Arms Won’t Tan in Tanning Bed? Tips and Guides

Tanning beds give great tanning results within several minutes, and that’s why they are becoming more popular by the day. In 20 minutes, a tanning bed will give you the tanning result that you’ll get from staying under the sun for more than 4 hours. In addition, the most dangerous rays have been eliminated from modern tanning beds, so they are a lot safer now.

However, if you don’t know how to use the device properly, you may not get the desired results. For example, some people find out that their arms didn’t get tanned after a tanning session. Also, sometimes the tan won’t be even. That’s why you need to understand the causes of these anomalies and how to mitigate them. 

In addition, you’ll find the answers to some other frequently asked questions about tanning beds here. So, sit back, buckle up, and let’s have a long ride to the end. 

Why Won’t My Arms Tan in The Tanning Bed?

Sometimes, the arms don’t get tanned in a tanning bed. It is a common problem. There are two major reasons for it. The first reason is that a lot of people lie in a tanning bed with arms right by their sides.

In this position, the UV light won’t get to every part of your arms. Instead, you need to lie down facing up and spread your arms aside. You can raise your arms like you would raise them when standing up.

Another reason is that most people don’t know about the tanning bed accelerator lotion. This lotion helps to tan your body faster and more evenly. You need to apply it evenly all over your body before every tanning session. You may also need to change your position slightly during your tanning session.

How Do You Get Your Arms Tanned in a Tanning Bed?

Before going into a tanning bed, try to rub your arms and all other parts of your body with a tanning bed accelerator lotion. This will help to tan your body more evenly and faster. Also, ensure you spread your arms during the tanning session.

When you spread your arms, the rays from the light bulb will get to every part of your arms. If you keep your arms by your side, the light won’t get to every part of your arms, and they may not get tanned properly. 

It will also help to raise your hands above your head while in the tanning bed. This will expose more parts of your arms to the UV light in the tanning bed.

Why Are My Arms Not Getting Dark in a Tanning Bed?

Your arms are not getting dark because they are not properly tanned. This happens when you stay in the tanning bed with your arms by your side instead of being apart. The UV rays didn’t get the chance to penetrate your arms. To get your arms darker, you need to spread them during the next tanning session. When you spread your arms, you’ll allow the UV rays to get to every part of the arms.

How Long Does Arm Tan Last?

Arm tan can last for about 7 – 10 days before it starts to fade out. However, the duration varies for different skin types. You can make your arm tan last a little longer by moisturizing your arms and the rest of your body regularly. In fact, it is good to apply a moisturizer to your body every day.

In addition, you may need to swap out hot showers with cold ones if you can. Hot showers make the skin shed its cells faster and may cause your tan to fade out faster. 

Do You Turn Over Your Arms When Tanning?

Yes. It is necessary to turn your arms over during tanning. This will allow the light to get to every part of your arms. If you keep your arms straight by your sides, your arms may not get properly tanned. So, it is advisable to turn them over while in a tanning bed.

Some Tanning Bed Safety Tips:

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep the sessions short

You should not stay too long in a tanning bed for health reasons. The UV light emitted in the tanning bed should not act on the skin for too long. On that note, you should not also get into a tanning bed too frequently. You may have to apply a tan extender lotion to your skin after a tan. This will make your tan last longer and will keep you away from tanning beds longer. 

2. Don’t tan until you’re 35

According to a reliable study, people who start tanning before they clock 35 have 75% higher chances of experiencing melanoma. This is the toughest and most dangerous type of skin cancer. So, it is better to wait until you’re 35 before you take your first tanning session.

3. Protect your eyes

It is crucial to protect your eyes while in a tanning bed. The light can damage your sight even while your eyes are closed. So, you need to wear a pair of goggles that are specifically designed to be used in a tanning bed. Place it somewhere around your tanning gear so that you can easily see it whenever you’re going for tanning. 

4. Avoid makeup

Makeups have a lot of ingredients and additives, and some of these additives may react negatively to UV lights. In fact, some makeups can cause uneven tan. So, you should not wear any makeup or use any deodorant when going into a tanning bed. And if you already have your makeup on, it is better to wash it off before heading over to a tanning bed. 

Arms Won't Tan in Tanning BedFinal Words

Here are the takeaways from this piece. The two reasons why your arms won’t tan are improper positioning of your arms and not applying a tanning accelerator lotion to your arms before going into a tanning bed. During your tanning session, make sure you spread your arms to allow the rays of the UV bulbs to get to every part of the arms. 

Most importantly, don’t stay too long in a tanning bed, and don’t go into it too frequently. Use a tan extender lotion to make your tan last a few days longer. This will keep you away from tanning beds a little longer. Never go into a tanning bed twice in 24 hours.

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