BaliBody Self Tanner vs Loving Tan: What’s The Difference?

We have been writing about self tanners, and we get a lot of comparison questions from readers. They always want to know which brand is superior to others as a way to choose the brand to buy. Of course, there are so many brands in the niche. And that’s why it’s difficult to make a choice with adequate information.

We understand that there are numerous self-tanners in the market. That’s why we will advise you to stick with any tanner that works for you. Do not keep changing products.

5 Major Differences Between BaliBody Self Tanner and Loving Tan:

1. Do The Brands Offer Variety?

Loving Tan offers a wide variety of self tanning lotions and sprays, and the brand also offers several tan removers and other skincare products. On the other hand, BaliBody has only about five to six products, and only two of them are self tanning mousses. One of them is a bronzer, and one of them, a tan remover.

The implication is that if you’re looking for a brand with a wide variety of products, you should choose Loving Tan ahead of BaliBody. However, we think having variety does not really matter. If one of the products works well for you, stick with it.

2. Do The Brands Have Self Tanner Sprays?

Loving Tan has a couple of self tanner sprays, but BaliBody does not offer sprays. Instead, it offers mousses. We understand that most people love sprays because they are easier to apply. At the same time, if a particular lotion, cream, or mousse gives you the desired results, why would you change to a spray?

The point here is clear. At the end of the day, what matters most is efficacy and not the form. Go for the product that will give your skin the best-tanned looks regardless of whether it is a spray, lotion, cream, or a mousse.

3. Do They Also Have Lotion?

Yes, both of them offer tanning lotions. If lotions top your preference list, you can choose either of the brands.

4. Do Their Self Tanners Have An Offensive Smell?

We always get this question about self tanners, and we know why. A lot of self tanners give off offensive smells. The fact that you’d have to rub the product on your body and leave it there for several days makes the smell even more offensive.

Well, that is not the case with BaliBody and Loving Tan. We selected two of their tanning products randomly, and the smell was the first thing we checked. None of them gave off any smell. So, you’re good with either of them. You won’t need to bear any annoying smell.

5. Do They Rub Off On Clothes?

To be honest with you, every self tanner rubs off on clothes when they are not dry. The products of BaliBody and Loving Tan do not rub off on clothes if you allow them to dry up completely. What makes the difference is that some tanners dry faster than others.

We noticed that BaliBody mousses dried up faster than Loving Tan’s lotion. Nevertheless, we were impressed with both products. So, no matter the tanning product you apply to your skin, give it a couple of hours to dry up.

6. Are The Tanners Of The Two Brands Vegan Friendly?

Vegans can use the products of both brands because they are 100% vegan friendly. According to the manufacturers, their ingredients do not include any animal parts. Also, no animal was used to test the products at any production stage. So, both BaliBody and Loving Tan are 100% vegan friendly. We can assure you of that.

7. Do They Leave Streak Marks?

Self tanners are known for leaving terrible streak marks on elbows, knees, and ankles. So, we took the time to test the products for streak marks. We were surprised that none of them left any streak marks. Remember, we tested two of BaliBody’s products and two of Loving Tan’s products, and the people who used them reported zero streak marks.

This is the main reason why we will recommend both brands. Only very few self tanners don’t give streak marks.

Which Product Line is Easier To Use?

We can only tell you that the four tested products are easier to use. We can’t really say that one was easier to apply than the other.

Is BaliBody A Good Self Tanner?

Yes, BaliBody self tanners are good. They are effective, they dry up very fast, they can’t be washed off easily, and they don’t leave streak marks.

Is Loving Tan A Good Self Tanner?

Of course, Loving Tan products are good too. You can’t wash them off easily, they dry up fast, they give natural toned looks, and they give zero streak marks.

BaliBody Self Tanner vs Loving Tan

Final Verdict

Based on the comparisons above, we will recommend both brands to anyone that needs a self-tanner. To get the best results from any skincare product, you need to follow the instructions religiously. Apply self-tanners with a mitt to avoid getting your hands permanently stained. And after applying it, ensure you give it some time to dry up.

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