

7. Sun Laboratories Self Tanner For Men’s Legs

Sun Laboratories Self Tanner for Men's Legs

Transform your pale skin to a smooth pet with a touch of this on your skin. Giving the whole experience a new dimension with its quality and paraben-free blend.

The quality of this assures you of no streak nor blotches while and after using it. In fact, you can use it as a substitute for several other brands’. It’d leave a glowing bronze tan on your skin for a long time.

This is highly recommended to women. Nonetheless, it’s a sunless tanner that men with smooth skin can use, also. Although it’s a lotion in a medium-size container, yet the effectiveness makes its use worthwhile.

You can be assured of a 100% money-return guaranty. Aside from its reputation in the marketplace in terms of quality, this lotion does great on skins regardless of the users’ skin sensitivity level. And, it dries so fast and leaving a decent scent after use.


  • It’s a self-tanner lotion for bronze skin.
  • This dries pretty fast and has a beautiful after-use scent.
  • It’s of a medium size that weighs 4 ounces and is well packaged.
  • The compact size makes the saving of the lotion hassle-free.
  • This has no streaks, and neither would it cause blotches.
  • This is mainly recommended to females and males with smooth skins already.
  • Usable in all weather conditions.
  • Capable of keeping the skin tanned for hours.

8. Tanceuticals Facial Self Tanner

Tanceuticals Self-Tanning Lotion for Olive Skin

Tan your skin with this My Skin’s Friend – Self Tanner to give it a thousand reasons for a thousand kisses. The sunless moisturizer is an exquisite one with the involvement of the liposome formula on its inside.

Unlike many other moisturizers that contain chemicals and alcohol, this includes no chemicals but is made of natural ingredients. The liposome formula enhances the creation of brown shade on your skin.

The self-tanner is a sprayer type, and it’s adequately designed to suit your convenience. Its distribution on your skin is even, and it’s one that you can trust because it’s BPA-free and phthalate-free.

This has certified organic jojoba esters, lecithin, and other natural ingredients to provide you with a sweet tan. This is a safe one that’s made organically; no fake tan with the use of this one. It gives the original tan after minutes of application.


  • This is a self-tanner for a brown shade.
  • This doesn’t use mist or mousse but a sprayer that distributes the substance on your skin.
  • Enjoy a 100% risk-free product by purchasing this one.
  • The use of this is health-friendly and very usable by anyone.
  • With an excellent ergonomic structure, this is mountable anywhere.
  • There is no fake tan smell with this at all.
  • It’s very affordable.

9. Dave’s Dark Self Tanner Sunless Tanning Lotion

Dave's Dark Self Tanner Sunless Tanning Lotion

Here comes the dark shade version of Dave’s product, a distinguish self-tanner that will make you fall in love with tanning 100%. This is a moisture self-tanner that softens and tans one’s skin nicely.

And, thanks to its safe and nourishing contents that include Aloe Vera, sesame, and Jojoba. This would ebb a moisturize dark creamy lotion that you can use on your fantastic dark, sweet skin at one pressure applied.

This works well for those hairy and those with smooth skins. So whether you’re seeking a self-tanner that’s usable occasionally or frequently, this is just the one that will work for you.

And if you’ve got to use it with a scabrous material, it won’t harsh your skin either. It’s non-streak and non-toxic smell before/after its use.

It would leave your legs tanned for a long hour. Moreover, you can preserve and hoard it up anywhere in your house. It’s what others have grown to trust. You can use it also.


  • The natural ingredient in this consists of aloe vera, sesame, and Jojoba.
  • This lotion dries quickly and safely on one’s skin.
  • This is a dark shade self-tanner.
  • No mineral oil feels with this, no fragrance added, and no chemicals involved.
  • This has a quality and stunning design with its top that ebbs the lotion through a capillary method.
  • The overall weight indicates it’s lightweight.
  • You can preserve it for long-term use.

10. Skinerals Californium Self Tanner Mousse

Skinerals Californium Self Tanner Mousse

Californium self-tanner is a peculiar product that won’t leave the fake orange tan on your skin. Therefore, if that’s what you’ve been battling with after buying products, then this self-tanner mousse is a good one for you.

Apply the mousse in the night so that you can wash it off while bathing the following day. Then, of course, you can rely on its efficacy. This one can make your skin glow for seven days. It’s a safe sunless self-tanner that’s chemical-free and easy to use.

This works for both legs and face. No greasy-feel substance in it; it’s purely organic. The anti-oxidants that consist is acai rry and the popular fig extract. The natural constituents make it safer and active.

You’ll definitely experience no skin irritations or rashes with the use of this, even if you are diagnosed with an immune disorder or cancer. You can further check the features below to have a complete insight.


  • The ingredient used primarily for this is shea butter.
  • It’s a premium product that would cover an entire body for 4-8times.
  • There is no lousy aftermath odor on this.
  • There is a user guide that comes with it for easy use.
  • This has no grease-feel with the utilization of this.
  • The self-tanner is basically for those with light skins.
  • It’s a dependable, safe sunless self-tanner and basically for brown/dark skin complexions.

Buying Guide – How To Choose a Good Self Tanner For Men’s Legs?

Color Shade

When buying a product, you need to know the color shade of the product. This would enable you to understand if it’ll be palatable with your complexion. Nonetheless, some products don’t distribute evenly/cordially when applied on the skin; however, none of those indexed here is characterized by that; these are evenly distributed.


Self-tanners are in types, depending on the polarity of the substances it consists. You can find them in foams, mist, mousse, sprayer, and lotion. Those with foam contents hydrate pretty fast but take a stipulated time they are to be washed off. Mist or mouse contents are often for those who keen to tan their legs only, while those in lotions/moisturizers can be used alongside a skincare cream.

Method of Usage

Typically, there are conventional ways of using self-tanners; they are best used after bathing or before bathing. However, some products need the aid of sunlight before they can be effective, while some are sunless. Therefore, you should go for those who work without UV rays or sun aid for health reasons. Indeed, that’s what our products here have for you.

Scent or no scent

If you’re allergic to scents, especially the harsh ones, then you should opt for none at all – it’s better. In addition, some self-tanners smell after treatments; you can choose to use them. First, however, you might need to check the recommendation by the users.


We’ve been able to provide you with self-tanners from different manufacturers and so on. However, it’s still left for you to make the right decision for yourself. As far as this review is concerned, the products here are premium and worth every bit of their price tags.

Best Self Tanner For Men’s Legs Review

Final Verdict

These are the best self-tanners for men’s legs. The products that are indexed here are those you can depend on their manufacturer’s policies. They are capable of turning your pale skin into a bright and shining one.

Although they have a different method of use, yet you can apply them like any conventional one. Their drying formula is a unique one. They won’t mar the texture of your complexion. Aside from that, they won’t block the pores on your skin.

Indeed, the level of risk is less or next to nothing because most of their ingredients are organic. Now, all you have to do is judiciously read through and opt for the specific one that would suit your needs.

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